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Updates to for Clojure 1.5.0-RC15

Signed-off-by: Stuart Halloway <>
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1 parent c0b81aa commit b7fdb44f577aa9fbe5c886af2886fc3f3cb8594f @jafingerhut jafingerhut committed with stuarthalloway Feb 13, 2013
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@@ -325,17 +325,17 @@ Now the functions `into`, `select-keys`, `clojure.set/project`, and
`clojure.set/rename` return collections with the same metadata as
their input collections.
-### 2.12 New edn reader, improvements to *real-eval*
+### 2.12 New edn reader, improvements to `*read-eval*`
-The new clojure.edn namespace reads edn ( data,
+The new `clojure.edn` namespace reads edn ( data,
and should be used for reading data from untrusted sources.
Clojure's core read* functions can evaluate code, and should not be
-used to read data from untrusted sources. As of 1.5, *read-eval*
+used to read data from untrusted sources. As of 1.5, `*read-eval*`
supports a documented set of thread-local bindings, see the doc string
for details.
-*read-eval*'s default can be set to false by setting a system property:
+`*read-eval*`'s default can be set to false by setting a system property:
@@ -349,6 +349,11 @@ for details.
`PersistentVector$ChunkedSeq` now implements `Counted` interface, to avoid some cases where vector elements were being counted by iterating over their elements.
* [CLJ-867](
Records with same fields and field values, but different types, now usually hash to different values.
+* [CLJ-1000](
+ Cache hasheq() for seqs, sets, vectors, maps and queues
+* (no ticket) array-map perf tweaks
+* [CLJ-1111](
+ Allows loop to evaluate to primitive values
## 4 Improved error messages
@@ -383,6 +388,7 @@ for details.
"be come" should be "become"
* [CLJ-917](
clojure.core/definterface is not included in the API docs
+* (no ticket) clojure.core/read, read-string, and *read-eval* all have more extensive documentation.
## 6 Bug Fixes
@@ -450,6 +456,15 @@ for details.
* [CLJ-1071]( ExceptionInfo does no abstraction
* [CLJ-1085]( clojure.main/repl unconditionally refers REPL utilities into `*ns*`
* (no ticket) Rich Hickey fix: syntax-quote was walking records, returning maps
+* [CLJ-1116]( More REPL-friendly 'ns macro
+* (no ticket) Rich Hickey fix: deref any j.u.c.Future
+* [CLJ-1092]( New function re-quote-replacement has incorrect :added metadata
+* [CLJ-1098]( Implement IKVReduce and CollFold for nil
+* (no ticket) Rich Hickey fix: impose once semantics on fabricated closures for e.g. loops
+* [CLJ-1140]( Restore {:as x} destructuring for empty lists
+* [CLJ-1150]( Make some PersistentVector's and APersistentVector.SubVector's internals public
+* (no ticket) Rich Hickey fix: use non-loading classForName
+* [CLJ-1106]( Fixing set equality
## 7 Binary Compatibility Notes

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