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Latest commit c6b76fa Oct 28, 2016 @puredanger puredanger committed with stuarthalloway CLJ-2024 stest/check should resolve function spec
Signed-off-by: Stuart Halloway <>
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core CLJ-2012 Fix bad spec on gen-class signatures to allow class names as… Sep 7, 2016
java CLJ-1210 Extend IOFactory to nil to provide better error msgs Oct 13, 2015
pprint pprint maps with namespace map literal syntax when *print-namespace-m… Aug 29, 2016
reflect CLJ-979: make clojure resolve to the correct Class instances Jan 10, 2015
spec CLJ-2024 stest/check should resolve function spec Oct 28, 2016
test Modify clojure.test.junit/with-junit-output to support multiple forms Jul 31, 2015
core.clj added halt-when transducer Oct 12, 2016
core_deftype.clj CLJ-1224: cache hasheq and hashCode for records Sep 7, 2016
core_instant18.clj Add conditional Inst support for java.time.Instant on Java 1.8+ Jun 22, 2016
core_print.clj CLJ-2027 Defer calling empty until later in namespace map printing Oct 28, 2016
core_proxy.clj wait on 2-tuples as MapEntries until reassessment of tuples under dir… Dec 13, 2015
data.clj cope with falsey values in maps Aug 15, 2012
edn.clj move read-edn* into clojure.edn namespace Feb 8, 2013
genclass.clj CLJ-1157 added a method for loading classes with the classloader of a… Jul 31, 2015
gvec.clj wait on 2-tuples as MapEntries until reassessment of tuples under dir… Dec 13, 2015
inspector.clj CLJ-1831 Add map-entry? predicate Oct 27, 2015
instant.clj CLJ-1277: Speed up instant printing by eliminating reflection Oct 13, 2015
main.clj Make clojure spec explain printer pluggable. Aug 29, 2016
parallel.clj replace #^s with ^s Apr 26, 2010
pprint.clj CLJ-1259 Add type hints for pprint and cl-format Oct 13, 2015
reflect.clj Fix a typo Oct 7, 2014
repl.clj CLJ-1673 Improve clojure.repl/dir-fn. Sep 7, 2016
set.clj Make into, select-keys, clojure.set/project, and clojure.set/rename p… Aug 18, 2012
spec.clj CLJ-2032 Add check that :args spec exists before conforming fspec Oct 28, 2016
stacktrace.clj CLJ-1102: Improve handling of empty stack traces returned by .getStac… Oct 25, 2013
string.clj CLJ-1449 Add new clojure.string functions Sep 3, 2015
template.clj CLJ-1588 Use postwalk to avoid stack overflow in template application Jul 17, 2015
test.clj CLJ-1856 Switch from reporting test failures based on stack depth to … Dec 1, 2015
uuid.clj CLJ-914: Added UUID literal support. Jan 27, 2012
walk.clj CLJ-1105: Support records in clojure.walk Nov 22, 2013
xml.clj require dynamically rebindable vars be explicitly declared dynamic, v… Oct 15, 2010
zip.clj added 1.0, test all public doc-ed fns have :added May 3, 2010