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Update list* docstring per CLJ-1060

Signed-off-by: Stuart Halloway <>
latest commit 4bb1dbd596
@asheldo asheldo authored Stuart Halloway committed
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core CLJ-1237: Eliminate reduce's unbounded stack
java CLJ-1417 typo in docstring
pprint Fix "~n@*"-directives in clojure.pprint/cl-format. Fixes #CLJ-1134.
reflect CLJ-979: make clojure resolve to the correct Class instances
test Modify clojure.test.junit/with-junit-output to support multiple forms
core.clj Update list* docstring per CLJ-1060
core_deftype.clj CLJ-1208: load own namespace in deftype/defrecord class initializer w…
core_print.clj CLJ-1735 - Add docstring for Throwable->map
core_proxy.clj CLJ-1657: Treat abstract methods like interface methods in proxies
data.clj cope with falsey values in maps
edn.clj move read-edn* into clojure.edn namespace
genclass.clj CLJ-1157 added a method for loading classes with the classloader of a…
gvec.clj tuples
inspector.clj Makes inspect-tree work on java.util.Sets and clojure.lang.Seqable's.
instant.clj typo fixes
main.clj CLJ-1700 Enable reader conditionals from the REPL
parallel.clj replace #^s with ^s
pprint.clj I added a new macro, print-length-loop, that augments loop to only it…
reflect.clj Fix a typo
repl.clj CLJ-1728 - Make source work with vars containing reader conditionals
set.clj Make into, select-keys, clojure.set/project, and clojure.set/rename p…
stacktrace.clj CLJ-1102: Improve handling of empty stack traces returned by .getStac…
string.clj Change clojure.string/trim so it uses same defn of whitespace as othe…
template.clj CLJ-1588 Use postwalk to avoid stack overflow in template application
test.clj CLJ-1772 Fix spelling in clojure.test/use-fixtures
uuid.clj CLJ-914: Added UUID literal support.
walk.clj CLJ-1105: Support records in clojure.walk
xml.clj require dynamically rebindable vars be explicitly declared dynamic, v…
zip.clj added 1.0, test all public doc-ed fns have :added
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