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100644 11 lines (10 sloc) 88 Bytes
6e3d9eb @richhickey added .gitignore
richhickey authored
1 *~
2 .idea
3 /.DS_Store
4 /classes
e99d841 @richhickey jar up google closure library, ignore lib dir
richhickey authored
5 /lib
cb11855 @abedra adding some initial scripts
abedra authored
6 closure
2ac2686 ignore core.js, coresimple.js, coreadvanced.js
Alan Dipert, Aaron Bedra and Brenton Ashworth authored
7 /core.js
8 /coreadvanced.js
9 /coresimple.js
306d285 @stuarthalloway tweaks
stuarthalloway authored
10 /out
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