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ClojureScript "TwitterBuzz" Demo

One-time Setup


Run in Development Mode

Compile the demo:

cljsc src > twitterbuzz.js

After running the above command, open index.html.

Compile in Development Mode with the REPL (Faster)

  • Run script/repl

    • To run it from Emacs, C-x d and nav to the clojurescript directory
    • M-x set-variable inferior-lisp-program
      • Set to "script/repl"
    • M-x run-lisp
  • Once the REPL is running, evaluate:

    (use 'cljs.closure) (def opts {:output-to "samples/twitterbuzz/twitterbuzz.js" :output-dir "samples/twitterbuzz/out"})

    (build "samples/twitterbuzz/src" opts)

The reason we set the :output-dir is because the index.html script tag is specifically pointing to that directory.

  • See cljs.closure source for more compilation examples.

Compile in Advanced Mode

cljsc can be run with a Clojure map of compiler options. To compile using cljsc and Closure Compiler's "advanced" optimization setting:

cljsc src '{:optimizations :advanced}' > twitterbuzz.js

Because advanced mode results in only one .js file, twitterbuzz.js, only one <script> include tag is required. To see the app as compiled in advanced mode, open index-advanced.html.

See for more information about compiling in advanced mode.

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