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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(ns cljs.analyzer
(:refer-clojure :exclude [macroexpand-1])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[cljs.tagged-literals :as tags])
(:import java.lang.StringBuilder))
(declare resolve-var)
(declare resolve-existing-var)
(declare warning)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-on-undeclared* false)
(declare confirm-bindings)
(declare ^:dynamic *cljs-file*)
;; to resolve keywords like ::foo - the namespace
;; must be determined during analysis - the reader
;; did not know
(def ^:dynamic *reader-ns-name* (gensym))
(def ^:dynamic *reader-ns* (create-ns *reader-ns-name*))
(defonce namespaces (atom '{cljs.core {:name cljs.core}
cljs.user {:name cljs.user}}))
(defn reset-namespaces! []
(reset! namespaces
'{cljs.core {:name cljs.core}
cljs.user {:name cljs.user}}))
(defn get-namespace [key]
(@namespaces key))
(defn set-namespace [key val]
(swap! namespaces assoc key val))
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-ns* 'cljs.user)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-file* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-on-redef* true)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-on-dynamic* true)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-on-fn-var* true)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-fn-arity* true)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-fn-deprecated* true)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-protocol-deprecated* true)
(def ^:dynamic *unchecked-if* (atom false))
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-static-fns* false)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-macros-path* "/cljs/core")
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-macros-is-classpath* true)
(def -cljs-macros-loaded (atom false))
(defmacro no-warn [& body]
`(binding [*cljs-warn-on-undeclared* false
*cljs-warn-on-redef* false
*cljs-warn-on-dynamic* false
*cljs-warn-on-fn-var* false
*cljs-warn-fn-arity* false
*cljs-warn-fn-deprecated* false]
(defn get-line [x env]
(or (-> x meta :line) (:line env)))
(defn get-col [x env]
(or (-> x meta :column) (:column env)))
(defn load-core []
(when (not @-cljs-macros-loaded)
(reset! -cljs-macros-loaded true)
(if *cljs-macros-is-classpath*
(load *cljs-macros-path*)
(load-file *cljs-macros-path*))))
(defmacro with-core-macros
[path & body]
(when (not= *cljs-macros-path* ~path)
(reset! -cljs-macros-loaded false))
(binding [*cljs-macros-path* ~path]
(defmacro with-core-macros-file
[path & body]
(when (not= *cljs-macros-path* ~path)
(reset! -cljs-macros-loaded false))
(binding [*cljs-macros-path* ~path
*cljs-macros-is-classpath* false]
(defn empty-env []
{:ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*) :context :statement :locals {}})
(defmacro ^:private debug-prn
[& args]
`(.println System/err (str ~@args)))
(defn source-info
(when-let [line (:line env)]
{:file *cljs-file*
:line (get-line name env)
:column (get-col name env)}))
([name env]
{:file *cljs-file*
:line (get-line name env)
:column (get-col name env)}))
(defn message [env s]
(str s (when (:line env)
(str " at line " (:line env) " " *cljs-file*))))
(defn warning [env s]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(println (message env s))))
(defn error
([env s] (error env s nil))
([env s cause]
(ex-info (message env s)
(assoc (source-info env) :tag :cljs/analysis-error)
(defn analysis-error? [ex]
(= :cljs/analysis-error (:tag (ex-data ex))))
(defmacro wrapping-errors [env & body]
(catch Throwable err#
(if (analysis-error? err#)
(throw err#)
(throw (error ~env (.getMessage err#) err#))))))
(defn confirm-var-exists [env prefix suffix]
(when *cljs-warn-on-undeclared*
(let [crnt-ns (-> env :ns :name)]
(when (= prefix crnt-ns)
(when-not (-> @namespaces crnt-ns :defs suffix)
(warning env
(str "WARNING: Use of undeclared Var " prefix "/" suffix)))))))
(defn resolve-ns-alias [env name]
(let [sym (symbol name)]
(get (:requires (:ns env)) sym sym)))
(defn core-name?
"Is sym visible from core in the current compilation namespace?"
[env sym]
(and (get (:defs (@namespaces 'cljs.core)) sym)
(not (contains? (-> env :ns :excludes) sym))))
(defn resolve-var
"Resolve a var. Accepts a side-effecting confirm fn for producing
warnings about unresolved vars."
([env sym] (resolve-var env sym nil))
([env sym confirm]
(if (= (namespace sym) "js")
{:name sym :ns 'js}
(let [s (str sym)
lb (-> env :locals sym)]
lb lb
(namespace sym)
(let [ns (namespace sym)
ns (if (= "clojure.core" ns) "cljs.core" ns)
full-ns (resolve-ns-alias env ns)]
(when confirm
(confirm env full-ns (symbol (name sym))))
(merge (get-in @namespaces [full-ns :defs (symbol (name sym))])
{:name (symbol (str full-ns) (str (name sym)))
:ns full-ns}))
(.contains s ".")
(let [idx (.indexOf s ".")
prefix (symbol (subs s 0 idx))
suffix (subs s (inc idx))
lb (-> env :locals prefix)]
(if lb
{:name (symbol (str (:name lb) suffix))}
(merge (get-in @namespaces [prefix :defs (symbol suffix)])
{:name (if (= "" prefix) (symbol suffix) (symbol (str prefix) suffix))
:ns prefix})))
(get-in @namespaces [(-> env :ns :name) :uses sym])
(let [full-ns (get-in @namespaces [(-> env :ns :name) :uses sym])]
(get-in @namespaces [full-ns :defs sym])
{:name (symbol (str full-ns) (str sym))
:ns (-> env :ns :name)}))
(get-in @namespaces [(-> env :ns :name) :imports sym])
(recur env (get-in @namespaces [(-> env :ns :name) :imports sym]) confirm)
(let [full-ns (if (core-name? env sym)
(-> env :ns :name))]
(when confirm
(confirm env full-ns sym))
(merge (get-in @namespaces [full-ns :defs sym])
{:name (symbol (str full-ns) (str sym))
:ns full-ns})))))))
(defn resolve-existing-var [env sym]
(resolve-var env sym confirm-var-exists))
(defn confirm-bindings [env names]
(doseq [name names]
(let [env (merge env {:ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*)})
ev (resolve-existing-var env name)]
(when (and *cljs-warn-on-dynamic*
ev (not (-> ev :dynamic)))
(warning env
(str "WARNING: " (:name ev) " not declared ^:dynamic"))))))
(declare analyze analyze-symbol analyze-seq)
(def specials '#{if def fn* do let* loop* letfn* throw try* recur new set! ns deftype* defrecord* . js* & quote})
(def ^:dynamic *recur-frames* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *loop-lets* nil)
(defmacro disallowing-recur [& body]
`(binding [*recur-frames* (cons nil *recur-frames*)] ~@body))
(defn analyze-keyword
[env sym]
{:op :constant :env env
:form (if (= (namespace sym) (name *reader-ns-name*))
(keyword (-> env :ns :name name) (name sym))
(defmulti parse (fn [op & rest] op))
(defmethod parse 'if
[op env [_ test then else :as form] name]
(assert (>= (count form) 3) "Too few arguments to if")
(let [test-expr (disallowing-recur (analyze (assoc env :context :expr) test))
then-expr (analyze env then)
else-expr (analyze env else)]
{:env env :op :if :form form
:test test-expr :then then-expr :else else-expr
:unchecked @*unchecked-if*
:children [test-expr then-expr else-expr]}))
(defmethod parse 'throw
[op env [_ throw :as form] name]
(let [throw-expr (disallowing-recur (analyze (assoc env :context :expr) throw))]
{:env env :op :throw :form form
:throw throw-expr
:children [throw-expr]}))
(defmethod parse 'try*
[op env [_ & body :as form] name]
(let [body (vec body)
catchenv (update-in env [:context] #(if (= :expr %) :return %))
tail (peek body)
fblock (when (and (seq? tail) (= 'finally (first tail)))
(rest tail))
finally (when fblock
(analyze (assoc env :context :statement) `(do ~@fblock)))
body (if finally (pop body) body)
tail (peek body)
cblock (when (and (seq? tail)
(= 'catch (first tail)))
(rest tail))
name (first cblock)
locals (:locals catchenv)
locals (if name
(assoc locals name
{:name name
:line (get-line name env)
:column (get-col name env)})
catch (when cblock
(analyze (assoc catchenv :locals locals) `(do ~@(rest cblock))))
body (if name (pop body) body)
try (analyze (if (or name finally) catchenv env) `(do ~@body))]
(when name (assert (not (namespace name)) "Can't qualify symbol in catch"))
{:env env :op :try* :form form
:try try
:finally finally
:name name
:catch catch
:children [try catch finally]}))
(defmethod parse 'def
[op env form name]
(let [pfn (fn
([_ sym] {:sym sym})
([_ sym init] {:sym sym :init init})
([_ sym doc init] {:sym sym :doc doc :init init}))
args (apply pfn form)
sym (:sym args)
sym-meta (meta sym)
tag (-> sym meta :tag)
protocol (-> sym meta :protocol)
dynamic (-> sym meta :dynamic)
ns-name (-> env :ns :name)]
(assert (not (namespace sym)) "Can't def ns-qualified name")
(let [env (if (or (and (not= ns-name 'cljs.core)
(core-name? env sym))
(get-in @namespaces [ns-name :uses sym]))
(let [ev (resolve-existing-var (dissoc env :locals) sym)]
(when *cljs-warn-on-redef*
(warning env
(str "WARNING: " sym " already refers to: " (symbol (str (:ns ev)) (str sym))
" being replaced by: " (symbol (str ns-name) (str sym)))))
(swap! namespaces update-in [ns-name :excludes] conj sym)
(update-in env [:ns :excludes] conj sym))
name (:name (resolve-var (dissoc env :locals) sym))
var-expr (assoc (analyze (-> env (dissoc :locals)
(assoc :context :expr)
(assoc :def-var true))
:op :var)
init-expr (when (contains? args :init)
(analyze (assoc env :context :expr) (:init args) sym)))
fn-var? (and init-expr (= (:op init-expr) :fn))
export-as (when-let [export-val (-> sym meta :export)]
(if (= true export-val) name export-val))
doc (or (:doc args) (-> sym meta :doc))]
(when-let [v (get-in @namespaces [ns-name :defs sym])]
(when (and *cljs-warn-on-fn-var*
(not (-> sym meta :declared))
(and (:fn-var v) (not fn-var?)))
(warning env
(str "WARNING: " (symbol (str ns-name) (str sym))
" no longer fn, references are stale"))))
(swap! namespaces assoc-in [ns-name :defs sym]
{:name name}
(when doc {:doc doc})
(when dynamic {:dynamic true})
(source-info name env)
;; the protocol a protocol fn belongs to
(when protocol
{:protocol protocol})
;; symbol for reified protocol
(when-let [protocol-symbol (-> sym meta :protocol-symbol)]
{:protocol-symbol protocol-symbol})
(when fn-var?
{:fn-var true
;; protocol implementation context
:protocol-impl (:protocol-impl init-expr)
;; inline protocol implementation context
:protocol-inline (:protocol-inline init-expr)
:variadic (:variadic init-expr)
:max-fixed-arity (:max-fixed-arity init-expr)
:method-params (map :params (:methods init-expr))})))
(merge {:env env :op :def :form form
:name name :var var-expr :doc doc :init init-expr}
(when tag {:tag tag})
(when dynamic {:dynamic true})
(when export-as {:export export-as})
(when init-expr {:children [init-expr]})))))
(defn- analyze-fn-method [env locals form type]
(let [param-names (first form)
variadic (boolean (some '#{&} param-names))
param-names (vec (remove '#{&} param-names))
body (next form)
[locals params] (reduce (fn [[locals params] name]
(let [param {:name name
:line (get-line name env)
:column (get-col name env)
:tag (-> name meta :tag)
:shadow (when locals (locals name))}]
[(assoc locals name param) (conj params param)]))
[locals []] param-names)
fixed-arity (count (if variadic (butlast params) params))
recur-frame {:params params :flag (atom nil)}
expr (binding [*recur-frames* (cons recur-frame *recur-frames*)]
(analyze (assoc env :context :return :locals locals) `(do ~@body)))]
{:env env :variadic variadic :params params :max-fixed-arity fixed-arity
:type type :form form :recurs @(:flag recur-frame) :expr expr}))
(defmethod parse 'fn*
[op env [_ & args :as form] name]
(let [[name meths] (if (symbol? (first args))
[(first args) (next args)]
[name (seq args)])
;;turn (fn [] ...) into (fn ([]...))
meths (if (vector? (first meths)) (list meths) meths)
locals (:locals env)
locals (if (and locals name) (assoc locals name {:name name :shadow (locals name)}) locals)
type (-> form meta ::type)
fields (-> form meta ::fields)
protocol-impl (-> form meta :protocol-impl)
protocol-inline (-> form meta :protocol-inline)
locals (reduce (fn [m fld]
(assoc m fld
{:name fld
:line (get-line fld env)
:column (get-col fld env)
:field true
:mutable (-> fld meta :mutable)
:unsynchronized-mutable (-> fld meta :unsynchronized-mutable)
:volatile-mutable (-> fld meta :volatile-mutable)
:tag (-> fld meta :tag)
:shadow (m fld)}))
locals fields)
menv (if (> (count meths) 1) (assoc env :context :expr) env)
menv (merge menv
{:protocol-impl protocol-impl
:protocol-inline protocol-inline})
methods (map #(analyze-fn-method menv locals % type) meths)
max-fixed-arity (apply max (map :max-fixed-arity methods))
variadic (boolean (some :variadic methods))
locals (if name
(update-in locals [name] assoc
:fn-var true
:variadic variadic
:max-fixed-arity max-fixed-arity
:method-params (map :params methods))
methods (if name
;; a second pass with knowledge of our function-ness/arity
;; lets us optimize self calls
(no-warn (doall (map #(analyze-fn-method menv locals % type) meths)))
;;todo - validate unique arities, at most one variadic, variadic takes max required args
{:env env :op :fn :form form :name name :methods methods :variadic variadic
:recur-frames *recur-frames* :loop-lets *loop-lets*
:jsdoc [(when variadic "@param {...*} var_args")]
:max-fixed-arity max-fixed-arity
:protocol-impl protocol-impl
:protocol-inline protocol-inline
:children (mapv :expr methods)}))
(defmethod parse 'letfn*
[op env [_ bindings & exprs :as form] name]
(assert (and (vector? bindings) (even? (count bindings))) "bindings must be vector of even number of elements")
(let [n->fexpr (into {} (map (juxt first second) (partition 2 bindings)))
names (keys n->fexpr)
context (:context env)
[meth-env bes]
(reduce (fn [[{:keys [locals] :as env} bes] n]
(let [be {:name n
:line (get-line n env)
:column (get-col n env)
:tag (-> n meta :tag)
:local true
:shadow (locals n)}]
[(assoc-in env [:locals n] be)
(conj bes be)]))
[env []] names)
meth-env (assoc meth-env :context :expr)
bes (vec (map (fn [{:keys [name shadow] :as be}]
(let [env (assoc-in meth-env [:locals name] shadow)]
(assoc be :init (analyze env (n->fexpr name)))))
expr (analyze (assoc meth-env :context (if (= :expr context) :return context)) `(do ~@exprs))]
{:env env :op :letfn :bindings bes :expr expr :form form
:children (conj (vec (map :init bes)) expr)}))
(defmethod parse 'do
[op env [_ & exprs :as form] _]
(let [statements (disallowing-recur
(seq (map #(analyze (assoc env :context :statement) %) (butlast exprs))))
ret (if (<= (count exprs) 1)
(analyze env (first exprs))
(analyze (assoc env :context (if (= :statement (:context env)) :statement :return)) (last exprs)))]
{:env env :op :do :form form
:statements statements :ret ret
:children (conj (vec statements) ret)}))
(defn analyze-let
[encl-env [_ bindings & exprs :as form] is-loop]
(assert (and (vector? bindings) (even? (count bindings))) "bindings must be vector of even number of elements")
(let [context (:context encl-env)
[bes env]
(loop [bes []
env (assoc encl-env :context :expr)
bindings (seq (partition 2 bindings))]
(if-let [[name init] (first bindings)]
(assert (not (or (namespace name) (.contains (str name) "."))) (str "Invalid local name: " name))
(let [init-expr (binding [*loop-lets* (cons {:params bes} (or *loop-lets* ()))]
(analyze env init))
be {:name name
:line (get-line name env)
:column (get-col name env)
:init init-expr
:tag (or (-> name meta :tag)
(-> init-expr :tag)
(-> init-expr :info :tag))
:local true
:shadow (-> env :locals name)}
be (if (= (:op init-expr) :fn)
(merge be
{:fn-var true
:variadic (:variadic init-expr)
:max-fixed-arity (:max-fixed-arity init-expr)
:method-params (map :params (:methods init-expr))})
(recur (conj bes be)
(assoc-in env [:locals name] be)
(next bindings))))
[bes env])))
recur-frame (when is-loop {:params bes :flag (atom nil)})
(binding [*recur-frames* (if recur-frame (cons recur-frame *recur-frames*) *recur-frames*)
*loop-lets* (cond
is-loop (or *loop-lets* ())
*loop-lets* (cons {:params bes} *loop-lets*))]
(analyze (assoc env :context (if (= :expr context) :return context)) `(do ~@exprs)))]
{:env encl-env :op (if is-loop :loop :let)
:bindings bes :expr expr :form form
:children (conj (vec (map :init bes)) expr)}))
(defmethod parse 'let*
[op encl-env form _]
(analyze-let encl-env form false))
(defmethod parse 'loop*
[op encl-env form _]
(analyze-let encl-env form true))
(defmethod parse 'recur
[op env [_ & exprs :as form] _]
(let [context (:context env)
frame (first *recur-frames*)
exprs (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze (assoc env :context :expr) %) exprs)))]
(assert frame "Can't recur here")
(assert (= (count exprs) (count (:params frame))) "recur argument count mismatch")
(reset! (:flag frame) true)
(assoc {:env env :op :recur :form form}
:frame frame
:exprs exprs
:children exprs)))
(defmethod parse 'quote
[_ env [_ x] _]
(analyze (assoc env :quoted? true) x))
(defmethod parse 'new
[_ env [_ ctor & args :as form] _]
(assert (symbol? ctor) "First arg to new must be a symbol")
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
ctorexpr (analyze enve ctor)
argexprs (vec (map #(analyze enve %) args))
known-num-fields (:num-fields (resolve-existing-var env ctor))
argc (count args)]
(when (and known-num-fields (not= known-num-fields argc))
(warning env
(str "WARNING: Wrong number of args (" argc ") passed to " ctor)))
{:env env :op :new :form form :ctor ctorexpr :args argexprs
:children (into [ctorexpr] argexprs)})))
(defmethod parse 'set!
[_ env [_ target val alt :as form] _]
(let [[target val] (if alt
;; (set! o -prop val)
[`(. ~target ~val) alt]
[target val])]
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
targetexpr (cond
;; TODO: proper resolve
(= target '*unchecked-if*)
(reset! *unchecked-if* val)
(symbol? target)
(let [local (-> env :locals target)]
(assert (or (nil? local)
(and (:field local)
(or (:mutable local)
(:unsynchronized-mutable local)
(:volatile-mutable local))))
"Can't set! local var or non-mutable field"))
(analyze-symbol enve target))
(when (seq? target)
(let [targetexpr (analyze-seq enve target nil)]
(when (:field targetexpr)
valexpr (analyze enve val)]
(assert targetexpr "set! target must be a field or a symbol naming a var")
(= targetexpr ::set-unchecked-if) {:env env :op :no-op}
:else {:env env :op :set! :form form :target targetexpr :val valexpr
:children [targetexpr valexpr]})))))
(defn munge-path [ss]
(clojure.lang.Compiler/munge (str ss)))
(defn ns->relpath [s]
(str (string/replace (munge-path s) \. \/) ".cljs"))
(declare analyze-file)
(defn analyze-deps [deps]
(doseq [dep deps]
(when-not (contains? @namespaces dep)
(let [relpath (ns->relpath dep)]
(when (io/resource relpath)
(analyze-file relpath))))))
(defmethod parse 'ns
[_ env [_ name & args :as form] _]
(assert (symbol? name) "Namespaces must be named by a symbol.")
(let [docstring (if (string? (first args)) (first args) nil)
args (if docstring (next args) args)
(reduce (fn [s [k exclude xs]]
(if (= k :refer-clojure)
(assert (= exclude :exclude) "Only [:refer-clojure :exclude (names)] form supported")
(assert (not (seq s)) "Only one :refer-clojure form is allowed per namespace definition")
(into s xs))
#{} args)
deps (atom #{})
aliases (atom {:fns #{} :macros #{}})
valid-forms (atom #{:use :use-macros :require :require-macros :import})
error-msg (fn [spec msg] (str msg "; offending spec: " (pr-str spec)))
parse-require-spec (fn parse-require-spec [macros? spec]
(assert (or (symbol? spec) (vector? spec))
(error-msg spec "Only [lib.ns & options] and lib.ns specs supported in :require / :require-macros"))
(when (vector? spec)
(assert (symbol? (first spec))
(error-msg spec "Library name must be specified as a symbol in :require / :require-macros"))
(assert (odd? (count spec))
(error-msg spec "Only :as alias and :refer (names) options supported in :require"))
(assert (every? #{:as :refer} (map first (partition 2 (next spec))))
(error-msg spec "Only :as and :refer options supported in :require / :require-macros"))
(assert (let [fs (frequencies (next spec))]
(and (<= (fs :as 0) 1)
(<= (fs :refer 0) 1)))
(error-msg spec "Each of :as and :refer options may only be specified once in :require / :require-macros")))
(if (symbol? spec)
(recur macros? [spec])
(let [[lib & opts] spec
{alias :as referred :refer :or {alias lib}} (apply hash-map opts)
[rk uk] (if macros? [:require-macros :use-macros] [:require :use])]
(when alias
;; we need to create a fake namespace so the reader knows about aliases
;; for resolving keywords like ::f/bar
(binding [*ns* (create-ns name)]
(let [^clojure.lang.Namespace ns (create-ns lib)]
(clojure.core/alias alias (.name ns))))
(let [alias-type (if macros? :macros :fns)]
(assert (not (contains? (alias-type @aliases)
(error-msg spec ":as alias must be unique"))
(swap! aliases
update-in [alias-type]
conj alias)))
(assert (or (symbol? alias) (nil? alias))
(error-msg spec ":as must be followed by a symbol in :require / :require-macros"))
(assert (or (and (sequential? referred) (every? symbol? referred))
(nil? referred))
(error-msg spec ":refer must be followed by a sequence of symbols in :require / :require-macros"))
(when-not macros?
(swap! deps conj lib))
(merge (when alias {rk {alias lib}})
(when referred {uk (apply hash-map (interleave referred (repeat lib)))})))))
use->require (fn use->require [[lib kw referred :as spec]]
(assert (and (symbol? lib) (= :only kw) (sequential? referred) (every? symbol? referred))
(error-msg spec "Only [lib.ns :only (names)] specs supported in :use / :use-macros"))
[lib :refer referred])
parse-import-spec (fn parse-import-spec [spec]
(assert (and (symbol? spec) (nil? (namespace spec)))
(error-msg spec "Only lib.Ctor specs supported in :import"))
(swap! deps conj spec)
(let [ctor-sym (symbol (last (string/split (str spec) #"\.")))]
{:import {ctor-sym spec}
:require {ctor-sym spec}}))
spec-parsers {:require (partial parse-require-spec false)
:require-macros (partial parse-require-spec true)
:use (comp (partial parse-require-spec false) use->require)
:use-macros (comp (partial parse-require-spec true) use->require)
:import parse-import-spec}
{uses :use requires :require uses-macros :use-macros requires-macros :require-macros imports :import :as params}
(reduce (fn [m [k & libs]]
(assert (#{:use :use-macros :require :require-macros :import} k)
"Only :refer-clojure, :require, :require-macros, :use and :use-macros libspecs supported")
(assert (@valid-forms k)
(str "Only one " k " form is allowed per namespace definition"))
(swap! valid-forms disj k)
(apply merge-with merge m (map (spec-parsers k) libs)))
{} (remove (fn [[r]] (= r :refer-clojure)) args))]
(when (seq @deps)
(analyze-deps @deps))
(set! *cljs-ns* name)
(doseq [nsym (concat (vals requires-macros) (vals uses-macros))]
(clojure.core/require nsym))
(swap! namespaces #(-> %
(assoc-in [name :name] name)
(assoc-in [name :doc] docstring)
(assoc-in [name :excludes] excludes)
(assoc-in [name :uses] uses)
(assoc-in [name :requires] requires)
(assoc-in [name :uses-macros] uses-macros)
(assoc-in [name :requires-macros]
(into {} (map (fn [[alias nsym]]
[alias (find-ns nsym)])
(assoc-in [name :imports] imports)))
{:env env :op :ns :form form :name name :doc docstring :uses uses :requires requires :imports imports
:uses-macros uses-macros :requires-macros requires-macros :excludes excludes}))
(defmethod parse 'deftype*
[_ env [_ tsym fields pmasks :as form] _]
(let [t (:name (resolve-var (dissoc env :locals) tsym))]
(swap! namespaces update-in [(-> env :ns :name) :defs tsym]
(fn [m]
(let [m (assoc (or m {})
:name t
:type true
:num-fields (count fields))]
(merge m
{:protocols (-> tsym meta :protocols)}
(source-info tsym env)))))
{:env env :op :deftype* :form form :t t :fields fields :pmasks pmasks}))
(defmethod parse 'defrecord*
[_ env [_ tsym fields pmasks :as form] _]
(let [t (:name (resolve-var (dissoc env :locals) tsym))]
(swap! namespaces update-in [(-> env :ns :name) :defs tsym]
(fn [m]
(let [m (assoc (or m {}) :name t :type true)]
(merge m
{:protocols (-> tsym meta :protocols)}
(source-info tsym env)))))
{:env env :op :defrecord* :form form :t t :fields fields :pmasks pmasks}))
;; dot accessor code
(def ^:private property-symbol? #(boolean (and (symbol? %) (re-matches #"^-.*" (name %)))))
(defn- classify-dot-form
[[target member args]]
[(cond (nil? target) ::error
:default ::expr)
(cond (property-symbol? member) ::property
(symbol? member) ::symbol
(seq? member) ::list
:default ::error)
(cond (nil? args) ()
:default ::expr)])
(defmulti build-dot-form #(classify-dot-form %))
;; (. o -p)
;; (. (...) -p)
(defmethod build-dot-form [::expr ::property ()]
[[target prop _]]
{:dot-action ::access :target target :field (-> prop name (.substring 1) symbol)})
;; (. o -p <args>)
(defmethod build-dot-form [::expr ::property ::list]
[[target prop args]]
(throw (Error. (str "Cannot provide arguments " args " on property access " prop))))
(defn- build-method-call
"Builds the intermediate method call map used to reason about the parsed form during
[target meth args]
(if (symbol? meth)
{:dot-action ::call :target target :method meth :args args}
{:dot-action ::call :target target :method (first meth) :args args}))
;; (. o m 1 2)
(defmethod build-dot-form [::expr ::symbol ::expr]
[[target meth args]]
(build-method-call target meth args))
;; (. o m)
(defmethod build-dot-form [::expr ::symbol ()]
[[target meth args]]
(build-method-call target meth args))
;; (. o (m))
;; (. o (m 1 2))
(defmethod build-dot-form [::expr ::list ()]
[[target meth-expr _]]
(build-method-call target (first meth-expr) (rest meth-expr)))
(defmethod build-dot-form :default
(throw (Error. (str "Unknown dot form of " (list* '. dot-form) " with classification " (classify-dot-form dot-form)))))
(defmethod parse '.
[_ env [_ target & [field & member+] :as form] _]
(let [{:keys [dot-action target method field args]} (build-dot-form [target field member+])
enve (assoc env :context :expr)
targetexpr (analyze enve target)]
(case dot-action
::access {:env env :op :dot :form form
:target targetexpr
:field field
:children [targetexpr]
:tag (-> form meta :tag)}
::call (let [argexprs (map #(analyze enve %) args)]
{:env env :op :dot :form form
:target targetexpr
:method method
:args argexprs
:children (into [targetexpr] argexprs)
:tag (-> form meta :tag)})))))
(defmethod parse 'js*
[op env [_ jsform & args :as form] _]
(assert (string? jsform))
(if args
(let [seg (fn seg [^String s]
(let [idx (.indexOf s "~{")]
(if (= -1 idx)
(list s)
(let [end (.indexOf s "}" idx)]
(cons (subs s 0 idx) (seg (subs s (inc end))))))))
enve (assoc env :context :expr)
argexprs (vec (map #(analyze enve %) args))]
{:env env :op :js :segs (seg jsform) :args argexprs
:tag (-> form meta :tag) :form form :children argexprs}))
(let [interp (fn interp [^String s]
(let [idx (.indexOf s "~{")]
(if (= -1 idx)
(list s)
(let [end (.indexOf s "}" idx)
inner (:name (resolve-existing-var env (symbol (subs s (+ 2 idx) end))))]
(cons (subs s 0 idx) (cons inner (interp (subs s (inc end)))))))))]
{:env env :op :js :form form :code (apply str (interp jsform))
:tag (-> form meta :tag)})))
(defn parse-invoke
[env [f & args :as form]]
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
fexpr (analyze enve f)
argexprs (vec (map #(analyze enve %) args))
argc (count args)]
(if (and *cljs-warn-fn-arity* (-> fexpr :info :fn-var))
(let [{:keys [variadic max-fixed-arity method-params name]} (:info fexpr)]
(when (and (not (some #{argc} (map count method-params)))
(or (not variadic)
(and variadic (< argc max-fixed-arity))))
(warning env
(str "WARNING: Wrong number of args (" argc ") passed to " name)))))
(if (and *cljs-warn-fn-deprecated* (-> fexpr :info :deprecated)
(not (-> form meta :deprecation-nowarn)))
(warning env
(str "WARNING: " (-> fexpr :info :name) " is deprecated.")))
{:env env :op :invoke :form form :f fexpr :args argexprs
:tag (or (-> fexpr :info :tag) (-> form meta :tag)) :children (into [fexpr] argexprs)})))
(defn analyze-symbol
"Finds the var associated with sym"
[env sym]
(if (:quoted? env)
{:op :constant :env env :form sym}
(let [ret {:env env :form sym}
lb (-> env :locals sym)]
(if lb
(assoc ret :op :var :info lb)
(if-not (:def-var env)
(assoc ret :op :var :info (resolve-existing-var env sym))
(assoc ret :op :var :info (resolve-var env sym)))))))
(defn get-expander [sym env]
(let [mvar
(when-not (or (-> env :locals sym) ;locals hide macros
(and (or (-> env :ns :excludes sym)
(get-in @namespaces [(-> env :ns :name) :excludes sym]))
(not (or (-> env :ns :uses-macros sym)
(get-in @namespaces [(-> env :ns :name) :uses-macros sym])))))
(if-let [nstr (namespace sym)]
(when-let [ns (cond
(= "clojure.core" nstr) (find-ns 'cljs.core)
(.contains nstr ".") (find-ns (symbol nstr))
(-> env :ns :requires-macros (get (symbol nstr))))]
(.findInternedVar ^clojure.lang.Namespace ns (symbol (name sym))))
(if-let [nsym (-> env :ns :uses-macros sym)]
(.findInternedVar ^clojure.lang.Namespace (find-ns nsym) sym)
(.findInternedVar ^clojure.lang.Namespace (find-ns 'cljs.core) sym))))]
(when (and mvar (.isMacro ^clojure.lang.Var mvar))
(defn macroexpand-1 [env form]
(let [op (first form)]
(if (specials op)
(if-let [mac (and (symbol? op) (get-expander op env))]
(binding [*ns* (create-ns *cljs-ns*)]
(apply mac form env (rest form)))
(if (symbol? op)
(let [opname (str op)]
(= (first opname) \.) (let [[target & args] (next form)]
(with-meta (list* '. target (symbol (subs opname 1)) args)
(meta form)))
(= (last opname) \.) (with-meta
(list* 'new (symbol (subs opname 0 (dec (count opname)))) (next form))
(meta form))
:else form))
(declare analyze-list)
(defn analyze-seq
[env form name]
(if (:quoted? env)
(analyze-list env form name)
(let [env (assoc env
:line (or (-> form meta :line)
(:line env))
:column (or (-> form meta :column)
(:column env)))]
(let [op (first form)]
(assert (not (nil? op)) "Can't call nil")
(let [mform (macroexpand-1 env form)]
(if (identical? form mform)
(wrapping-errors env
(if (specials op)
(parse op env form name)
(parse-invoke env form)))
(analyze env mform name)))))))
(declare analyze-wrap-meta)
(defn analyze-map
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
ks (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) (keys form))))
vs (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) (vals form))))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :map :env env :form form
:keys ks :vals vs
:children (vec (interleave ks vs))}
(defn analyze-list
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
items (disallowing-recur (doall (map #(analyze expr-env % name) form)))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :list :env env :form form :items items :children items} name)))
(defn analyze-vector
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
items (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) form)))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :vector :env env :form form :items items :children items} name)))
(defn analyze-set
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
items (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) form)))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :set :env env :form form :items items :children items} name)))
(defn analyze-wrap-meta [expr name]
(let [form (:form expr)
m (dissoc (meta form) :line :column)]
(if (seq m)
(let [env (:env expr) ; take on expr's context ourselves
expr (assoc-in expr [:env :context] :expr) ; change expr to :expr
meta-expr (analyze-map (:env expr) m name)]
{:op :meta :env env :form form
:meta meta-expr :expr expr :children [meta-expr expr]})
(defn analyze
"Given an environment, a map containing {:locals (mapping of names to bindings), :context
(one of :statement, :expr, :return), :ns (a symbol naming the
compilation ns)}, and form, returns an expression object (a map
containing at least :form, :op and :env keys). If expr has any (immediately)
nested exprs, must have :children [exprs...] entry. This will
facilitate code walking without knowing the details of the op set."
([env form] (analyze env form nil))
([env form name]
(wrapping-errors env
(let [form (if (instance? clojure.lang.LazySeq form)
(or (seq form) ())
(symbol? form) (analyze-symbol env form)
(and (seq? form) (seq form)) (analyze-seq env form name)
(map? form) (analyze-map env form name)
(vector? form) (analyze-vector env form name)
(set? form) (analyze-set env form name)
(keyword? form) (analyze-keyword env form)
(= form ()) (analyze-list env form name)
:else {:op :constant :env env :form form})))))
(defn analyze-file
[^String f]
(let [res (if (re-find #"^file://" f) ( f) (io/resource f))]
(assert res (str "Can't find " f " in classpath"))
(binding [*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user
*cljs-file* (.getPath ^ res)
*ns* *reader-ns*]
(with-open [r (io/reader res)]
(let [env (empty-env)
pbr (clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader. r)
eof (Object.)]
(loop [r (read pbr false eof false)]
(let [env (assoc env :ns (get-namespace *cljs-ns*))]
(when-not (identical? eof r)
(analyze env r)
(recur (read pbr false eof false))))))))))
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