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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns twitterbuzz.core
(:require [twitterbuzz.dom-helpers :as dom]
[clojure.string :as string]
[goog.string :as gstring]
[ :as jsonp]
[goog.Timer :as timer]
[ :as events]
[ :as event-type]
[goog.dom.classes :as classes]))
(def results-per-page 100)
(def max-missing-query 20)
(def initial-state {:max-id 0
:graph {}
:listeners {}
:tweet-count 0
:search-tag nil
:ignore-mentions #{}})
(def state (atom initial-state))
(defn add-listener
"Add a listener to the graph."
[graph k f]
(let [l (-> graph :listeners k)]
(assoc-in graph [:listeners k] (conj l f))))
(defn register
"Register a function to be called when new data arrives specifying
the event to receive updates for."
[event f]
(swap! state add-listener event f))
(def twitter-uri (goog.Uri. ""))
(defn search-tag
"Get the current tag value from the page."
(.-value (dom/get-element :twitter-search-tag)))
(defn retrieve
"Send request to twitter."
[payload callback error-callback]
(.send ( twitter-uri)
(defn send-event
"For the given event, call every listener for that event, passing the
(send-event event nil))
([event message]
(doseq [f (-> @state :listeners event)]
(f message))))
(defn parse-mentions
"Given a map representing a single tweet, return all mentions that
are found within the tweet text. Twitter usernames are not case
sensitive so mentioned usernames are always returned in lower case."
(map #(string/lower-case (apply str (drop 1 %)))
(re-seq (re-pattern "@\\w+") (:text tweet))))
(defn add-mentions
"Add the user to the mentions map for first user she mentions,
clearing the mentions map of user."
[graph user mentions]
(if-let [mention (first mentions)]
(let [graph (assoc graph mention (get graph mention {:username mention}))
node (get graph mention)
mentions-map (get node :mentions {})
graph (assoc-in graph [mention :mentions user] (inc (get mentions-map user 0)))]
(assoc-in graph [user :mentions] {}))
(defn update-graph
"Given a graph and a sequence of new tweets in chronological order,
update the graph."
[graph tweet-maps]
(reduce (fn [acc tweet]
(let [user (string/lower-case (:from_user tweet))
mentions (parse-mentions tweet)
node (get acc user {:mentions {}})]
(-> (assoc acc user
(assoc node :last-tweet (:text tweet)
:image-url (:profile_image_url tweet)
:username (:from_user tweet)))
(add-mentions user mentions))))
(map #(select-keys % [:text :from_user :profile_image_url]) tweet-maps)))
(defn num-mentions [user]
(reduce + (vals (:mentions user))))
(defn update-state
"Given an old state, maximum id and a new sequence of tweets, return
an updated state."
[old-state max-id tweets]
(-> old-state
(assoc :max-id max-id)
(update-in [:tweet-count] #(+ % (count tweets)))
(assoc :graph (update-graph (:graph old-state) (reverse tweets)))))
(defn new-tweets [max-id tweets]
(filter #(> (:id %) max-id) tweets))
(defn new-tweets-callback
"Given a json object, update the state with any new information and
fire events."
(let [{:keys [max_id results]} (js->clj json :keywordize-keys true)
tweets (new-tweets (:max-id @state) results)]
(do (swap! state update-state max_id tweets)
(send-event :new-tweets tweets)
(send-event :graph-update (:graph @state)))))
(defn set-tweet-status [css-class message]
(doto (dom/set-text :tweet-status message)
(classes/set (name css-class))))
(defn error-callback [error]
(set-tweet-status :error "Twitter error"))
(defn add-missing-tweets
"Add missing data to the graph."
[graph tweets]
(let [new-tweets (reduce (fn [acc next-tweet]
(assoc acc (string/lower-case (:from_user next-tweet))
(sort-by :id tweets))]
(reduce (fn [acc [node-name {:keys [from_user text profile_image_url]}]]
(if-let [old-tweet (get graph node-name)]
(if (:last-tweet old-tweet)
(assoc acc node-name
(merge old-tweet {:last-tweet text
:image-url profile_image_url
:username from_user})))
(defn ignored
"Given a list of the usernames for missing tweets and the tweets
which are the result of a query for this missing data, return a set of
twitter usernames which will be ignored moving forward.
Names may be ignored because the twitter user does not exist or
just doesn't tweet."
[missing tweets]
(when (< (count tweets) results-per-page)
(let [users (set (map #(string/lower-case (:from_user %)) tweets))
missing (map string/lower-case missing)]
(reduce (fn [acc next-missing]
(if (contains? users next-missing)
(conj acc next-missing)))
(defn add-missing-callback
"Update the graph and the ignore-mentions list when data is received
from a missing user query."
[missing json]
(let [response (js->clj json :keywordize-keys true)
tweets (:results response)]
(if-let [error (:error response)]
(set-tweet-status :error error)
(do (swap! state (fn [old-state]
(assoc old-state
:graph (add-missing-tweets (:graph old-state) tweets)
:ignore-mentions (into (:ignore-mentions old-state)
(ignored missing tweets)))))
(send-event :new-tweets [])
(send-event :graph-update (:graph @state))))))
(defn missing-tweets
"Return a list of usernames with missing tweets in the graph."
(->> (map second graph)
(remove :last-tweet)
(map :username)
(remove empty?)
(remove (:ignore-mentions @state))))
(defn fetch-mentioned-tweets
"Query twitter for usernames which are currently missing data in the
graph. Limit this query to max-missing-query names."
(let [q (apply str (interpose " OR " (map #(str "from:" %)
(take max-missing-query missing))))]
(set-tweet-status :okay "Fetching mentioned tweets")
(retrieve (doto (js-obj)
(aset "q" q)
(aset "rpp" results-per-page))
#(add-missing-callback missing %)
(defn fetch-new-tweets
"Use the current search tag to fetch new tweets from twitter."
(when-let [tag (:search-tag @state)]
(set-tweet-status :okay "Fetching tweets")
(retrieve (doto (js-obj)
(aset "q" tag)
(aset "rpp" results-per-page))
(defn fetch-tweets
"If there are missing tweets then fetch them, if not fetch new tweets."
(let [missing (missing-tweets (:graph @state))]
(if (seq missing)
(fetch-mentioned-tweets missing)
(defn poll
"Request new data from twitter once every 24 seconds. This will put
you at the 150 request/hour rate limit. We can speed it up for the demo."
(let [timer (goog.Timer. 24000)]
(do (fetch-tweets)
(. timer (start))
(events/listen timer goog.Timer/TICK fetch-tweets))))
(defn do-track-button-clicked
"When the track button is clicked, reset to the initial state
keeping only the event listeners."
(do (let [listeners (:listeners @state)]
(reset! state (assoc initial-state :listeners listeners :search-tag (search-tag))))
(send-event :track-clicked)))
(defn start-app
"Start polling and listen for UI events."
(do (poll)
(events/listen (dom/get-element :twitter-search-button)
(events/listen (dom/get-element :twitter-search-tag)
(defn link [url s]
(str "<a href='" url "' target='_twitterbuzz'>" s "</a>"))
(defn markup
"Add markup to tweet text to activate links."
(let [markup-f (fn [s] (let [w (string/trim s)]
(cond (gstring/startsWith w "http://")
(link w w)
(gstring/startsWith w "@")
(link (str "!/" (re-find #"\w+" w)) w)
:else s)))]
(string/join " " (map markup-f (string/split s #"[ ]")))))
(parse-mentions {:text "What's up @sue: and @Larry"})
(add-mentions {} "jim" ["sue"])
(add-mentions {"sue" {}} "jim" ["sue"])
(def tweets [{:profile_image_url "url1"
:from_user "Jim"
:text "I like cookies!"}
{:profile_image_url "url2"
:from_user "sue"
:text "Me to @jim."}
{:profile_image_url "url3"
:from_user "bob"
:text "You shouldn't eat so many cookies @sue"}
{:profile_image_url "url4"
:from_user "sam"
:text "@Bob that was a cruel thing to say to @Sue."}
{:profile_image_url "url5"
:from_user "ted"
:text "@foo is awesome!"}])
(def graph (update-graph {} tweets))
(count graph)
(num-mentions (get graph "sue"))
(num-mentions (get graph "bob"))
(num-mentions (get graph "sam"))
(take 1 (reverse (sort-by #(num-mentions (second %)) (seq graph))))