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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software
"This is intended to be a stable api for those who need programmatic access
to ClojureScript's project building facilities.
For example: a build script may need to how to invalidate compiled
files so that they will be recompiled."
(:refer-clojure :exclude [compile])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[ :as json]
[cljs.util :as util]
[cljs.env :as env]
[cljs.analyzer :as ana]
[cljs.compiler :as comp]
[cljs.closure :as closure]
[cljs.js-deps :as js-deps])
(:import [ File]))
;; =============================================================================
;; Useful Utilities
(defn ^File target-file-for-cljs-ns
"Given an output directory and a clojurescript namespace return the
compilation target file for that namespace.
For example:
(target-file-from-cljs-ns \"resources/out\" 'example.core) ->
<File: \"resources/out/example/core.js\">"
([ns-sym] (closure/target-file-for-cljs-ns ns-sym nil))
([ns-sym output-dir] (closure/target-file-for-cljs-ns ns-sym output-dir)))
(defn mark-cljs-ns-for-recompile!
"Backdates a cljs target file so that it the cljs compiler will recompile it."
([ns-sym] (closure/mark-cljs-ns-for-recompile! ns-sym nil))
([ns-sym output-dir] (closure/mark-cljs-ns-for-recompile! ns-sym output-dir)))
(defn cljs-dependents-for-macro-namespaces
"Takes a list of Clojure (.clj) namespaces that define macros and
returns a list ClojureScript (.cljs) namespaces that depend on those macro
For example where example.macros is defined in the clojure file
\"example/macros.clj\" and both 'example.core and 'example.util are
ClojureScript namespaces that require and use the macros from
'example.macros :
(cljs-dependents-for-macro-namespaces 'example.macros) ->
('example.core 'example.util)"
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
([state namespaces]
(closure/cljs-dependents-for-macro-namespaces state namespaces)))
(defn parse-js-ns
"Given a Google Closure style JavaScript file or resource return the namespace
information for the given file. Only returns the value extracted from the
first provide statement."
(closure/parse-js-ns f))
(defn ^File src-file->target-file
"Given a ClojureScript source file return the target file. May optionally
provide build options with :output-dir specified."
([src] (src-file->target-file src nil))
([src opts]
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(env/default-compiler-env opts))
src opts))
([state src opts]
(env/with-compiler-env state
(binding [ana/*cljs-warning-handlers* (:warning-handlers opts ana/*cljs-warning-handlers*)]
(closure/src-file->target-file src opts)))))
(defn ^String src-file->goog-require
"Given a ClojureScript or Google Closure style JavaScript source file return
the goog.require statement for it."
([src] (src-file->goog-require src nil))
([src options]
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(env/default-compiler-env options))
src options))
([state src options]
(env/with-compiler-env state
(binding [ana/*cljs-warning-handlers* (:warning-handlers options ana/*cljs-warning-handlers*)]
(closure/src-file->goog-require src options)))))
;; =============================================================================
;; Main API
(defn goog-dep-string
"Given compiler options and a IJavaScript instance return the corresponding
goog.addDependency string"
[opts ijs]
(closure/add-dep-string opts ijs))
(defn source-on-disk
"Ensure that the given IJavaScript exists on disk in the output directory.
Return updated IJavaScript with the new location if necessary."
[opts ijs]
(closure/source-on-disk opts ijs))
(defn ns->source
"Given a namespace as a symbol return the corresponding resource if it exists."
(util/ns->source ns))
(defn ns->location
"Given a namespace and compilation environment return the relative path and
uri of the corresponding source regardless of the source language extension:
.cljs, .cljc, .js. Returns a map containing :relative-path a string, and
:uri a URL."
(ns->location ns
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
([ns compiler-env]
(closure/source-for-namespace ns compiler-env)))
(defn add-dependencies
"DEPRECATED: Given one or more IJavaScript objects in dependency order, produce
a new sequence of IJavaScript objects which includes the input list
plus all dependencies in dependency order."
[opts & ijss]
(closure/add-dependencies opts ijss))
(defn add-implicit-options
"Given a valid map of build options add any standard implicit options. For
example :optimizations :none implies :cache-analysis true and :source-map
(closure/add-implicit-options opts))
(defn inputs
"Given a list of directories and files, return a compilable object that may
be passed to build or watch."
[& xs]
(-paths [_]
(map io/file xs))
(-compile [_ opts]
(letfn [(compile-input [x]
(let [compiled (closure/-compile x opts)]
(if (sequential? compiled)
(mapcat compile-input xs)))
(-find-sources [_ opts]
(mapcat #(closure/-find-sources % opts) xs))))
(defn compile
"Given a Compilable, compile it and return an IJavaScript."
([opts compilable]
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(env/default-compiler-env opts))
opts compilable))
([state opts compilable]
(env/with-compiler-env state
(closure/compile compilable opts))))
(defn output-unoptimized
"Ensure that all JavaScript source files are on disk (not in jars),
write the goog deps file including only the libraries that are being
used and write the deps file for the current project.
The deps file for the current project will include third-party
[opts & sources]
(apply closure/output-unoptimized opts sources))
(defn build
"Given compiler options, produce runnable JavaScript. An optional source
parameter may be provided."
(build nil opts))
([source opts]
(build source opts
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
;; need to dissoc :foreign-libs since we won't know what overriding
;; foreign libspecs are referring to until after add-implicit-options
;; - David
(closure/add-externs-sources (dissoc opts :foreign-libs))))))
([source opts compiler-env]
(doseq [[unknown-opt suggested-opt] (util/unknown-opts (set (keys opts)) closure/known-opts)]
(when suggested-opt
(println (str "WARNING: Unknown compiler option '" unknown-opt "'. Did you mean '" suggested-opt "'?"))))
(binding [ana/*cljs-warning-handlers* (:warning-handlers opts ana/*cljs-warning-handlers*)]
(closure/build source opts compiler-env))))
(defn watch
"Given a source which can be compiled, watch it for changes to produce."
([source opts]
(watch source opts
(if-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(closure/add-externs-sources opts)))))
([source opts compiler-env]
(watch source opts compiler-env nil))
([source opts compiler-env stop]
(binding [ana/*cljs-warning-handlers* (:warning-handlers opts ana/*cljs-warning-handlers*)]
(closure/watch source opts compiler-env stop))))
;; =============================================================================
;; Node.js / NPM dependencies
(defn compiler-opts? [m]
(and (map? m)
(or (contains? m :output-to)
(contains? m :modules)
(contains? m :npm-deps)
(contains? m :main)
(contains? m :optimizations)
(contains? m :foreign-libs))))
(defn install-node-deps!
"EXPERIMENTAL: Install the supplied dependencies via NPM. dependencies must be
a map of name to version or a valid compiler options map."
(if (compiler-opts? dependencies)
(install-node-deps! (:npm-deps dependencies) dependencies)
(install-node-deps! dependencies
(when-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(:options @env/*compiler*)))))
([dependencies opts]
{:pre [(map? dependencies)]}
(closure/check-npm-deps opts)
(update-in opts [:npm-deps] merge dependencies))))
(defn get-node-deps
"EXPERIMENTAL: Get the Node.js dependency graph of the supplied dependencies.
Dependencies must be a sequence of strings or symbols naming packages or paths
within packages (e.g. [react \"react-dom/server\"] or a valid compiler options
map. Assumes dependencies have been been previously installed, either by
`!` or by an NPM client, and reside in the
`node_modules` directory."
(if (compiler-opts? dependencies)
(get-node-deps (keys (:npm-deps dependencies)) dependencies)
(get-node-deps dependencies
(when-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(:options @env/*compiler*)))))
([dependencies opts]
{:pre [(sequential? dependencies)]}
(distinct (concat (keys (:npm-deps opts)) (map str dependencies)))
{:file (.getAbsolutePath (io/file "src/test/node/test.js"))})
{:file (.getAbsolutePath (io/file "src/test/node/test.js"))})
(defn node-inputs
"EXPERIMENTAL: return the foreign libs entries as computed by running
the module-deps package on the supplied JavaScript entry points. Assumes
that the `@cljs-oss/module-deps` NPM package is either locally or globally
(node-inputs entries
(when-not (nil? env/*compiler*)
(:options @env/*compiler*))))
([entries opts]
(closure/node-inputs entries opts)))
[{:file "src/test/node/test.js"}])
(def test-cenv (atom {}))
(def test-env (assoc-in (ana/empty-env) [:ns :name] 'cljs.user))
(binding [ana/*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user]
(env/with-compiler-env test-cenv
(ana/analyze test-env
'(ns cljs.user
(:use [clojure.string :only [join]]))))))
(env/with-compiler-env test-cenv
(ns-dependents 'clojure.string))
#(target-file-for-cljs-ns % "out-dev")
(env/with-compiler-env test-cenv
(ns-dependents 'clojure.string)))
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