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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns cljs.util
(:refer-clojure :exclude [boolean?])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[clojure.set :as set]
[clojure.edn :as edn])
(:import [ File]
[ URL URLDecoder]
[ MessageDigest]))
;; next line is auto-generated by the build-script - Do not edit!
(def ^:dynamic *clojurescript-version*)
(defn compilation-error [cause]
(ex-info nil {:clojure.error/phase :compilation} cause))
(defn- main-src-directory []
(some (fn [file]
(when (= "main" (.getName file))
(iterate (memfn getParentFile) (io/as-file (io/resource "cljs/util.cljc")))))
(defn- file-hash [file]
(if (.isDirectory file)
(hash (slurp file))))
(def ^:private synthethetic-version-prefix "0.0.")
(def ^:private synthetic-clojurescript-version
(delay (let [qualifier (fn [n]
(if (== n Integer/MIN_VALUE)
(Math/abs n)))]
(str synthethetic-version-prefix
(qualifier (reduce unchecked-add-int (map file-hash (file-seq (main-src-directory)))))))))
(defn ^String clojurescript-version
"Returns clojurescript version as a printable string."
(if (bound? #'*clojurescript-version*)
(:major *clojurescript-version*)
(:minor *clojurescript-version*)
(when-let [i (:incremental *clojurescript-version*)]
(str "." i))
(when-let [q (:qualifier *clojurescript-version*)]
(str "." q))
(when (:interim *clojurescript-version*)
(defn synthetic-version?
"Returns true if clojurescript-version returns a synthetically-generated
(string/starts-with? (clojurescript-version) synthethetic-version-prefix))
(defn cljs-built-dep?
"Returns true if ClojureScript itself is a built dep."
(not (synthetic-version?)))
(defn ^String compiled-by-version [f]
(with-open [reader (io/reader f)]
(let [match (some->> reader line-seq first
(re-matches #".*ClojureScript (\d+\.\d+\.\d+).*$"))]
(or (and match (second match)) "0.0.0000"))))
(defn build-options [^File f]
(with-open [reader (io/reader f)]
(let [match (some->> reader line-seq first
(re-matches #".*ClojureScript \d+\.\d+\.\d+ (.*)$"))]
(and match (edn/read-string (second match))))))
(defn munge-path [ss]
(clojure.lang.Compiler/munge (str ss)))
(defn ns->relpath
"Given a namespace as a symbol return the relative path. May optionally
provide the file extension, defaults to :cljs."
([ns] (ns->relpath ns :cljs))
([ns ext]
(ns->relpath ns ext \/))
([ns ext sep]
(cond-> (string/replace (munge-path ns) \. sep)
ext (str "." (name ext)))))
(defn ns->source
"Given a namespace as a symbol return the corresponding resource if it exists."
(or (io/resource (ns->relpath ns :cljs))
(io/resource (ns->relpath ns :cljc))))
(defn path-seq
(->> File/separator
(string/split file-str)))
(defn to-path
(to-path parts File/separator))
([parts sep]
(apply str (interpose sep parts))))
(defn split-paths
(string/split paths-str (re-pattern File/pathSeparator)))
(declare ext)
(defn ^File to-target-file
([target-dir ns-info]
(to-target-file target-dir ns-info "js"))
([target-dir {:keys [ns source-file] :as ns-info} ext]
(let [src-ext (if source-file
(cljs.util/ext source-file)
ns (if (or (= src-ext "clj")
(and (= ns 'cljs.core) (= src-ext "cljc")))
(symbol (str ns "$macros"))
relpath (string/split (munge-path (str ns)) #"\.")
parents (cond-> (butlast relpath)
target-dir (conj target-dir))]
(cond->> (io/file (str (last relpath) (str "." ext)))
(seq parents)
(io/file (to-path parents))))))
(defn mkdirs
"Create all parent directories for the passed file."
[^File f]
(.mkdirs (.getParentFile (.getCanonicalFile f))))
(defn output-directory
([opts] (output-directory opts "out"))
([opts default]
{:pre [(or (nil? opts) (map? opts))]}
(or (:output-dir opts) default)))
(def windows?
(.startsWith (.toLowerCase (System/getProperty "")) "windows"))
(defn file? [f]
(instance? File f))
(defn url? [f]
(instance? URL f))
(defn ^String filename [^File f]
(.getName f))
;; on Windows, URLs end up having forward slashes like
;; /C:/Users/... - Antonio
(defn ^String normalize-path [^String x]
(-> (cond-> x
windows? (string/replace #"^[\\/]" ""))
(string/replace "\\" File/separator)
(string/replace "/" File/separator)))
(defn ^String path [x]
(file? x) (.getAbsolutePath ^File x)
(url? x) (if windows?
(let [f (URLDecoder/decode (.getFile x))]
(normalize-path f))
(.getPath ^URL x))
(string? x) x
:else (throw (Exception. (str "Expected file, url, or string. Got " (pr-str x))))))
(defn ^String ext
"Given a file, url or string return the file extension."
(let [s (cond
(file? x) (filename x)
(url? x) (path x)
(string? x) x
:else (throw (Exception. (str "Expected file, url, or string. Got " (pr-str x)))))]
(last (string/split s #"\."))))
(defn ^String get-name
"Given a file or url return the last component of the path."
{:pre [(or (file? x) (url? x))]}
(if (file? x)
(filename x)
(last (string/split (path x) #"[\\\/]"))))
(defn ^String relative-name
"Given a file return a path relative to the working directory. Given a
URL return the JAR relative path of the resource."
{:pre [(or (file? x) (url? x))]}
(letfn [(strip-user-dir [s]
(let [user-path (.toPath (io/file (System/getProperty "user.dir")))
base-count (.getNameCount user-path)
file-path (.toPath (io/file s))]
(if (.startsWith file-path user-path)
(str (.subpath file-path base-count (.getNameCount file-path)))
(if (file? x)
(strip-user-dir (.getAbsolutePath x))
(let [f (URLDecoder/decode (.getFile x))]
(if (string/includes? f ".jar!/")
(last (string/split f #"\.jar!/"))
(strip-user-dir f))))))
(defn last-modified [src]
(file? src) (.lastModified ^File src)
(url? src)
(let [conn (.openConnection ^URL src)]
(.getLastModified conn)
(let [ins (.getInputStream conn)]
(when ins
(.close ins))))))
(IllegalArgumentException. (str "Cannot get last modified for " src)))))
(defn changed? [a b]
(not (== (last-modified a) (last-modified b))))
(defn file-or-resource [s]
(or (and (.exists (io/file s)) (io/file s))
(io/resource s)))
(defn topo-sort
([x get-deps]
(topo-sort x 0 (atom (sorted-map)) (memoize get-deps)))
([x depth state memo-get-deps]
(let [deps (memo-get-deps x)]
(swap! state update-in [depth] (fnil into #{}) deps)
(doseq [dep deps]
(topo-sort dep (inc depth) state memo-get-deps))
(doseq [[<depth _] (subseq @state < depth)]
(swap! state update-in [<depth] set/difference deps))
(when (= depth 0)
(distinct (apply concat (vals @state)))))))
(defn valid-js-id-start? [s]
(re-find #"(?U)^[\p{Alpha}_$]" s))
(def debug-prn-mutex (Object.))
(defn debug-prn
[& args]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(locking debug-prn-mutex
(apply println args)
(defmacro measure
"Like cljs.core/time but toggleable and takes a message string."
{:added "1.0"}
([msg expr] `(measure true ~msg ~expr))
([enable msg expr]
`(if ~enable
(let [start# (. System (nanoTime))
ret# ~expr]
(debug-prn (str ~msg ", elapsed time:") (/ (double (- (. System (nanoTime)) start#)) 1000000.0) "msecs")
(defmacro compile-if
([exp then] `(compile-if ~exp ~then nil))
([exp then else]
(if (try (eval exp)
(catch Throwable _ false))
`(do ~then)
`(do ~else))))
(defmacro compile-when
[exp then]
`(compile-if ~exp ~then nil))
(defn boolean? [x]
(or (true? x) (false? x)))
(defn levenshtein-distance
"The the minimum number of single-element edits needed to
transform s in to t."
[s t]
(let [f (fn [f s t]
(empty? s) (count t)
(empty? t) (count s)
:else (let [cost (if (= (first s) (first t))
(min (inc (f f (rest s) t))
(inc (f f s (rest t)))
(+ cost (f f (rest s) (rest t)))))))
g (memoize f)]
(g g s t)))
(defn suggestion
"Provides a best suggestion for an unknown, taken from knowns,
minimizing the Levenshtein distance, returning nil if threshold
cannot be satisfied."
[threshold unknown knowns]
(let [distance (partial levenshtein-distance unknown)
closest (apply min-key distance knowns)
closest-dist (distance closest)]
(when (<= closest-dist threshold)
(defn unknown-opts
"Takes a set of passed opt keys and known opt keys and for each
unknown opt key returns a vector of the key and its (potentially
nil) suggestion."
[passed knowns]
{:pre [(set? passed) (set? knowns)]}
(for [unknown (set/difference passed knowns)]
[unknown (some-> (suggestion 3 (str unknown) (map str knowns))
(subs 1)
(defn distinct-by
([f coll]
(let [step (fn step [xs seen]
((fn [[x :as xs] seen]
(when-let [s (seq xs)]
(let [v (f x)]
(if (contains? seen v)
(recur (rest s) seen)
(cons x (step (rest s) (conj seen v)))))))
xs seen)))]
(step coll #{}))))
(def ^:private hex-digits (char-array "0123456789ABCDEF"))
(defn- bytes-to-hex-str
"Convert an array of bytes into a hex encoded string."
[^bytes bytes]
(loop [index (int 0)
buffer (StringBuilder. (int (* 2 (alength bytes))))]
(if (== (alength bytes) index)
(.toString buffer)
(let [byte (aget bytes index)]
(.append buffer (aget ^chars hex-digits (bit-and (bit-shift-right byte 4) 0xF)))
(.append buffer (aget ^chars hex-digits (bit-and byte 0xF)))
(recur (inc index) buffer)))))
(defn content-sha
([^String s]
(content-sha s nil))
([^String s ^Long n]
(let [digest (MessageDigest/getInstance "SHA-1")
_ (.reset digest)
_ (.update digest (.getBytes s "utf8"))
sha (bytes-to-hex-str (.digest digest))]
(if-not (nil? n)
(apply str (take n sha))
(defn map-merge [a b]
(if (and (map? a) (map? b))
(loop [ks (seq (keys a)) ret a b' b]
(if ks
(let [k (first ks)]
(if (contains? b' k)
(next ks)
(assoc ret k (map-merge (get ret k) (get b' k)))
(dissoc b' k))
(recur (next ks) ret b')))
(merge ret b')))
(defn conjunction-str [xs]
(let [xs (vec xs)]
(case (count xs)
1 (first xs)
2 (str (first xs) " and " (second xs))
(str (string/join ", " (pop xs)) " and " (peek xs)))))
(defn module-file-seq
([] (module-file-seq (io/file "node_modules")))
(let [fseq (tree-seq
(fn [^File f]
(and (. f (isDirectory))
(not (boolean
(re-find #"node_modules[\\\/].*[\\\/]node_modules"
(.getPath f))))))
(fn [^File d]
(seq (. d (listFiles))))
(filter (fn [^File f]
(let [path (.getPath f)]
(or (.endsWith path ".json")
(.endsWith path ".js"))))
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