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minor declare spring cleaning

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1 parent 4f74bd4 commit 1b78c82bdba919a8f986ae4c1af68df848d4e47b @swannodette swannodette committed May 4, 2013
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  1. +2 −4 src/cljs/cljs/core.cljs
6 src/cljs/cljs/core.cljs
@@ -91,8 +91,6 @@
argv as arguments"}
*main-cli-fn* nil)
-(declare pr-str chunk-first chunk-rest)
(defn type [x]
(when-not (nil? x)
(.-constructor x)))
@@ -607,7 +605,7 @@ reduces them without incurring seq initialization"
(recur nval (inc n))))
-(declare hash-coll cons pr-str RSeq)
+(declare hash-coll cons RSeq)
(defn ^boolean counted?
"Returns true if coll implements count in constant time"
@@ -1753,7 +1751,7 @@ reduces them without incurring seq initialization"
(next s)))
-(declare name)
+(declare name chunk-first chunk-rest)
(defn- extend-object!
"Takes a JavaScript object and a map of names to functions and

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