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## Releases and dependency information ##

Latest stable release: 1.10.520
Latest stable release: 1.10.597

* [All released versions](

[Leiningen]( dependency information:

[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.520"]
[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.597"]

[Maven]( dependency information:
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Latest stable release: 1.10.520

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## 1.10.597

### Changes
* CLJS-3120: Add :sigs to protocol var for compatibility with Clojure
* CLJS-2247: Warn when overwriting protocol method
* CLJS-3085: Types are inferred for dynamic vars
* CLJS-3097: Fix compatibility with tools.reader 1.3.1 and bump it
* CLJS-2750: tag coll in ci-reduce as not-native
* CLJS-3095: `apply vector` with array acts as `vec`
* CLJS-3093: Check subvec arguments
* CLJS-2868: Add ^string hints
* CLJS-3054: Align behavior of set/union and into with Clojure

### Enhancements
* CLJS-3077: Avoid generating unnecessary functions
* CLJS-3107: Eliminate checked ifs in TransientArrayMap
* CLJS-3164: Optimize assoc on IAssociative values
* CLJS-3147: Allow Node require from foreign lib
* CLJS-3144: NPM Modules should have all their vars marked to avoid .call invokes
* CLJS-3145: Node.js support libs cljs.nodejs and cljs.nodejscli generate random files
* CLJS-3141: Improve perf of cljs.source-map.base64/encode
* CLJS-3134: Thread predicate-induced inference through and
* CLJS-3123: analyze google closure namespaces
* CLJS-3133: simple-* / qualified-* predicate-induced inference
* CLJS-2886: count specializations for string and array
* CLJS-2950: Direct field access for keyword lookup on records

### Fixes
* CLJS-3190: Double arity warning constructing directly-accessed record
* CLJS-3137: fspec cannot be reused in clojurescript but can be in clojure
* CLJS-3124: Non-number lookup on transient vector succeeds after persistent!
* CLJS-3149: REPL load-file doesn't resolve npm requires correctly
* CLJS-3163: Skip analyzing specials in type-check-induced-tag
* CLJS-3172: Unable to import goog.async.ConditionalDelay
* CLJS-3158: Improperly widened cross-param loop/recur inference
* CLJS-3168: Self-host: externs ns used unconditionally in analyzer
* CLJS-3140: Not inferring on implements?
* CLJS-3143: assoc docstring regarding growing vector
* CLJS-3123: 'for' loop silently ignores extra forms in body
* CLJS-3017: Error->map: Map js/InternalError and js/TypeError
* CLJS-2683: Suppress compiler options in watch log
* CLJS-2881: cl-format character directive with \space fails
* CLJS-2879: Close analysis cache file
* CLJS-3051: Update to Graal RC12 in CI
* CLJS-3088: Update CI to use JavaScriptCore 4
* CLJS-3092: Peek on subvecs doesn't behave properly
* CLJS-3076: let defined variadic functions not destructuring as expected with :static-fns true
* CLJS-3067: Fix compiler crash when requiring cljs.loader w/o modules
* CLJS-3068: Compiler error with if and emit-var
* CLJS-2301: Avoid use of deprecated goog.string/isEmptySafe in clojure.string/blank?
* CLJS-3058: Remove dangling reference
* CLJS-3061 Fix docstring for chunked-seq?

## 1.10.520

### Changes

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