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## Releases and dependency information ##
Latest stable release: 1.10.339
Latest stable release: 1.10.439
* [All released versions](
[Leiningen]( dependency information:
[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.339"]
[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.10.439"]
[Maven]( dependency information:
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Latest stable release: 1.10.339
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## 1.10.439
### Changes
* CLJS-2904: Default :npm-deps to false
* CLJS-2878: Update Closure Compiler to v20180805
* CLJS-2827: Avoid var special in core macros for private var access
* CLJS-2819: Warn on non-dynamic earmuffed vars
* CLJS-2806: Bump test.check to 0.10.0-alpha3
* CLJS-2815: Support string keys in :global-exports
* CLJS-2812: Support for overriding object printing
* CLJS-2805: Bump tools.reader to 1.3.0
* CLJS-1702: Warning when using private vars
* Align ClojureScript AST to tools.analyzer
### Enhancements
* CLJS-2903: Support fingerprinting
* CLJS-2897: cljs.main: Display initial REPL prompt sooner
* CLJS-2884: Support for GraalJS RC6
* CLJS-2859: Graal.JS: Enable high-res timers by default, allow user-configuration
* CLJS-2831: Add a graaljs REPL environment
* CLJS-1997: Outward function type hint propagation
* CLJS-844: Optimize js->clj by switching to transients
* CLJS-2442: `set` and `vec` performance enhancements
### Fixes
* CLJS-2953: stest/with-instrument-disabled prints warning of private use
* CLJS-2728: Ability to disable macro spec checks
* CLJS-2843: s/explain of evaluated predicate yields :s/unknown
* CLJS-2951: Add a spec generator for some?
* CLJS-2940: Can't define nilable spec on undefined pred
* CLJS-2948: Stack overflow calling instrumented variadic fn with zero args
* CLJS-2793: Instrumenting breaks function with varargs
* CLJS-2934: Enhanced delay printing
* CLJS-2864: Optimize str macro for single arity case
* CLJS-1297: defrecord does not emit IKVReduce protocol
* CLJS-2937: docstring for to-array
* CLJS-2943: Update merge-with to use key / val
* CLJS-2941: seqable? should return true for nil
* CLJS-2915: Tests fail if directory has a period (.) in the path
* CLJS-2782: lein test fails if directory has hyphens
* CLJS-2911: Avoid infinite loop on infinite partitions
* CLJS-2906: cljs.main: Crash when with default REPL
* CLJS-2883: Instrumentation fails compilation with a large number of spec'd functions
* CLJS-2896: Allow parallel analysis and compilation
* CLJS-2893: seq: use .-length instead of alength for strings
* CLJS-2890: fspec role in problem path is not useful
* CLJS-2887: Improve names in core macro specs
* CLJS-2891: stop including data in ex-info message
* CLJS-2888: Printing of spec problems buries the failing predicate which should be more prominent
* CLJS-2861: Self-host: :checked-arrays not working
* CLJS-2852: Clojure imparity: ns-publics returns different arglists for macros
* CLJS-2725: Doc on spec keywords
* CLJS-2665: Port clojure.spec.test.alpha/enumerate-namespace
* CLJS-2848: Default explain printer prints root val and spec
* CLJS-2846: [spec] s/tuple explain-data :pred problem
* CLJS-2847: s/coll-of and s/every gen is very slow if :kind specified without :into
* CLJS-2841: [spec] instrument exception doesn't contain function name in ex-data
* CLJS-2842: [spec] Clarify s/every docstring for :kind
* CLJS-2845: [spec] generate random subsets of or'd required keys in map specs
* CLJS-2844: [spec] Add support for undefining a spec
* CLJS-2840: [spec] s/keys explain-data :pred problem
* CLJS-2839: [spec] s/& explain-data :pred problem
* CLJS-2838: [spec] s/& does not check preds if regex matches empty collection
* CLJS-2837: [spec] `cat` specs should verify value is sequential
* CLJS-2541: binding not made in parallel
* CLJS-2832: Bad code gen for `((not empty?) "foo")` when compiled with no optimizations
* CLJS-2855: Browser REPL prints empty string after require
* CLJS-2821: Update doto docstring to not use Java example
* CLJS-2817: Suppress private var warnings for specs on private vars
* CLJS-2822: cljs.core.specs.alpha: Map bindings should be `:kind map?`
* CLJS-2829: Fix deep object property access for :global-exports
* CLJS-2816: Skip non-string package.json browser entry values
* CLJS-2814: Fix munge-node-lib/global-export on self-host
* CLJS-2811: cljs-1537-circular-deps fail on Windows
* CLJS-2807: Macroexpand failure with set literal
* CLJS-2799: Handle nth on seqables with negative indexes
* CLJS-2798: ChunkCons -next doesn't handle nil more
* CLJS-2589: allow / as a protocol method name in cljs
## 1.10.339
### Changes

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