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CLJS-3034: Truthy-induced inference

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mfikes authored and swannodette committed Jan 9, 2019
1 parent 75e4e52 commit 4d54c041703672600eece45d67e559e769f68dbf
Showing with 23 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +18 −10 src/main/clojure/cljs/analyzer.cljc
  2. +5 −1 src/test/clojure/cljs/analyzer_tests.clj
@@ -1593,19 +1593,27 @@
(get-in env [:locals sym]))
[sym tag])))))))

(defn- add-predicate-induced-tags
"Looks at the test and adds any tags which are induced by virtue
of the predicate being satisfied. For example in (if (string? x) x :bar)
(defn- truth-induced-tag
"Refine a tag to exclude clj-nil if the test is a simple symbol."
[env test]
(when (and (symbol? test)
(nil? (namespace test)))
(let [analyzed-symbol (no-warn (analyze (assoc env :context :expr) test))]
(when-let [tag (:tag analyzed-symbol)]
(when (and (set? tag)
(contains? tag 'clj-nil))
[test (canonicalize-type (disj tag 'clj-nil))])))))

(defn- set-test-induced-tags
"Looks at the test and sets any tags which are induced by virtue
of the test being truthy. For example in (if (string? x) x :bar)
the local x in the then branch must be of string type."
[env test]
(let [[local tag] (or (simple-predicate-induced-tag env test)
(type-check-induced-tag env test))]
(type-check-induced-tag env test)
(truth-induced-tag env test))]
(cond-> env
local (update-in [:locals local :tag] (fn [prev-tag]
(if (or (nil? prev-tag)
(= 'any prev-tag))
local (assoc-in [:locals local :tag] tag))))

(defmethod parse 'if
[op env [_ test then else :as form] name _]
@@ -1614,7 +1622,7 @@
(when (> (count form) 4)
(throw (compile-syntax-error env "Too many arguments to if" 'if)))
(let [test-expr (disallowing-recur (analyze (assoc env :context :expr) test))
then-expr (allowing-redef (analyze (add-predicate-induced-tags env test) then))
then-expr (allowing-redef (analyze (set-test-induced-tags env test) then))
else-expr (allowing-redef (analyze env else))]
{:env env :op :if :form form
:test test-expr :then then-expr :else else-expr
@@ -267,7 +267,11 @@
(is (= (a/no-warn
(e/with-compiler-env test-cenv
(:tag (a/analyze test-env '(let [x ^any []] (if (seqable? x) x :kw))))))
'#{cljs.core/ISeqable array string cljs.core/Keyword})))
'#{cljs.core/ISeqable array string cljs.core/Keyword}))
(is (= (a/no-warn
(e/with-compiler-env test-cenv
(:tag (a/analyze test-env '(let [x (namespace :x)] (if x x :kw))))))
'#{string cljs.core/Keyword})))

(deftest loop-recur-inference
(is (= (a/no-warn

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