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* src/clj/cljs/compiler.clj: add *loop-lets* dynamic var for tracking…

… let bindings in loops
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1 parent 986ef58 commit 6feae43aec7dd219ab212b74a70226869baf0776 @swannodette swannodette committed Feb 22, 2012
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  1. +11 −4 src/clj/cljs/compiler.clj
@@ -391,10 +391,12 @@
(println "})()"))))
(defmethod emit :fn
- [{:keys [name env methods max-fixed-arity variadic recur-frames]}]
+ [{:keys [name env methods max-fixed-arity variadic recur-frames loop-lets]}]
;;fn statements get erased, serve no purpose and can pollute scope if named
(when-not (= :statement (:context env))
- (let [loop-locals (seq (mapcat :names (filter #(and % @(:flag %)) recur-frames)))]
+ (let [loop-locals (seq (concat
+ (mapcat :names (filter #(and % @(:flag %)) recur-frames))
+ (mapcat :name loop-lets)))]
(when loop-locals
(when (= :return (:context env))
(print "return "))
@@ -586,6 +588,7 @@
(def specials '#{if def fn* do let* loop* throw try* recur new set! ns deftype* defrecord* . js* & quote})
(def ^:dynamic *recur-frames* nil)
+(def ^:dynamic *loop-lets* nil)
(defmacro disallowing-recur [& body]
`(binding [*recur-frames* (cons nil *recur-frames*)] ~@body))
@@ -720,7 +723,8 @@
max-fixed-arity (apply max (map :max-fixed-arity methods))
variadic (boolean (some :variadic methods))]
;;todo - validate unique arities, at most one variadic, variadic takes max required args
- {:env env :op :fn :name mname :methods methods :variadic variadic :recur-frames *recur-frames*
+ {:env env :op :fn :name mname :methods methods :variadic variadic
+ :recur-frames *recur-frames* :loop-lets *loop-lets*
:jsdoc [(when variadic "@param {...*} var_args")]
:max-fixed-arity max-fixed-arity}))
@@ -748,7 +752,10 @@
[bes env])))
recur-frame (when is-loop {:names (vec (map :name bes)) :flag (atom nil)})
{:keys [statements ret children]}
- (binding [*recur-frames* (if recur-frame (cons recur-frame *recur-frames*) *recur-frames*)]
+ (binding [*recur-frames* (if recur-frame (cons recur-frame *recur-frames*) *recur-frames*)
+ *loop-lets* (cond
+ is-loop ()
+ *loop-lets* (cons {:names (vec (map :name bes))} *loop-lets*))]
(analyze-block (assoc env :context (if (= :expr context) :return context)) exprs))]
{:env encl-env :op :let :loop is-loop
:bindings bes :statements statements :ret ret :form form :children (into [children] (map :init bes))}))

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