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ensure the emittance of properly escaped non ascii characters (includ…

…ing the full unicode range) for maximum host compatibility (Internet Explorer), fixing CLJS-139, 133 and 56
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shyblower authored and swannodette committed Feb 25, 2012
1 parent 251a300 commit 965dc505229652558adcb526ecb5a9f91ce31ce2
Showing with 40 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +40 −9 src/clj/cljs/compiler.clj
@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@
(ns cljs.compiler
(:refer-clojure :exclude [munge macroexpand-1])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]))
[clojure.string :as string])
(:import java.lang.StringBuilder))
(declare resolve-var)
(require 'cljs.core)
@@ -154,30 +155,60 @@
(defn- comma-sep [xs]
(apply str (interpose "," xs)))
(defn- escape-char [^Character c]
(let [cp (.hashCode c)]
(case cp
; Handle printable escapes before ASCII
34 "\\\""
92 "\\\\"
47 "\\/"
; Handle non-printable escapes
8 "\\b"
12 "\\f"
10 "\\n"
13 "\\r"
9 "\\t"
(if (< 31 cp 127)
c ; Print simple ASCII characters
(format "\\u%04X" cp))))) ; Any other character is Unicode
(defn- escape-string [^CharSequence s]
(let [sb (StringBuilder. (count s))]
(doseq [c s]
(.append sb (escape-char c)))
(.toString sb)))
(defn- wrap-in-double-quotes [x]
(str \" x \"))
(defmulti emit-constant class)
(defmethod emit-constant nil [x] (print "null"))
(defmethod emit-constant Long [x] (print x))
(defmethod emit-constant Integer [x] (print x)) ; reader puts Integers in metadata
(defmethod emit-constant Double [x] (print x))
(defmethod emit-constant String [x] (pr x))
(defmethod emit-constant String [x]
(print (wrap-in-double-quotes (escape-string x))))
(defmethod emit-constant Boolean [x] (print (if x "true" "false")))
(defmethod emit-constant Character [x] (pr (str x)))
(defmethod emit-constant Character [x]
(print (wrap-in-double-quotes (escape-char x))))
(defmethod emit-constant java.util.regex.Pattern [x]
(let [[_ flags pattern] (re-find #"^(?:\(\?([idmsux]*)\))?(.*)" (str x))]
(print (str \/ (.replaceAll (re-matcher #"/" pattern) "\\\\/") \/ flags))))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Keyword [x]
(pr (str \uFDD0 \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x))))
(print (str \" "\\uFDD0" \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x)
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Symbol [x]
(pr (str \uFDD1 \'
(print (str \" "\\uFDD1" \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x))))
(name x)
(defn- emit-meta-constant [x string]
(if (meta x)

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