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* src/clj/cljs/core.clj: use transient vector in read-delimited-list.…

… case macro now emits more efficient code.
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1 parent 8ffb946 commit b9f25041465b0f911459f0e28ec2f65aab27ca7c David Nolen committed May 10, 2012
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  1. +3 −3 src/clj/cljs/core.clj
  2. +4 −4 src/cljs/cljs/reader.cljs
6 src/clj/cljs/core.clj
@@ -641,9 +641,9 @@
(last clauses)
`(throw (js/Error. (core/str "No matching clause: " ~e))))
pairs (partition 2 clauses)]
- `(condp = ~e
- ~@(apply concat pairs)
- ~default)))
+ `(cond
+ ~@(mapcat (fn [[m c]] `((identical? ~m ~e) ~c)) pairs)
+ :else ~default)))
(defmacro try
"(try expr* catch-clause* finally-clause?)
8 src/cljs/cljs/reader.cljs
@@ -193,18 +193,18 @@ nil if the end of stream has been reached")
(defn read-delimited-list
[delim rdr recursive?]
- (loop [a []]
+ (loop [a (transient [])]
(let [ch (read-past whitespace? rdr)]
(when-not ch (reader-error rdr "EOF"))
(if (identical? delim ch)
- a
+ (persistent! a)
(if-let [macrofn (macros ch)]
(let [mret (macrofn rdr ch)]
- (recur (if (identical? mret rdr) a (conj a mret))))
+ (recur (if (identical? mret rdr) a (conj! a mret))))
(unread rdr ch)
(let [o (read rdr true nil recursive?)]
- (recur (if (identical? o rdr) a (conj a o))))))))))
+ (recur (if (identical? o rdr) a (conj! a o))))))))))
;; data structure readers

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