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(ns clojure.core.contracts.constraints
(:refer-clojure :exclude [== = not=])
(:use [clojure.core.contracts.impl.utils :only (defcurry-from)])
(:require [clojure.set :as set]
;; # constraint functions and multimethods
(def all-numbers? #(boolean (every? number? %&)))
(def all-positive? #(boolean (and (apply all-numbers? %&) (every? pos? %&))))
(def all-negative? #(boolean (and (apply all-numbers? %&) (every? (complement pos?) %&))))
(defn anything [& _] true)
(defn in
"Takes an item and determines if it falls in the listed args. This can be
used most effectively for numbers since any numbers in a vector represent
a range of values determined by the same arguments as given to `range`."
[e & args]
(some #{e}
(mapcat #(if (vector? %)
(apply range %)
(def truthy #(when % true))
(def falsey #(not (truthy %)))
(defn whitelist
"Takes a thing with keys (i.e. maps or sets) and checks if it contains only
the keys listed in the given whitelist."
[wl things]
(set/subset? (set (keys things))
(set wl)))
(defn implies
"Logical implication"
[p q]
(or (not p) q))
(defn <-
"Converse implication"
[p q]
(implies q p))
(defn except
"P except Q"
[p q]
(not (implies p q)))
(defn <=>
"Logical equality"
[p q]
(and (implies p q)
(<- p q)))
(defn xor
"Exclusive or"
[p q]
(not (<=> p q)))
(defcurry-from clojure.core
== = not=)
(defn sqr [n] (* n n))
(def sqr_ (with-constraints
#(not= 0 %)))
(sqr_ 100)
(sqr_ 0)
(defmacro defconstrainedfn
"Defines a function using the `contract` vector appearing after the arguments.
(defconstrainedfn sqr
[n] [number? (not= 0 n) => pos? number?]
(* n n))
Like the `contract` macro, multiple arity functions can be defined where each argument vector
is immediately followed by the relevent arity expectations. This macro will also detect
if a map is in that constraints position and use that instead under the assumption that
Clojure's `:pre`/`:post` map is used instead.
[name & body]
(let [mdata (if (string? (first body))
{:doc (first body)}
body (if (:doc mdata)
(next body)
body (if (vector? (first body))
(list body)
body (for [[args cnstr & bd] body]
(list* args
(if (vector? cnstr)
(second (#'clojure.core.contracts.impl.transformers/build-constraints-description args cnstr (:doc mdata)))
`(defn ~name
~(str (:doc mdata))
(defn- build-positional-factory
"Used to build a positional factory for a given type/record. Because of the
limitation of 20 arguments to Clojure functions, this factory needs to be
constructed to deal with more arguments. It does this by building a straight
forward type/record ctor call in the <=20 case, and a call to the same
ctor pulling the extra args out of the & overage parameter. Finally, the
arity is constrained to the number of expected fields and an ArityException
will be thrown at runtime if the actual arg count does not match."
[nom classname fields invariants chk]
(let [fn-name (symbol (str '-> nom))
[field-args over] (split-at 20 fields)
field-count (count fields)
arg-count (count field-args)
over-count (count over)]
`(defconstrainedfn ~fn-name
[~@field-args ~@(if (seq over) '[& overage] [])]
~(if (seq over)
`(if (= (count ~'overage) ~over-count)
(new ~nom
~@(for [i (range 0 (count over))]
(list `nth 'overage i)))
(throw (clojure.lang.ArityException. (+ ~arg-count (count ~'overage)) (name '~fn-name))))
`(new ~nom ~@field-args))
{:contract ~chk}))))
(defmacro defconstrainedrecord
[name slots inv-description invariants & etc]
(let [fields (vec slots)
ns-part (namespace-munge *ns*)
classname (symbol (str ns-part "." name))
ctor-name (symbol (str name \.))
positional-factory-name (symbol (str "->" name))
map-arrow-factory-name (symbol (str "map->" name))
chk `(contract ~(symbol (str "chk-" name))
[{:keys ~fields :as m#}]
(let [t# (defrecord ~name ~fields ~@etc)]
(defn ~(symbol (str name \?)) [r#]
(= t# (type r#))))
~(build-positional-factory name classname fields invariants chk)
(defconstrainedfn ~map-arrow-factory-name
([{:keys ~fields :as m#}]
(merge (new ~name ~@(for [e fields] nil)) m#)
{:contract ~chk})))
(defn- apply-contract
(if (:hooked (meta f))
(fn [& [m & args]]
(if-let [contract (and m (-> m meta :contract))]
((partial contract identity) (apply f m args))
(apply f m args)))
{:hooked true})))
(when *assert*
(alter-var-root (var assoc) apply-contract)
(alter-var-root (var dissoc) apply-contract)
(alter-var-root (var merge) apply-contract)
(alter-var-root (var merge-with) (fn [f] (let [mw (apply-contract f)] (fn [f & maps] (apply mw f maps)))))
(alter-var-root (var into) apply-contract)
(alter-var-root (var conj) apply-contract)
(alter-var-root (var assoc-in) apply-contract)
(alter-var-root (var update-in) apply-contract))
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