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(ns clojure.core.contracts
"The public contracts programming functions and macros for clojure.core.contracts."
(:use [clojure.core.contracts.impl.transformers :only (build-contract-fn-body)])
(:require [clojure.core.contracts.impl.utils :as tools]))
(defmacro contract
[name docstring & constraints]
(tools/assert-w-message (string? docstring) "Sorry, but contracts require docstrings")
~(build-contract-fn-body name docstring constraints)
{:docstring ~docstring
::constraints :TBD}))
(defmacro _
[a b & body]
(let [name (if (symbol? a) a (gensym "hoc"))
args (if (symbol? a) b a)
body (if (symbol? a) body (list* b body))]
`(contract ~name "TBD" ~args ~(vec body))))
(def C
[f n]
[(integer? n)
(_ f [n] [odd?])
(def foo (with-constraints
(fn [f n] (+ (f n) n))
(foo #(* 2 %) 11)
(defn with-constraints
"A contract combinator.
Takes a target function and a number of contracts and returns a function with the contracts
applied to the original. This is the preferred way to apply a contract previously created
using `contract` as the use of `partial` may not work as implementation details change.
([f] f)
([f c] (partial c f))
([f c & more]
(apply with-constraints (with-constraints f c) more)))
(defmacro provide
"Provides the Var manipulation macro offering ex post facto application of contracts
to existing functions."
[& kontracts]
(let [fn-names (map first kontracts)
kontracts (for [[n ds & more] kontracts]
(if (vector? (first more))
(list* `contract n ds more)
(first more)))]
~@(for [[n# c#] (zipmap fn-names kontracts)]
(list `alter-var-root (list `var n#)
(list `fn '[f c] (list `with-constraints 'f 'c)) c#))
(defmacro require-with-constraints
[name inv-description invariants]
(require ~(quote name))
(set-validator! (var ~name) (partial (contract ~(symbol (str "chk-" name))
(fn [x#] true)))))
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