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(ns clojure.core.contracts.impl.utils
(:require [clojure.core.unify :as unify]))
(defn keys-apply [f ks m]
(let [only (select-keys m ks)]
(zipmap (keys only) (map f (vals only)))))
(defn manip-map [f ks m]
(conj m (keys-apply f ks m)))
(defmacro ^:private assert-w-message
[check message]
`(when-not ~check
(throw (new AssertionError (str "Trammel assertion failed: " ~message "\n"
(pr-str '~check))))))
(defn check-args!
[name slots inv-description invariants]
(assert-w-message (and inv-description (string? inv-description))
(str "Expecting an invariant description for " name))
(assert-w-message (and invariants (or (map? invariants) (vector? invariants)))
(str "Expecting invariants of the form "
"[pre-conditions => post-conditions] or "
"{:pre [pre-conditions]}"
"for record type " name)))
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