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(ns clojure.core.contracts.impl.utils
(:require [clojure.core.unify :as unify]))
(defn keys-apply [f ks m]
(let [only (select-keys m ks)]
(zipmap (keys only) (map f (vals only)))))
(defn manip-map [f ks m]
(conj m (keys-apply f ks m)))
(defmacro assert-w-message
[check message]
`(when-not ~check
(throw (new AssertionError (str "Assertion failure: " ~message "\n"
(pr-str '~check))))))
(defn check-args!
[name slots inv-description invariants]
(assert-w-message (and inv-description (string? inv-description))
(str "Expecting an invariant description for " name))
(assert-w-message (and invariants (or (map? invariants) (vector? invariants)))
(str "Expecting invariants of the form "
"[pre-conditions => post-conditions] or "
"{:pre [pre-conditions]}"
"for record type " name)))
;; Currying
(defn do-curried
[name doc meta args body]
(let [cargs (vec (butlast args))]
`(defn ~name ~doc ~meta
(~cargs (fn [x#] (~name ~@cargs x#)))
(~args ~@body))))
(defmacro defcurried
"Builds another arity of the fn that returns a fn awaiting the last
[name doc meta args & body]
(do-curried name doc meta args body))
(defmacro defcurry-from
"Builds a pass-through curried fn for each name."
[namespace & names]
(->> (for [n names]
(let [v (ns-resolve namespace n)]
`(defcurried ~n
~(str "Curried version of " v)
{:clojure.core.contracts/original ~v}
[l# r#]
(~v l# r#))))
(cons `do)))
(defn constraint?
"Determines if a symbol represents a
core.contracts constraint."
(-> sym
'(defcurry-from clojure.core
== =))
((== 1) 1)
(defcurried ===
{:added "1.5"}
[l r]
(== l r))
((=== 1) 2)
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