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Adding syntax for constrained records

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commit 9d98d6d9307ef3eeb4202e5345642d557b767146 1 parent 8c92301
@fogus fogus authored
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  1. +28 −0 src/main/clojure/clojure/core/contracts/constraints.clj
28 src/main/clojure/clojure/core/contracts/constraints.clj
@@ -107,3 +107,31 @@
~(str (:doc mdata))
+(defn- build-positional-factory
+ "Used to build a positional factory for a given type/record. Because of the
+ limitation of 20 arguments to Clojure functions, this factory needs to be
+ constructed to deal with more arguments. It does this by building a straight
+ forward type/record ctor call in the <=20 case, and a call to the same
+ ctor pulling the extra args out of the & overage parameter. Finally, the
+ arity is constrained to the number of expected fields and an ArityException
+ will be thrown at runtime if the actual arg count does not match."
+ [nom classname fields invariants chk]
+ (let [fn-name (symbol (str '-> nom))
+ [field-args over] (split-at 20 fields)
+ field-count (count fields)
+ arg-count (count field-args)
+ over-count (count over)]
+ `(defconstrainedfn ~fn-name
+ [~@field-args ~@(if (seq over) '[& overage] [])]
+ ~invariants
+ (with-meta
+ ~(if (seq over)
+ `(if (= (count ~'overage) ~over-count)
+ (new ~nom
+ ~@field-args
+ ~@(for [i (range 0 (count over))]
+ (list `nth 'overage i)))
+ (throw (clojure.lang.ArityException. (+ ~arg-count (count ~'overage)) (name '~fn-name))))
+ `(new ~nom ~@field-args))
+ {:contract ~chk}))))
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