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(ns clojure.core.logic.unifier
(:refer-clojure :exclude [==])
(:use [clojure.core.logic.protocols]
[clojure.core.logic :exclude [unify] :as l]))
;; =============================================================================
;; Easy Unification
(defn- lvarq-sym? [s]
(and (symbol? s) (= (first (str s)) \?)))
(defn- proc-lvar [lvar-expr store]
(let [v (if-let [u (@store lvar-expr)]
(lvar lvar-expr false))]
(swap! store assoc lvar-expr v)
(defn- lcons-expr? [expr]
(and (seq? expr) (some '#{.} (set expr))))
(declare prep*)
(defn- replace-lvar [store]
(fn [expr]
(if (lvarq-sym? expr)
(proc-lvar expr store)
(if (lcons-expr? expr)
(prep* expr store)
(defn- prep*
([expr store] (prep* expr store false false))
([expr store lcons?] (prep* expr store lcons? false))
([expr store lcons? last?]
(let [expr (if (and last? (seq expr))
(first expr)
(lvarq-sym? expr)
(proc-lvar expr store)
(seq? expr)
(if (or lcons? (lcons-expr? expr))
(let [[f & n] expr
skip (= f '.)
tail (prep* n store lcons? skip)]
(if skip
(lcons (prep* f store) tail)))
(walk-term expr (replace-lvar store)))
:else expr))))
(defn prep
"Prep a quoted expression. All symbols preceded by ? will
be replaced with logic vars."
(let [lvars (atom {})
prepped (cond
(lvarq-sym? expr) (proc-lvar expr lvars)
(lcons-expr? expr)
(prep* expr lvars true)
:else (walk-term expr (replace-lvar lvars)))]
(if (instance? clojure.lang.IMeta prepped)
(with-meta prepped {::lvars (keys @lvars)})
(defn queue-constraint [s c vs]
(vector? vs)
(queue s (-unwrap (apply c (map #(lvar % false) vs))))
(set? vs)
(reduce (fn [s v] (queue s (-unwrap (c (lvar v false))))) s vs)
(symbol? vs)
(queue s (-unwrap (apply c (map #(lvar % false) (list vs)))))
(str "Only symbol, set of symbols, or vector of symbols allowed "
"on left hand side")))))
(defn queue-constraints [s [vs cs]]
(let [cs (if-not (sequential? cs) [cs] cs)]
(reduce (fn [s c] (queue-constraint s c vs)) s cs)))
(defn -unify* [init-s u w]
(fn []
((fresh [q]
(== u w) (== q u)
(fn [a]
(fix-constraints a))
(reifyg q))
(defn init-s [opts s]
(let [s (reduce (fn [s [k v]] ((== k v) s)) s (:as opts))]
(reduce queue-constraints
(with-meta s {:reify-vars (fn [v rs] rs)})
(:when opts))))
(defn unify*
"Unify the terms ts."
([ts] (unify* {} ts))
([opts ts]
(let [init-s (init-s opts empty-s)]
(vary-meta init-s assoc :reify-vars false)
(reduce #(-unify* init-s %1 %2) (butlast ts))
(last ts)))))
(defn unifier*
"Return the unifier that unifies terms ts.
All terms in ts should prepped terms."
([ts] (unifier* {} ts))
([opts ts]
(letfn [(-unifier* [s u w]
(let [s (fix-constraints (l/unify (with-meta s {:reify-vars false}) u w))]
(when s
(->> (:lvars opts)
(map (fn [sym] [sym (lvar sym false)]))
(filter (fn [[sym var]] (not= (walk s var) var)))
(map (fn [[sym var]] [sym (-reify s var)]))
(into {})))))]
(let [init-s (init-s opts empty-s)]
(reduce #(-unifier* init-s %1 %2) ts)))))
(defn unify
"Unify the terms ts returning a the value that represents their
unificaiton. Will prep the terms."
([ts] (unify {} ts))
([opts ts]
(let [opts (if (contains? opts :as)
(assoc opts :as
(->> (:as opts)
(map (fn [[k v]] [(lvar k false) (prep v)]))
(into {})))
(unify* opts (map prep ts)))))
(defn unifier
"Return the unifier for terms ts. Will prep the terms."
([ts] (unifier {} ts))
([opts ts]
(let [opts (if (contains? opts :as)
(assoc opts :as
(->> (:as opts)
(map (fn [[k v]] [(lvar k false) (prep v)]))
(into {})))
ts' (map prep ts)
lvars (->> (concat ts' (map val (:as opts)))
(map #(-> % meta ::lvars))
(reduce into))]
(unifier* (assoc opts :lvars lvars) (map prep ts)))))
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