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LOGIC-108: recursive featurec. Add protocol IFeature. Implementers

should return something which can optional unify in the manner of
partial-map. Extend IPersistentHashMap to IFeature. Add test cases
demonstrating recursive behavior.
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swannodette committed Mar 18, 2013
1 parent ae66b6f commit d5eda7d7f89443b449d7955a76e72828561082f6
@@ -2629,6 +2629,10 @@
(defn partial-map? [x]
(instance? PMap x))

(extend-type clojure.lang.IPersistentMap
(-feature [x] (partial-map x)))

(defn -featurec
[x fs]
@@ -2651,13 +2655,21 @@
(watched-stores [this] #{::subst})))

(defn ->feature [x]
(walk-term x
(fn [y]
(if (tree-term? y)
(->feature y)

(defn featurec
"Ensure that a map contains at least the key-value pairs
in the map fs. fs must be partially instantiated - that is,
it may contain values which are logic variables to support
feature extraction."
[x fs]
(cgoal (-featurec x (partial-map fs))))
(cgoal (-featurec x (->feature fs))))

;; =============================================================================
;; defnc
@@ -212,4 +212,10 @@
;; Deep constraints

(defprotocol IConstrainTree
(-constrain-tree [t fc s]))
(-constrain-tree [t fc s]))

;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Features

(defprotocol IFeature
(-feature [x]))
@@ -1736,6 +1736,20 @@
(is (= (u/unifier ['(?x ?y) '(?y ?x)])
'{?x ?y})))

(deftest test-108-recursive-features
(is (= (run* [x y]
(featurec x {:foo {:bar y}})
(== x {:foo {:bar 1}}))
'([{:foo {:bar 1}} 1])))
(is (= (run* [x y]
(featurec x {:foo {:bar y}})
(== x {:foo {:bar 1 :woz 2}}))
'([{:foo {:bar 1 :woz 2}} 1])))
(is (= (run* [x y]
(featurec x {:foo {:bar y}})
(== x {:foo {:baz 1}}))

;; =============================================================================
;; cKanren

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