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The body of the constraint would run when one of the modes have been satisfied. We could probably use the mode information to automatically generate the body of the `IRunnable` implementation.
+### Complications
+It turns out that implementing assoc isn't quite as simple as it sounds. When going in "reverse" there actually mutiple possibilities if the first argument to `assocc` is fresh. This leads me to think a better test of this functionality would be proper implementation of `conjo` which would be polymorphic on it's input and output argument.
+Imagine the following where `coll`, `v` are fresh. `o` is a bound to a map.
+(run* [q]
+ (fresh [v o]
+ (== o {:foo 1})
+ (conjo q [:foo v] o)))
+There are two possiblities, either `q` is a map that doesn't include the entry, or it included the entry and it has some yet unknown value. So we should see the following results:
+({} {:foo _0})
+We now have to deal with precisely the same issues that are present in CLP(Set).
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