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@swannodette swannodette Updated Using core.logic with ClojureScript (markdown) 3ae5dd4
@bitfl1pper bitfl1pper typo: know -> known adffec1
@RAbraham RAbraham small typo df52e87
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) b2e2991
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) fe9f96c
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) 4722375
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) 66617cd
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) e155502
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) 2e11ec8
@swannodette swannodette Updated Features (markdown) e6923ef
@rcullito rcullito removed extra trailing parentheses from example caaeb85
@Confusion Confusion defrel was removed in 0.8.5 a0daadd
@d4tocchini d4tocchini Grammar tweaks a1fb199
@puffnfresh puffnfresh Remove double http:// from Wikipedia URL 35f5c36
@graue graue "Clojure.logic" -> "Clojure core.logic" dd95cdc
@rebcabin rebcabin Clarify conde vs. condi line. 24d4009
@rebcabin rebcabin giving workaround for lack of else clause 1b3149a
@ejackson ejackson Updated CLP(Prob) (markdown) 571d2ee
@ejackson ejackson Updated CLP(Prob) (markdown) ba256cd
@ejackson ejackson Updated CLP(Prob) (markdown) ed2c87f
@ejackson ejackson Added some links to existing projects. 6d1ba64
@swannodette swannodette Updated CLP(Prob) (markdown) f58eef4
@swannodette swannodette typo, tweaks 83a686f
@swannodette swannodette external solvers 8bdd003
@swannodette swannodette Created External solvers (markdown) 2787f2c
@swannodette swannodette Updated Development (markdown) db5a410
@swannodette swannodette typos and notes about tree constraints 23771cd
@swannodette swannodette Merge branch 'master' of Conflicts: fc8a506
@swannodette swannodette update Improving The Constraint Framework now that the changes have landed in master. Add section on possible enhancements to eliminate `root-var`. dce4294
@datr datr Correcting type: acutally --> actually 408ab70
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