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(ns clojure.core.match.protocols)
;; =============================================================================
;; # Protocols
(defprotocol ISpecializeMatrix
(specialize-matrix [this rows ocrs]))
(defprotocol IContainsRestPattern
(contains-rest-pattern? [this]))
(defprotocol IMatchLookup
"Allows arbitrary objects to act like a map-like object when pattern
matched. Avoid extending this directly for Java Beans, see
(val-at [this k not-found]))
;; TODO: consider converting to multimethods to avoid this nonsense - David
(defprotocol INodeCompile
(n-to-clj [this]))
(defprotocol IPatternCompile
(to-source* [this ocr]))
(defprotocol IVecMod
(prepend [this x])
(drop-nth [this n])
(swap [this n]))
(defprotocol IVectorPattern
(split [this n]))
;; marker
(defprotocol IExistentialPattern)
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