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1 parent 52fbfe4 commit fb88139020ebca8aba10c086668f1374e75bbd38 @swannodette swannodette committed May 4, 2013
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  1. +17 −3 src/main/clojure/clojure/core/match.clj
@@ -65,17 +65,26 @@
(def ^{:dynamic true} *line*)
(def ^{:dynamic true} *locals* nil)
(def ^{:dynamic true} *warned*)
-(def ^{:dynamic true} *vector-type* ::vector)
+(def ^{:dynamic true
+ :doc "Default vector type. Can be rebound allowing emission of custom
+ inline code for vector patterns, for example type-hinted primitive
+ array operations"}
+ *vector-type* ::vector)
(def ^{:dynamic true} *match-breadcrumbs* [])
-(def ^{:dynamic true} *recur-present* false)
+(def ^{:dynamic true
+ :doc "In the presence of recur we cannot apply code size optimizations"}
+ *recur-present* false)
(defn set-trace! [b]
(reset! *trace* b))
(defn set-breadcrumbs! [b]
(reset! *breadcrumbs* b))
-(def backtrack (Exception. "Could not find match."))
+(def ^{:doc "Pre-allocated exception used for backtracing"}
+ backtrack (Exception. "Could not find match."))
(defn backtrack-expr []
(if *clojurescript*
@@ -148,6 +157,11 @@
;; =============================================================================
;; # Vector Pattern Interop
+;; Vectors patterns can generate code specialized on type. This is useful for
+;; generating optimal code for data like primitive arrays and bytes. Defaults for
+;; vector are provided, see clojure.core.match.array and clojure.core.match.bits
+;; for experiments involving these types.
(defn vector-type [t & r] t)

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