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(ns ^:skip-wiki clojure.core.typed.check.utils
(:require [clojure.core.typed :as t]
[clojure.core.typed.reflect-utils :as reflect-u]
[clojure.core.typed.errors :as err]
[clojure.core.typed.debug :as d]
[ :as free-ops]
[clojure.core.typed.datatype-env :as dt-env]
[clojure.core.typed.coerce-utils :as coerce]
[clojure.core.typed.contract-utils :as con]
[clojure.core.typed.current-impl :as impl]
[clojure.core.typed.parse-unparse :as prs]
[clojure.core.typed.type-rep :as r]
[clojure.core.typed.type-ctors :as c]
[clojure.core.typed.path-rep :as pe]
[clojure.core.typed.util-vars :as vs]
[clojure.core.typed.protocol-env :as pcl-env]
[clojure.core.typed.method-param-nilables :as mtd-param-nil]
[clojure.core.typed.method-return-nilables :as mtd-ret-nil]
[clojure.core.typed.filter-ops :as fo]
[clojure.core.typed.subtype :as sub])
(:import (clojure.lang MultiFn)))
;(t/ann expr-ns [Any -> t/Sym])
(defn expr-ns [expr]
{:post [(symbol? %)]}
:clojure (let [nsym (get-in expr [:env :ns])
_ (assert (symbol? nsym) (str "Bug! " (:op expr) " expr has no associated namespace"
(ns-name nsym))
:cljs (or (-> expr :env :ns :name)
(do (prn "WARNING: No associated ns for ClojureScript expr, defaulting to cljs.user")
(defn KeyPE->Type [k]
{:pre [(pe/KeyPE? k)]
:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(r/-val (:val k)))
(defn fn-self-name [{:keys [op] :as fexpr}]
:clojure (do (assert (#{:fn} op))
(-> fexpr :local :name))
:cljs (do (assert (#{:fn} op))
(-> fexpr :name :name))))
;[MethodExpr -> (U nil NamespacedSymbol)]
(defn MethodExpr->qualsym [{c :class :keys [op method] :as expr}]
{:pre [(#{:static-call :instance-call} op)]
:post [((some-fn nil? symbol?) %)]}
(when c
(assert (class? c))
(assert (symbol? method))
(symbol (str (coerce/Class->symbol c)) (str method))))
;(t/ann expected-error [r/Type r/Type -> nil])
(defn expected-error [actual expected]
(prs/with-unparse-ns (or prs/*unparse-type-in-ns*
(when vs/*current-expr*
(expr-ns vs/*current-expr*)))
(err/tc-delayed-error (str "Type mismatch:"
"\n\nExpected: \t" (pr-str (prs/unparse-type expected))
"\n\nActual: \t" (pr-str (prs/unparse-type actual))))))
;(t/ann error-ret [(U nil TCResult) -> TCResult])
(defn error-ret
"Return a TCResult appropriate for when a type
error occurs, with expected type expected.
Use *only* in case of a type error."
{:pre [((some-fn nil? r/TCResult?) expected)]
:post [(r/TCResult? %)]}
(or expected
(r/ret (r/TCError-maker))))
;[Type -> '[Type (Option (Seqable t/Sym)) (Option (Seqable F)) (Option (Seqable Bounds)) (Option (U :Poly :PolyDots))]
; -> Type]
(defn unwrap-poly
"Return a pair vector of the instantiated body of the possibly polymorphic
type and the names used"
{:pre [(r/Type? t)]
:post [((con/hvector-c? r/Type?
(some-fn nil? (con/every-c? r/F?))
(some-fn nil? (con/every-c? r/Bounds?))
(some-fn nil? #{:Poly :PolyDots})) %)]}
(r/Poly? t) (let [new-nmes (c/Poly-fresh-symbols* t)
new-frees (map r/make-F new-nmes)]
[(c/Poly-body* new-nmes t) new-frees (c/Poly-bbnds* new-nmes t) :Poly])
(r/PolyDots? t) (let [new-nmes (c/PolyDots-fresh-symbols* t)
new-frees (map r/make-F new-nmes)]
[(c/PolyDots-body* new-nmes t) new-frees (c/PolyDots-bbnds* new-nmes t) :PolyDots])
:else [t nil nil nil]))
(def not-special ::not-special)
;(t/ann hvec->rets [HeterogeneousVector -> (Seqable TCResult)])
(defn hvec->rets [v]
{:pre [(r/HeterogeneousVector? v)]
:post [(every? r/TCResult? %)]}
(map r/ret
(:types v)
(:fs v)
(:objects v)))
;[Type (Seqable t/Sym) (Seqable F) (U :Poly :Polydots nil) -> Type]
(defn rewrap-poly [body inst-frees bnds poly?]
{:pre [(r/Type? body)
(every? r/F? inst-frees)
((some-fn nil? #{:Poly :PolyDots}) poly?)]
:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(case poly?
:Poly (c/Poly* (map :name inst-frees) bnds body)
:PolyDots (c/PolyDots* (map :name inst-frees) bnds body)
(defn- get-demunged-protocol-method [unwrapped-p mungedsym]
{:pre [(symbol? mungedsym)
(r/Protocol? unwrapped-p)]
:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(let [munged-methods (zipmap
(->> (keys (:methods unwrapped-p))
(map munge))
(vals (:methods unwrapped-p)))
mth (get munged-methods mungedsym)
_ (when-not mth
(err/int-error (str "No matching annotation for protocol method implementation: "
; don't check these implicit methods in a record
(def record-implicits
'#{entrySet values keySet clear putAll remove put get containsValue isEmpty size without
assoc iterator seq entryAt containsKey equiv cons empty count getLookupThunk valAt
withMeta meta equals hashCode hasheq})
(declare symbol->PArray)
;[t/Sym Boolean -> Type]
(defn Java-symbol->Type [sym nilable?]
{:pre [(symbol? sym)
(con/boolean? nilable?)]
:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(if-let [typ (or ((prs/clj-primitives-fn) sym)
(symbol->PArray sym nilable?)
(when-let [cls (resolve sym)]
(apply c/Un (c/RClass-of-with-unknown-params cls)
(when nilable?
(err/tc-delayed-error (str "Method symbol " sym " does not resolve to a type"))))
;[t/Sym Boolean -> (Option Type)]
(defn- symbol->PArray [sym nilable?]
{:pre [(symbol? sym)
(con/boolean? nilable?)]
:post [((some-fn nil? r/PrimitiveArray?) %)]}
(let [s (str sym)]
(when (.endsWith s "<>")
(let [^String s-nosuffix (apply str (drop-last 2 s))]
(assert (not (.contains s-nosuffix "<>")))
;Nullable elements
(let [t (Java-symbol->Type (symbol s-nosuffix) nilable?)
c (let [c (or (when-let [rclass ((prs/clj-primitives-fn) (symbol s-nosuffix))]
(r/RClass->Class rclass))
(resolve (symbol s-nosuffix)))
_ (assert (class? c) s-nosuffix)]
(r/PrimitiveArray-maker c t t))))))
;[clojure.reflect.Field - Type]
(defn Field->Type [{:keys [type flags] :as field}]
{:pre [(instance? clojure.reflect.Field field)
:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(:enum flags) (Java-symbol->Type type false)
:else (Java-symbol->Type type true)))
(def method-map?
(con/hmap-c? :declaring-class symbol?
:return-type symbol?
:name symbol?
:parameter-types (con/every-c? symbol?)
:flags (con/set-c? keyword?)))
;[MethodMap -> Type]
(defn- instance-method->Function [{:keys [parameter-types declaring-class return-type] :as method}]
{:pre [(method-map? method)]
:post [(r/FnIntersection? %)]}
(assert (class? (resolve declaring-class)))
(r/make-FnIntersection (r/make-Function (concat [(c/RClass-of-with-unknown-params declaring-class)]
(doall (map #(Java-symbol->Type % false) parameter-types)))
(Java-symbol->Type return-type true))))
;[Type TCResult -> Type]
(defn extend-method-expected
"Returns the expected type with target-type intersected with the first argument"
[target-type expected]
{:pre [(r/Type? target-type)
(r/Type? expected)]
:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(r/FnIntersection? expected)
(-> expected
(update-in [:types] #(for [ftype %]
(assert (<= 1 (count (:dom ftype))))
(-> ftype
(update-in [:dom] (fn [dom]
(update-in (vec dom) [0] (partial c/In target-type)))))))))
(r/Poly? expected)
(let [names (c/Poly-fresh-symbols* expected)
body (c/Poly-body* names expected)
body (extend-method-expected target-type body)]
(c/Poly* names
(c/Poly-bbnds* names expected)
(r/PolyDots? expected)
(let [names (c/PolyDots-fresh-symbols* expected)
body (c/PolyDots-body* names expected)
body (extend-method-expected target-type body)]
(c/PolyDots* names
(c/PolyDots-bbnds* names expected)
:else (err/int-error (str "Expected Function type, found " (prs/unparse-type expected)))))
(defn protocol-implementation-type [datatype {:keys [declaring-class] :as method-sig}]
(let [pvar (c/Protocol-interface->on-var declaring-class)
ptype (pcl-env/get-protocol pvar)
mungedsym (symbol (:name method-sig))
ans (map c/fully-resolve-type (sub/datatype-ancestors datatype))]
(when ptype
(let [pancestor (if (r/Protocol? ptype)
(let [[an :as relevant-ancestors]
(fn [a]
(and (r/Protocol? a)
(= (:the-var a) pvar)))
_ (when (empty? relevant-ancestors)
(err/int-error (str "Must provide instantiated ancestor for datatype "
(:the-class datatype) " to check protocol implementation: "
_ (when (< 1 (count relevant-ancestors))
(err/int-error (str "Ambiguous ancestors for datatype when checking protocol implementation: "
(pr-str (vec relevant-ancestors)))))]
_ (assert (r/Protocol? pancestor) (pr-str pancestor))
;_ (prn "pancestor" pancestor)
pargs (seq (:poly? pancestor))
unwrapped-p (if (r/Protocol? ptype)
(c/instantiate-typefn ptype pargs))
_ (assert (r/Protocol? unwrapped-p))
mth (get-demunged-protocol-method unwrapped-p mungedsym)]
(extend-method-expected datatype mth)))))
(defn datatype-method-expected [datatype method-sig]
{:post [(r/Type? %)]}
(or (protocol-implementation-type datatype method-sig)
(extend-method-expected datatype (instance-method->Function method-sig))))
(defn FieldExpr->Field [{c :class field-name :field :keys [op] :as expr}]
{:pre []
:post [(instance? clojure.reflect.Field %)]}
(when (and c
(#{:static-field :instance-field} op))
(let [fs (->> (reflect-u/reflect c)
(filter #(instance? clojure.reflect.Field %))
(filter #(#{field-name} (:name %))))]
(assert (#{1} (count fs)))
(first fs))))
(defn MethodExpr->Method [{c :class method-name :method :keys [op args] :as expr}]
{:pre []
:post [(or (nil? %) (instance? clojure.reflect.Method %))]}
(when (and c
(#{:static-call :instance-call} op))
(let [ms (->> (reflect-u/reflect c)
(filter #(instance? clojure.reflect.Method %))
(filter #(#{method-name} (:name %)))
(filter (fn [{:keys [parameter-types]}]
(#{(map (comp reflect-u/reflect-friendly-sym :tag) args)} parameter-types))))]
;(prn "MethodExpr->Method" c ms (map :tag args))
(first ms))))
(defn NewExpr->Ctor [{c :class :keys [op args] :as expr}]
{:pre [(#{:new} op)]
:post [(or (instance? clojure.reflect.Constructor %)
(nil? %))]}
(let [cs (->> (reflect-u/reflect c)
(filter #(instance? clojure.reflect.Constructor %))
(filter #(#{(map (comp reflect-u/reflect-friendly-sym :tag) args)} (:parameter-types %))))]
;(prn "NewExpr->Ctor" cs)
(first cs)))
;FIXME I think this hurts more than it helps
;[Type (Seqable t/Sym) -> Type]
;[Type -> Type]
(defn unwrap-datatype
"Takes a DataType that might be wrapped in a TypeFn and returns the
DataType after instantiating it"
([dt nms]
{:pre [((some-fn r/DataType? r/TypeFn?) dt)
(every? symbol? nms)]
:post [(r/DataType? %)]}
(if (r/TypeFn? dt)
(c/TypeFn-body* nms dt)
([dt] (let [nms (when (r/TypeFn? dt)
(c/TypeFn-fresh-symbols* dt))]
(unwrap-datatype dt nms))))
;[t/Sym -> Type]
(defn DataType-ctor-type [sym]
(letfn [(resolve-ctor [dtp]
((some-fn r/DataType? r/Record?) dtp)
(let [dt dtp]
(r/make-Function (-> (c/DataType-fields* dt) vals) dt)))
(r/TypeFn? dtp) (let [nms (c/TypeFn-fresh-symbols* dtp)
bbnds (c/TypeFn-bbnds* nms dtp)
body (c/TypeFn-body* nms dtp)]
(c/Poly* nms
(free-ops/with-bounded-frees (zipmap (map r/make-F nms) bbnds)
(resolve-ctor body))))
:else (err/tc-delayed-error (str "Cannot generate constructor type for: " sym)
:return r/Err)))]
(resolve-ctor (dt-env/get-datatype sym))))
;[Method -> t/Sym]
(defn Method->symbol [{name-sym :name :keys [declaring-class] :as method}]
{:pre [(instance? clojure.reflect.Method method)]
:post [((every-pred namespace symbol?) %)]}
(symbol (name declaring-class) (name name-sym)))
;[clojure.reflect.Method -> Type]
(defn Method->Type [{:keys [parameter-types return-type flags] :as method}]
{:pre [(instance? clojure.reflect.Method method)]
:post [(r/FnIntersection? %)]}
(let [msym (Method->symbol method)
nparams (count parameter-types)]
(r/make-FnIntersection (r/make-Function (doall (map (fn [[n tsym]]
(mtd-param-nil/nilable-param? msym nparams n)))
(map-indexed vector
(if (:varargs flags)
(butlast parameter-types)
(not (mtd-ret-nil/nonnilable-return? msym nparams)))
(when (:varargs flags)
(last parameter-types)
(mtd-param-nil/nilable-param? msym nparams (dec nparams))))))))
;[clojure.reflect.Constructor -> Type]
(defn Constructor->Function [{:keys [declaring-class parameter-types] :as ctor}]
{:pre [(instance? clojure.reflect.Constructor ctor)]
:post [(r/FnIntersection? %)]}
(let [cls (resolve declaring-class)
_ (when-not (class? cls)
(err/tc-delayed-error (str "Constructor for unresolvable class " (:class ctor))))]
(r/make-FnIntersection (r/make-Function (doall (map #(Java-symbol->Type % false) parameter-types))
(c/RClass-of-with-unknown-params cls)
nil nil
;always a true value. Cannot construct nil
; or primitive false
:filter (fo/-true-filter)))))
;[(Seqable Expr) (Option Expr) FnIntersection -> (Seqable Function)]
(defn relevant-Fns
"Given a set of required-param exprs, rest-param expr, and a FnIntersection,
returns a seq of Functions containing Function types
whos arities could be a subtype to the method with the fixed and rest parameters given"
[required-params rest-param fin]
{:pre [(r/FnIntersection? fin)]
:post [(every? r/Function? %)]}
(let [nreq (count required-params)]
;(prn "nreq" nreq)
;(prn "rest-param" rest-param)
(filter (fn [{:keys [dom rest drest kws]}]
(let [ndom (count dom)]
(if rest-param
(or ; required parameters can flow into the rest type
(when (or rest drest)
(<= nreq ndom))
; kw functions must have exact fixed domain match
(when kws
(= nreq ndom)))
(and (not rest) (= nreq ndom)))))
(:types fin))))
(defn default-defmethod? [var dispatch-val]
{:pre [(var? var)]}
(let [^MultiFn multifn @var
_ (assert (instance? clojure.lang.MultiFn multifn))
default-val (.defaultDispatchVal multifn)]
(= default-val dispatch-val)))
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