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(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(in-ns 'clojure.core.typed)
;; Type syntax
;(Map Symbol F)
(def ^:dynamic *free-scope* {})
(set-validator! #'*free-scope* #((hash-c? symbol? (hmap-c? :F F? :bnds Bounds?)) %))
(defn free-with-name
"Find the free with the actual name name, as opposed to
the alias used for scoping"
{:pre [(symbol? name)]
:post [((some-fn nil? F?) %)]}
(some (fn [[_ {{fname :name :as f} :F}]]
(when (= name fname)
(defn ^Bounds
"Find the bounds for the free with the actual name name, as opposed to
the alias used for scoping"
{:pre [(symbol? name)]
:post [((some-fn nil? Bounds?) %)]}
(some (fn [[_ {{fname :name} :F :keys [bnds]}]]
(when (= name fname)
(defn free-in-scope
"Find the free scoped as name"
{:pre [(symbol? name)]
:post [((some-fn nil? F?) %)]}
(:F (*free-scope* name)))
(defn free-in-scope-bnds
"Find the bounds for the free scoped as name"
{:pre [(symbol? name)]
:post [((some-fn nil? Bounds?) %)]}
(:bnds (*free-scope* name)))
(defmacro with-free-mappings [frees-map & body]
`(binding [*free-scope* (merge *free-scope* ~frees-map)]
(defmacro with-bounded-frees [bfrees & body]
`(with-free-mappings (into {} (for [[f# bnds#] ~bfrees]
[(:name f#) {:F f# :bnds bnds#}]))
(defmacro with-frees [frees & body]
`(with-free-mappings (into {} (for [f# ~frees]
[(:name f#) {:F f# :bnds no-bounds}]))
(defmulti parse-type class)
(defmulti parse-type-list first)
;return a vector of [name bnds]
(defn parse-free [f]
{:post [(hvector-c? symbol? Bounds?)]}
(if (symbol? f)
[f no-bounds]
(let [[n & opts] f
{upp :<
low :>
kind :kind} (apply hash-map opts)]
[n (->Bounds
(when-not kind
(if upp
(parse-type upp)
(->Top)) )
(when-not kind
(if low
(parse-type low)
(when kind
(parse-type kind)))])))
(defn check-forbidden-rec [rec tbody]
(when (or (= rec tbody)
(and (Intersection? tbody)
(contains? (set (:types tbody)) rec))
(and (Union? tbody)
(contains? (set (:types tbody)) rec)))
(throw (Exception. "Recursive type not allowed here"))))
(defn parse-rec-type [[rec [free-symbol :as bnder] type]]
(let [_ (assert (= 1 (count bnder)) "Only one variable in allowed: Rec")
f (make-F free-symbol)
body (with-frees [f]
(parse-type type))
_ (check-forbidden-rec f body)]
(Mu* (:name f) body)))
(def ^:dynamic *parse-pretype* nil)
(defmethod parse-type-list 'DottedPretype
[[_ psyn bsyn]]
(assert *parse-pretype* "DottedPretype only allowed in Project")
(let [df (*dotted-scope* bsyn)]
(assert df bsyn)
(->DottedPretype (with-frees [df]
(parse-type psyn))
(:name (*dotted-scope* bsyn)))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Project
[[_ fsyn ttsyn]]
(let [fread (read-string (str fsyn))
afn (eval fread)
ts (binding [*parse-pretype* true]
(mapv parse-type ttsyn))]
(with-meta (->Projection afn ts)
{:fsyn fread})))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'CountRange
[[_ n u]]
(make-CountRange n u))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'ExactCount
[[_ n]]
(make-ExactCountRange n))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'predicate
[[_ t-syn]]
(let [on-type (parse-type t-syn)]
(make-Function [-any] (RClass-of 'boolean) nil nil
:filter (-FS (-filter on-type 0)
(-not-filter on-type 0))))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Rec
(parse-rec-type syn))
;dispatch on last element of syntax in binder
(defmulti parse-all-type (fn [bnds type] (last bnds)))
;(All [a b ...] type)
(defmethod parse-all-type '...
[bnds type]
(let [frees-with-bnds (reduce (fn [fs fsyn]
{:pre [(vector? fs)]
:post [(every? (hvector-c? symbol? Bounds?) %)]}
(conj fs
(with-bounded-frees (map (fn [[n bnd]] [(make-F n) bnd]) fs)
(parse-free fsyn))))
[] (-> bnds butlast butlast))
dvar (parse-free (-> bnds butlast last))]
(PolyDots* (map first (concat frees-with-bnds [dvar]))
(map second (concat frees-with-bnds [dvar]))
(with-bounded-frees (map (fn [[n bnd]] [(make-F n) bnd]) frees-with-bnds)
(with-dotted [(make-F (first dvar))]
(parse-type type))))
(with-meta {:actual-frees (concat (map first frees-with-bnds) [(first dvar)])}))))
;(All [a b] type)
(defmethod parse-all-type :default
[bnds type]
(let [frees-with-bnds
(reduce (fn [fs fsyn]
{:pre [(vector? fs)]
:post [(every? (hvector-c? symbol? Bounds?) %)]}
(conj fs
(with-bounded-frees (map (fn [[n bnd]] [(make-F n) bnd]) fs)
(parse-free fsyn))))
[] bnds)]
(Poly* (map first frees-with-bnds)
(map second frees-with-bnds)
(with-bounded-frees (map (fn [[n bnd]] [(make-F n) bnd]) frees-with-bnds)
(parse-type type))
(map first frees-with-bnds))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'All
[[All bnds syn & more]]
(assert (not more) "Bad All syntax")
(parse-all-type bnds syn))
(defn parse-union-type [[u & types]]
(apply Un (doall (map parse-type types))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'U
(parse-union-type syn))
(defn parse-intersection-type [[i & types]]
(apply In (doall (map parse-type types))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'I
(parse-intersection-type syn))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Array
[[_ syn & none]]
(assert (empty? none) "Expected 1 argument to Array")
(let [t (parse-type syn)
jtype (if (RClass? t)
(RClass->Class t)
(->PrimitiveArray jtype t t)))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'ReadOnlyArray
[[_ osyn & none]]
(assert (empty? none) "Expected 1 argument to ReadOnlyArray")
(->PrimitiveArray Object (Bottom) (parse-type osyn)))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Array2
[[_ isyn osyn & none]]
(assert (empty? none) "Expected 2 arguments to Array2")
(->PrimitiveArray Object (parse-type isyn) (parse-type osyn)))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Array3
[[_ jsyn isyn osyn & none]]
(assert (empty? none) "Expected 3 arguments to Array3")
(let [jrclass (parse-type jsyn)
_ (assert (RClass? jrclass) "First argument to Array3 must be a Class")]
(->PrimitiveArray (RClass->Class jrclass) (parse-type isyn) (parse-type osyn))))
(declare parse-function)
(defn parse-fn-intersection-type [[Fn & types]]
(apply make-FnIntersection (mapv parse-function types)))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Fn
(parse-fn-intersection-type syn))
(declare fv-variances)
(defn parse-type-fn
[[_ binder bodysyn :as tfn]]
(assert (= 3 (count tfn)))
(assert (every? vector? binder))
(let [free-maps (for [[nme & {:keys [variance < > kind] :as opts}] binder]
(assert nme)
{:nme nme :variance (or variance :invariant)
:bound (map->Bounds
{:upper-bound (when-not kind
(if (contains? opts :<)
(parse-type <)
:lower-bound (when-not kind
(if (contains? opts :>)
(parse-type >)
:higher-kind (when kind
(parse-type kind))})}))
bodyt (with-bounded-frees (map (fn [{:keys [nme bound]}] [(make-F nme) bound])
(parse-type bodysyn))
vs (with-bounded-frees (map (fn [{:keys [nme bound]}] [(make-F nme) bound])
(fv-variances bodyt))
_ (doseq [{:keys [nme variance]} free-maps]
(when-let [actual-v (vs nme)]
(assert (= (vs nme) variance)
(error-msg "Type variable " nme " appears in " (name actual-v) " position "
"when declared " (name variance)))))]
(with-meta (TypeFn* (map :nme free-maps) (map :variance free-maps)
(map :bound free-maps) bodyt)
{:actual-frees (map :nme free-maps)})))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'TFn
(parse-type-fn syn))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Seq* [syn] (->HeterogeneousSeq (mapv parse-type (rest syn))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'List* [syn] (->HeterogeneousList (mapv parse-type (rest syn))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Vector* [syn] (-hvec (mapv parse-type (rest syn))))
(defn- syn-to-hmap [mandatory optional]
(letfn [(mapt [m]
(into {} (for [[k v] m]
[(-val k)
(parse-type v)])))]
(let [mandatory (mapt mandatory)
optional (mapt optional)]
(make-HMap mandatory optional))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'quote
[[_ syn]]
((some-fn number? keyword? symbol?) syn) (-val syn)
(vector? syn) (-hvec (mapv parse-type syn))
(map? syn) (syn-to-hmap syn nil)
:else (throw (Exception. (str "Invalid use of quote:" syn)))))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'HMap
[[_ mandatory & {:keys [optional]}]]
(syn-to-hmap mandatory optional))
(defn parse-RClass [cls-sym params-syn]
(let [cls (resolve cls-sym)
_ (assert (class? cls) (str cls-sym " cannot be resolved"))
tparams (doall (map parse-type params-syn))]
(RClass-of (Class->symbol cls) tparams)))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'Value
[[_Value_ syn]]
(constant-type syn))
(defmethod parse-type-list 'KeywordArgs
[[_KeywordArgs_ & {:keys [optional mandatory]}]]
(assert (= #{}
(set/intersection (set (keys optional))
(set (keys mandatory)))))
(let [optional (into {} (for [[k v] optional]
(do (assert (keyword? k))
[(->Value k) (parse-type v)])))
mandatory (into {} (for [[k v] mandatory]
(do (assert (keyword? k))
[(->Value k) (parse-type v)])))]
(apply Un (apply concat
(for [opts (map #(into {} %) (comb/subsets optional))]
(let [m (merge mandatory opts)
kss (comb/permutations (keys m))]
(for [ks kss]
(->HeterogeneousSeq (mapcat #(find m %) ks)))))))))
(defmethod parse-type-list :default
[[n & args :as syn]]
(let [res (resolve n)
rsym (cond
(class? res) (Class->symbol res)
(var? res) (var->symbol res))]
(if (free-in-scope n)
(let [^TypeFn k (.higher-kind (free-in-scope-bnds n))
_ (assert (TypeFn? k) (error-msg "Cannot invoke type variable " n))
_ (assert (= (.nbound k) (count args)) (error-msg "Wrong number of arguments (" (count args)
") to type function " (unparse-type k)))]
(->TApp (free-in-scope n) (mapv parse-type args)))
(if-let [t ((some-fn @DATATYPE-ENV @PROTOCOL-ENV @TYPE-NAME-ENV) rsym)]
;don't resolve if operator is declared
(if (keyword? t)
; declared names can be TFns
(isa? t declared-name-type) (->TApp (->Name rsym) (mapv parse-type args))
; for now use Apps for declared Classes and protocols
:else (->App (->Name rsym) (mapv parse-type args)))
(->TApp (->Name rsym) (mapv parse-type args)))
;a Class that's not a DataType
(class? res) (RClass-of (Class->symbol res) (mapv parse-type args))
;unqualified declared protocols and datatypes
(if-let [s (let [svar (symbol (name (ns-name *ns*)) (name n))
scls (symbol (munge (str (ns-name *ns*) \. (name n))))]
(some #(and (@TYPE-NAME-ENV %)
[svar scls]))]
(->App (->Name s) (mapv parse-type args))
(throw (Exception. (error-msg "Cannot parse list: " syn)))))))))
(defmethod parse-type Cons [l] (parse-type-list l))
(defmethod parse-type IPersistentList [l] (parse-type-list l))
(defmulti parse-type-symbol identity)
(defmethod parse-type-symbol 'Any [_] (->Top))
(defmethod parse-type-symbol 'Nothing [_] (Bottom))
;Symbol -> Class
(def primitives
{'byte (RClass-of 'byte)
'short (RClass-of 'short)
'int (RClass-of 'int)
'long (RClass-of 'long)
'float (RClass-of 'float)
'double (RClass-of 'double)
'boolean (RClass-of 'boolean)
'char (RClass-of 'char)
'void -nil})
(defmethod parse-type-symbol :default
(if-let [f (free-in-scope sym)]
(let [qsym (if (namespace sym)
(symbol (-> *ns* ns-name name) (name sym)))
clssym (if (some #(= \. %) (str sym))
(symbol (str (munge (-> *ns* ns-name name)) \. (name sym))))]
(primitives sym) (primitives sym)
(@TYPE-NAME-ENV qsym) (->Name qsym)
(@TYPE-NAME-ENV clssym) (->Name clssym)
;Datatypes that are annotated in this namespace, but not yet defined
(@DATATYPE-ENV clssym) (@DATATYPE-ENV clssym)
(@PROTOCOL-ENV qsym) (resolve-protocol qsym)
:else (let [res (resolve sym)]
;(prn *ns* "res" sym "->" res)
(class? res) (or (@DATATYPE-ENV (symbol (.getName ^Class res)))
(RClass-of res))
:else (if-let [t (and (var? res)
(@TYPE-NAME-ENV (var->symbol res)))]
(throw (Exception. (error-msg "Cannot resolve type: " sym))))))))))
(defmethod parse-type Symbol [l] (parse-type-symbol l))
(defmethod parse-type Boolean [v] (if v -true -false))
(defmethod parse-type nil [_] -nil)
(declare parse-path-elem parse-filter)
(defn parse-object [{:keys [id path]}]
(->Path (when path (mapv parse-path-elem path)) id))
(defn parse-filter-set [{:keys [then else] :as fsyn}]
(-FS (if then
(parse-filter then)
(if else
(parse-filter else)
(defmulti parse-filter first)
(defmethod parse-filter 'is
[[_ & [tsyn nme psyns :as all]]]
(assert (#{2 3} (count all)))
(let [t (parse-type tsyn)
p (when (= 3 (count all))
(mapv parse-path-elem psyns))]
(-filter t nme p)))
(defmethod parse-filter '!
[[_ & [tsyn nme psyns :as all]]]
(assert (#{2 3} (count all)))
(let [t (parse-type tsyn)
p (when (= 3 (count all))
(mapv parse-path-elem psyns))]
(-not-filter t nme p)))
(defmethod parse-filter '|
[[_ & fsyns]]
(apply -or (mapv parse-filter fsyns)))
(defmethod parse-filter '&
[[_ & fsyns]]
(apply -and (mapv parse-filter fsyns)))
(defmulti parse-path-elem #(cond
(symbol? %) %
:else (first %)))
(defmethod parse-path-elem 'Class [_] (->ClassPE))
(defmethod parse-path-elem 'Key
[[_ & [ksyn :as all]]]
(assert (= 1 (count all)))
(->KeyPE ksyn))
(defn parse-function [f]
(let [all-dom (take-while #(not= '-> %) f)
[_ rng & opts-flat :as chk] (drop-while #(not= '-> %) f) ;opts aren't used yet
_ (assert (<= 2 (count chk)) (str "Missing range in " f))
opts (apply hash-map opts-flat)
{ellipsis-pos '...
asterix-pos '*}
(into {} (map vector all-dom (range)))
_ (assert (not (and asterix-pos ellipsis-pos))
"Cannot provide both rest type and dotted rest type")
_ (when-let [ks (seq (filter (complement #{:filters :object}) (keys opts)))]
(throw (Exception. (str "Invalid option/s: " ks))))
filters (when-let [[_ fsyn] (find opts :filters)]
(parse-filter-set fsyn))
object (when-let [[_ obj] (find opts :object)]
(parse-object obj))
fixed-dom (cond
asterix-pos (take (dec asterix-pos) all-dom)
ellipsis-pos (take (dec ellipsis-pos) all-dom)
:else all-dom)
rest-type (when asterix-pos
(nth all-dom (dec asterix-pos)))
[drest-type _ drest-bnd] (when ellipsis-pos
(drop (dec ellipsis-pos) all-dom))]
(make-Function (doall (mapv parse-type fixed-dom))
(parse-type rng)
(when asterix-pos
(parse-type rest-type))
(when ellipsis-pos
(with-frees [(*dotted-scope* drest-bnd)] ;with dotted bound in scope as free
(parse-type drest-type))
(:name (*dotted-scope* drest-bnd))))
:filter filters
:object object)))
(defmethod parse-type IPersistentVector
(apply make-FnIntersection [(parse-function f)]))
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