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(in-ns 'clojure.core.typed)
;; Paths
(def PathElem ::path-elem)
(defn PathElem? [a]
(isa? (class a) PathElem))
(defn declare-path-elem [c]
(derive c PathElem))
(defrecord FirstPE []
"A path calling clojure.core/first"
(defrecord NextPE []
"A path calling clojure.core/next"
(defrecord ClassPE []
"A path calling clojure.core/class"
(defrecord CountPE []
"A path calling clojure.core/count"
(defrecord KeyPE [val]
"A key in a hash-map"
[(keyword? val)])
(def -kpe ->KeyPE)
(declare-path-elem FirstPE)
(declare-path-elem NextPE)
(declare-path-elem ClassPE)
(declare-path-elem CountPE)
(declare-path-elem KeyPE)
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