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(:require [clojure.core.typed.type-rep :as r]
[clojure.core.typed.object-rep :as obj]
[clojure.core.typed.filter-rep :as fl]
[clojure.core.typed.contract-utils :as con]
[clojure.core.typed.subst-obj :as subst-obj]))
;; Used to "instantiate" a Result from a function call.
;; eg. (let [a (ann-form [1] (U nil (Seqable Number)))]
;; (if (seq a)
;; ...
;; Here we want to instantiate the result of (seq a).
;; objs is each of the arguments' objects, ie. [obj/-empty]
;; ts is each of the arugments' types, ie. [(U nil (Seqable Number))]
;; The latent result:
; (Option (ISeq x))
; :filters {:then (is (CountRange 1) 0)
; :else (| (is nil 0)
; (is (ExactCount 0) 0))}]))
;; instantiates to
; (Option (ISeq x))
; :filters {:then (is (CountRange 1) a)
; :else (| (is nil a)
; (is (ExactCount 0) a))}]))
;; Notice the objects are instantiated from 0 -> a
;[Result (Seqable RObject) (Option (Seqable Type))
; -> '[Type FilterSet RObject]]
(defn open-Result
"Substitute ids for objs in Result t"
[{t :t fs :fl old-obj :o :keys [flow] :as r} objs & [ts]]
{:pre [(r/Result? r)
(every? obj/RObject? objs)
((some-fn fl/FilterSet? fl/NoFilter?) fs)
(obj/RObject? old-obj)
(r/FlowSet? flow)
((some-fn nil? (con/every-c? r/Type?)) ts)]
:post [((con/hvector-c? r/Type? fl/FilterSet? obj/RObject? r/FlowSet?) %)]}
; (prn "open-result")
; (prn "result type" (prs/unparse-type t))
; (prn "result filterset" (prs/unparse-filter-set fs))
; (prn "result (old) object" old-obj)
; (prn "objs" objs)
; (prn "ts" (mapv prs/unparse-type ts))
(reduce (fn [[t fs old-obj flow] [[o k] arg-ty]]
{:pre [(r/Type? t)
((some-fn fl/FilterSet? fl/NoFilter?) fs)
(obj/RObject? old-obj)
(integer? k)
(obj/RObject? o)
(r/FlowSet? flow)
((some-fn false? r/Type?) arg-ty)]
:post [((con/hvector-c? r/Type? fl/FilterSet? obj/RObject? r/FlowSet?) %)]}
(let [r [(subst-obj/subst-type t k o true)
(subst-obj/subst-filter-set fs k o true arg-ty)
(subst-obj/subst-object old-obj k o true)
(subst-obj/subst-flow-set flow k o true arg-ty)]]
; (prn [(prs/unparse-type t) (prs/unparse-filter-set fs) old-obj])
; (prn "r" r)
[t fs old-obj flow]
; this is just a sequence of pairs of [nat? RObject] and Type?
; Represents the object and type of each argument, and its position
(map vector
(map-indexed #(vector %2 %1) ;racket's is opposite..
(if ts
(repeat false)))))
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