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(ns clojure.core.typed.cs-rep
(:refer-clojure :exclude [defrecord])
(:require (clojure.core.typed
[utils :as u]
[type-rep :as r])
[clojure.core.typed :as t])
(:import (clojure.lang IPersistentMap Symbol Seqable)
(clojure.core.typed.type_rep Bounds F)))
(t/ann-record t-subst [type :- r/TCType,
bnds :- Bounds])
(u/defrecord t-subst [type bnds]
[(r/Type? type)
(r/Bounds? bnds)])
(t/ann-record i-subst [types :- (Seqable r/TCType)])
(u/defrecord i-subst [types]
[(every? r/Type? types)])
(t/ann-record i-subst-starred [types :- (Seqable r/TCType),
starred :- r/TCType])
(u/defrecord i-subst-starred [types starred]
[(every? r/Type? types)
(r/Type? starred)])
(t/ann-record i-subst-dotted [types :- (U nil (Seqable r/TCType)),
dty :- r/TCType,
dbound :- F])
(u/defrecord i-subst-dotted [types dty dbound]
[(or (nil? types)
(every? r/Type? types))
(r/Type? dty)
(r/F? dbound)])
(t/def-alias SubstRHS
"The substitution records."
(U t-subst i-subst i-subst-starred i-subst-dotted))
(t/def-alias SubstMap
"A substutition map of symbols naming frees to types
to instantitate them with."
(IPersistentMap Symbol SubstRHS))
(t/ann ^:nocheck subst-rhs? (predicate SubstRHS))
(def subst-rhs? (some-fn t-subst? i-subst? i-subst-starred? i-subst-dotted?))
(t/ann ^:nocheck substitution-c? (predicate SubstMap))
(def substitution-c? (u/hash-c? symbol? subst-rhs?))
(t/ann-record c [S :- r/TCType,
X :- clojure.lang.Symbol,
T :- r/TCType,
bnds :- Bounds])
(u/defrecord c [S X T bnds]
"A type constraint on a variable within an upper and lower bound"
[(r/Type? S)
(symbol? X)
(r/Type? T)
(r/Bounds? bnds)])
;; fixed : Listof[c]
;; rest : option[c]
;; a constraint on an index variable
;; the index variable must be instantiated with |fixed| arguments, each meeting the appropriate constraint
;; and further instantions of the index variable must respect the rest constraint, if it exists
(t/ann-record dcon [fixed :- (Seqable c)
rest :- (U nil c)])
(u/defrecord dcon [fixed rest]
[(every? c? fixed)
(or (nil? rest)
(c? rest))])
(t/ann-record dcon-exact [fixed :- (Seqable c),
rest :- c])
(u/defrecord dcon-exact [fixed rest]
[(every? c? fixed)
(c? rest)])
(t/ann-record dcon-dotted [fixed :- (Seqable c),
dc :- c,
dbound :- F])
(u/defrecord dcon-dotted [fixed dc dbound]
[(every? c? fixed)
(c? dc)
(r/F? dbound)])
(t/def-alias DCon (U dcon dcon-exact dcon-dotted))
(t/ann ^:nocheck dcon-c? (predicate DCon))
(def dcon-c? (some-fn dcon? dcon-exact? dcon-dotted?))
;; map : hash mapping index variables to dcons
(t/ann-record dmap [map :- (IPersistentMap Symbol DCon)])
(u/defrecord dmap [map]
[((u/hash-c? symbol? dcon-c?) map)])
(t/ann-record cset-entry [fixed :- (IPersistentMap Symbol c),
dmap :- dmap,
projections :- Any])
(u/defrecord cset-entry [fixed dmap projections]
[((u/hash-c? symbol? c?) fixed)
(dmap? dmap)
((u/set-c? (u/hvector-c? (some-fn r/Type? r/Projection?)
(some-fn r/Type? r/Projection?)))
(t/ann make-cset-entry (Fn [(IPersistentMap Symbol c) -> cset-entry]
[(IPersistentMap Symbol c) (U nil dmap) -> cset-entry]
[(IPersistentMap Symbol c) (U nil dmap) Any -> cset-entry]))
(defn make-cset-entry
([fixed] (make-cset-entry fixed nil nil))
([fixed dmap] (make-cset-entry fixed dmap nil))
([fixed dmap projections] (->cset-entry fixed
(or dmap (->dmap {}))
(or projections #{}))))
;; maps is a list of cset-entries, consisting of
;; - functional maps from vars to c's
;; - dmaps (see dmap.rkt)
;; we need a bunch of mappings for each cset to handle case-lambda
;; because case-lambda can generate multiple possible solutions, and we
;; don't want to rule them out too early
(t/ann-record cset [maps :- (Seqable cset-entry)])
(u/defrecord cset [maps]
[(every? cset-entry? maps)])
;widest constraint possible
(t/ann no-constraint [Symbol Bounds -> c])
(defn no-constraint [v bnds]
{:pre [(symbol? v)
(r/Bounds? bnds)]}
(->c (r/->Union #{}) v (r/->Top) bnds))
(t/def-alias FreeBnds
"A map of free variable names to their bounds."
(IPersistentMap Symbol Bounds))
;; Create an empty constraint map from a set of type variables X and
;; index variables Y. For now, we add the widest constraints for
;; variables in X to the cmap and create an empty dmap.
(t/ann ^:nocheck empty-cset [FreeBnds FreeBnds -> cset])
(defn empty-cset [X Y]
{:pre [(every? (u/hash-c? symbol? r/Bounds?) [X Y])]
:post [(cset? %)]}
(->cset [(->cset-entry (into {} (for [[x bnds] X] [x (no-constraint x bnds)]))
(->dmap {})
(t/ann ^:nocheck empty-cset-projection [FreeBnds FreeBnds Any -> cset])
(defn empty-cset-projection [X Y proj]
{:pre [(every? (u/hash-c? symbol? r/Bounds?) [X Y])]
:post [(cset? %)]}
(->cset [(->cset-entry (into {} (for [[x bnds] X] [x (no-constraint x bnds)]))
(->dmap {})
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