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(ns clojure.core.typed.type-rep
(:refer-clojure :exclude [defrecord defprotocol])
(:require (clojure.core.typed
[utils :as u])
[clojure.core.typed :as t]
[clojure.set :as set])
(:import (clojure.lang IPersistentSet Seqable Symbol Keyword IPersistentMap
(t/typed-deps clojure.core.typed.filter-rep
; add fr as an alias to filter-rep
(create-ns 'clojure.core.typed.filter-rep)
(alias 'fr 'clojure.core.typed.filter-rep)
; add or as an alias to object-rep
(create-ns 'clojure.core.typed.object-rep)
(alias 'or 'clojure.core.typed.object-rep)
(defn- Filter?-var []
(let [v (ns-resolve (find-ns 'clojure.core.typed.filter-rep) 'Filter?)]
(assert (var? v) "Filter? unbound")
(defn- FilterSet?-var []
(let [v (ns-resolve (find-ns 'clojure.core.typed.filter-rep) 'FilterSet?)]
(assert (var? v) "FilterSet? unbound")
(defn- -FS-var []
(let [v (ns-resolve (find-ns 'clojure.core.typed.filter-ops) '-FS)]
(assert (var? v) "-FS unbound")
(defn RObject?-var []
(let [v (ns-resolve (find-ns 'clojure.core.typed.object-rep) 'RObject?)]
(assert (var? v) "RObject? unbound")
(defn -top-var []
(let [v (ns-resolve (find-ns 'clojure.core.typed.filter-rep) '-top)]
(assert (var? v) "-top unbound")
(defn -empty-var []
(let [v (ns-resolve (find-ns 'clojure.core.typed.object-rep) '-empty)]
(assert (var? v) "-empty unbound")
;(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
;;; Type rep predicates
(t/ann-protocol TCType)
(t/ann-protocol TCAnyType)
;clj bug means protocols need at least one method
; Seems fixed for 1.5.1, but leaving for compatibility.
(u/defprotocol TCType
(dummy [_]))
(u/defprotocol TCAnyType
(dummy2 [_]))
(t/ann ^:nocheck Type? (predicate TCType))
(defn Type? [a]
(satisfies? TCType a))
(t/ann ^:nocheck AnyType? (predicate TCAnyType))
(defn AnyType? [a]
(or (Type? a)
(satisfies? TCAnyType a)))
(t/ann ^:nocheck declare-type [Class -> Any])
(defn declare-type [a]
(extend a TCType {}))
(t/ann ^:nocheck declare-AnyType [Class -> Any])
(defn declare-AnyType [a]
(extend a TCAnyType {}))
;; Types
(u/ann-record Top [])
(u/defrecord Top []
"The top type"
(t/ann -any TCType)
(def -any (->Top))
(declare-type Top)
;FIXME proper union maker, with sorted types
(u/ann-record Union [types :- (IPersistentSet TCType)])
(u/defrecord Union [types]
"An flattened, unordered union of types"
[(set? types)
(every? Type? types)
(not (some Union? types))])
;temporary union maker
(t/ann Un [TCType * -> Union])
(defn- Un [& types]
(->Union (set types)))
(declare-type Union)
(t/ann empty-union TCType)
(def empty-union (Un))
(t/ann Bottom [-> TCType])
(defn Bottom []
(t/ann -nothing TCType)
(def -nothing (Bottom))
(t/ann ^:nocheck Bottom? (predicate TCType))
(defn Bottom? [a]
(= empty-union a))
(u/ann-record TCError [])
(u/defrecord TCError []
"Use *only* when a type error occurs"
(t/ann Err TCType)
(def Err (->TCError))
(declare-type TCError)
;should probably be ordered
(u/ann-record Intersection [types :- (I (Seqable TCType)
(CountRange 1))])
(u/defrecord Intersection [types]
"An unordered intersection of types."
[(seq types)
(every? Type? types)])
(declare Function?)
(u/ann-record FnIntersection [types :- (I (Seqable TCType)
(CountRange 1))])
(u/defrecord FnIntersection [types]
"An ordered intersection of Functions."
[(seq types)
(sequential? types)
(every? Function? types)])
(declare-type FnIntersection)
(declare-type Intersection)
(t/def-alias Variance
"Keywords that represent a certain variance"
(U ':constant ':covariant ':contravariant ':invariant ':dotted))
(t/ann variances (IPersistentSet Variance))
(def variances #{:constant :covariant :contravariant :invariant :dotted})
(t/ann ^:nocheck variance? (predicate Variance))
(defn variance? [v]
(contains? variances v))
(declare Scope? TypeFn?)
; This annotation needs to go before the first reference to TypeFn,
; otherwise it will resolve to an RClass, instead of a DataType.
; DataType should be combined with RClass in the future.
(u/ann-record TypeFn [nbound :- Number,
variances :- (U nil (Seqable Variance))
bbnds :- (U nil (Seqable Bounds)),
scope :- Scope])
(u/ann-record Bounds [upper-bound :- (U nil TCType Scope)
lower-bound :- (U nil TCType Scope)
higher-kind :- (U nil TypeFn)])
(u/defrecord Bounds [upper-bound lower-bound higher-kind]
"A type bound or higher-kind bound on a variable"
[(some-fn (and (every? (some-fn Type? Scope?) [upper-bound lower-bound])
(nil? higher-kind))
(and (every? nil? [upper-bound lower-bound])
(TypeFn? higher-kind)))])
(u/ann-record B [idx :- Number])
(u/defrecord B [idx]
"A bound variable. Should not appear outside this file"
[(u/nat? idx)])
(declare-type B)
;FIXME kind should be part of the identity of a free, otherwise type caching is unsound
; Same with bounds.
(u/ann-record F [name :- Symbol])
(u/defrecord F [name]
"A named free variable"
[(symbol? name)])
(t/ann make-F [Symbol -> F])
(defn make-F
"Make a free variable "
[name] (->F name))
(declare-type F)
(u/ann-record Scope [body :- (U Scope TCType)])
(u/defrecord Scope [body]
"A scope that contains one bound variable, can be nested. Not used directly"
[((some-fn Type? Scope?) body)])
(t/ann ^:nocheck scope-depth? [Scope Number -> Any])
(defn scope-depth?
"True if scope is has depth number of scopes nested"
[scope depth]
{:pre [(Scope? scope)
(u/nat? depth)]}
(Type? (last (take (inc depth) (iterate #(and (Scope? %)
(:body %))
(u/defrecord Projection [afn ts]
"Projects type variables as arguments to afn"
[(fn? afn)
(every? AnyType? ts)])
(declare-type Projection)
(u/ann-record RClass [variances :- (U nil (I (CountRange 1) (Seqable Variance)))
poly? :- (U nil (I (CountRange 1) (Seqable TCType)))
the-class :- Symbol
replacements :- (IPersistentMap Symbol (U TCType Scope))
unchecked-ancestors :- (IPersistentSet (U TCType Scope))])
(u/defrecord RClass [variances poly? the-class replacements unchecked-ancestors]
"A restricted class, where ancestors are
(replace replacements (ancestors the-class))"
[(or (nil? variances)
(and (seq variances)
(sequential? variances)
(every? variance? variances)))
(or (nil? poly?)
(and (seq poly?)
(sequential? poly?)
(every? Type? poly?)))
(symbol? the-class)
((u/hash-c? symbol? (some-fn Type? Scope?)) replacements)
((u/set-c? (some-fn Type? Scope?)) unchecked-ancestors)])
(declare-type RClass)
(t/ann ^:nocheck RClass->Class [RClass -> Class])
(defn ^Class RClass->Class [^RClass rcls]
(u/symbol->Class (.the-class rcls)))
(u/ann-record DataType [the-class :- Symbol,
variances :- (U nil (I (CountRange 1) (Seqable Variance))),
poly? :- (U nil (I (CountRange 1) (Seqable TCType))),
fields :- (IPersistentMap Symbol (U Scope TCType))
record? :- Boolean])
(u/defrecord DataType [the-class variances poly? fields record?]
"A Clojure datatype"
[(or (nil? variances)
(and (seq variances)
(every? variance? variances)))
(or (nil? poly?)
(and (seq poly?)
(every? Type? poly?)))
(symbol? the-class)
((u/array-map-c? symbol? (some-fn Scope? Type?)) fields)
(u/boolean? record?)])
(t/ann ^:nocheck DataType->Class [DataType -> Class])
(defn ^Class DataType->Class [^DataType dt]
(u/symbol->Class (.the-class dt)))
(t/ann ^:nocheck Record? [Any -> Boolean])
(defn Record? [^DataType a]
(when (DataType? a)
(.record? a))))
(declare-type DataType)
(u/ann-record Protocol [the-var :- Symbol,
variances :- (U nil (Seqable Variance)),
poly? :- (U nil TCType),
on-class :- Symbol,
methods :- (IPersistentMap Symbol TCType)])
(u/defrecord Protocol [the-var variances poly? on-class methods]
"A Clojure Protocol"
[(symbol? the-var)
(or (nil? variances)
(and (seq variances)
(every? variance? variances)))
(or (nil? poly?)
(and (seq poly?)
(every? Type? poly?)))
(= (count poly?) (count variances))
(symbol? on-class)
((u/hash-c? (every-pred symbol? (complement namespace)) Type?) methods)])
(declare-type Protocol)
(u/defrecord TypeFn [nbound variances bbnds scope]
"A type function containing n bound variables with variances.
It is of a higher kind"
[(u/nat? nbound)
(every? variance? variances)
(every? Bounds? bbnds)
(apply = nbound (map count [variances bbnds]))
(scope-depth? scope nbound)
(Scope? scope)])
(declare-type TypeFn)
(t/ann tfn-bound [TypeFn -> Bounds])
(defn tfn-bound [tfn]
(->Bounds nil nil tfn))
;FIXME actual-frees should be metadata. ie. it should not affect equality
(u/ann-record Poly [nbound :- Number,
bbnds :- (U nil (Seqable Bounds)),
scope :- Scope,
actual-frees :- (U nil (Seqable Symbol))])
(u/defrecord Poly [nbound bbnds scope actual-frees]
"A polymorphic type containing n bound variables, with display names actual-frees"
[(u/nat? nbound)
(every? Bounds? bbnds)
(every? symbol? actual-frees)
(apply = nbound (map count [bbnds actual-frees]))
(scope-depth? scope nbound)
(Scope? scope)])
(declare-type Poly)
(u/ann-record PolyDots [nbound :- Number,
bbnds :- (U nil (Seqable Bounds)),
scope :- Scope])
(u/defrecord PolyDots [nbound bbnds ^Scope scope]
"A polymorphic type containing n-1 bound variables and 1 ... variable"
[(u/nat? nbound)
(every? Bounds? bbnds)
(= nbound (count bbnds))
(scope-depth? scope nbound)
(Scope? scope)])
(declare-type PolyDots)
(u/ann-record Name [id :- Symbol])
(u/defrecord Name [id]
"A late bound name"
[((every-pred (some-fn namespace (fn [a] (some (fn [c] (= \. c)) (str a))))
(u/ann-record TApp [rator :- TCType,
rands :- (Seqable TCType)])
(u/defrecord TApp [rator rands]
"An application of a type function to arguments."
[((some-fn Name? TypeFn? F? B?) rator)
(every? (some-fn TypeFn? Type?) rands)])
(declare-type TApp) ;not always a type
(u/ann-record App [rator :- TCType,
rands :- (Seqable TCType)])
(u/defrecord App [rator rands]
"An application of a polymorphic type to type arguments"
[(Type? rator)
(every? Type? rands)])
(declare-type App)
(declare-type Name)
(u/ann-record Mu [scope :- Scope])
(u/defrecord Mu [scope]
"A recursive type containing one bound variable, itself"
[(Scope? scope)])
(declare-type Mu)
(u/ann-record Value [val :- Any])
(u/defrecord Value [val]
"A Clojure value"
(u/ann-record AnyValue [])
(u/defrecord AnyValue []
"Any Value"
(t/ann -val [Any -> TCType])
(def -val ->Value)
(t/ann -false TCType)
(t/ann -true TCType)
(t/ann -nil TCType)
(def -false (-val false))
(def -true (-val true))
(def -nil (-val nil))
(t/ann Nil? [Any -> Boolean])
(t/ann False? [Any -> Boolean])
(t/ann True? [Any -> Boolean])
(defn Nil? [a] (= -nil a))
(defn False? [a] (= -false a))
(defn True? [a] (= -true a))
(declare-type Value)
(declare-type AnyValue)
(declare Result?)
(u/ann-record HeterogeneousMap [types :- (IPersistentMap TCType TCType),
absent-keys :- (IPersistentSet TCType),
other-keys? :- Boolean])
(u/defrecord HeterogeneousMap [types absent-keys other-keys?]
"A constant map, clojure.lang.IPersistentMap"
[((u/hash-c? Value? (some-fn Type? Result?))
((u/set-c? Value?) absent-keys)
(u/boolean? other-keys?)])
(declare-type HeterogeneousMap)
(t/def-alias TempFilterSet
"Can't import FilterSet here, so an alias will do for now"
(u/ann-record HeterogeneousVector [types :- (IPersistentVector TCType)
fs :- (IPersistentVector TempFilterSet)
objects :- (IPersistentVector or/IRObject)])
(u/defrecord HeterogeneousVector [types fs objects]
"A constant vector, clojure.lang.IPersistentVector"
[(vector? types)
(every? (some-fn Type? Result?) types)
(vector? fs)
(let [FilterSet? @(FilterSet?-var)]
(every? FilterSet? fs))
(vector? objects)
(let [RObject? @(RObject?-var)]
(every? RObject? objects))
(apply = (map count [types fs objects]))])
(t/ann ^:nocheck -hvec
[(IPersistentVector TCType) & {:filters (Seqable TempFilterSet) :objects (Seqable or/IRObject)} -> TCType])
(defn -hvec
[types & {:keys [filters objects]}]
(let [-FS @(-FS-var)
-top @(-top-var)
-empty @(-empty-var)]
(if (some Bottom? types)
(->HeterogeneousVector types
(if filters
(vec filters)
(vec (repeat (count types) (-FS -top -top))))
(if objects
(vec objects)
(vec (repeat (count types) -empty)))))))
(declare-type HeterogeneousVector)
(u/ann-record HeterogeneousList [types :- (Seqable TCType)])
(u/defrecord HeterogeneousList [types]
"A constant list, clojure.lang.IPersistentList"
[(sequential? types)
(every? Type? types)])
(declare-type HeterogeneousList)
(u/ann-record HeterogeneousSeq [types :- (Seqable TCType)])
(u/defrecord HeterogeneousSeq [types]
"A constant seq, clojure.lang.ISeq"
[(sequential? types)
(every? Type? types)])
(declare-type HeterogeneousSeq)
(u/ann-record PrimitiveArray [jtype :- Class,
input-type :- TCType
output-type :- TCType])
(u/defrecord PrimitiveArray [jtype input-type output-type]
"A Java Primitive array"
[(class? jtype)
(Type? input-type)
(Type? output-type)])
(declare-type PrimitiveArray)
(u/ann-record DottedPretype [pre-type :- TCType,
name :- (U Symbol Number)])
(u/defrecord DottedPretype [pre-type name]
"A dotted pre-type. Not a type"
[(Type? pre-type)
((some-fn symbol? u/nat?) name)])
(declare-AnyType DottedPretype)
;not a type, see KwArgsSeq
(u/ann-record KwArgs [mandatory :- (IPersistentMap TCType TCType)
optional :- (IPersistentMap TCType TCType)])
(u/defrecord KwArgs [mandatory optional]
"A set of mandatory and optional keywords"
[(every? (u/hash-c? Value? Type?) [mandatory optional])
(= #{} (set/intersection (set (keys mandatory))
(set (keys optional))))])
(u/ann-record KwArgsSeq [mandatory :- (IPersistentMap TCType TCType)
optional :- (IPersistentMap TCType TCType)])
(u/defrecord KwArgsSeq [mandatory optional]
"A sequential seq representing a flattened map (for keyword arguments)."
[(every? (u/hash-c? Value? Type?) [mandatory optional])
(= #{} (set/intersection (set (keys mandatory))
(set (keys optional))))])
(declare-type KwArgsSeq)
(u/ann-record Function [dom :- (U nil (Seqable TCType)),
rng :- Result,
rest :- (U nil TCType)
drest :- (U nil DottedPretype)
kws :- (U nil KwArgs)])
(u/defrecord Function [dom rng rest drest kws]
"A function arity, must be part of an intersection"
[(or (nil? dom)
(sequential? dom))
(every? Type? dom)
(Result? rng)
;at most one of rest drest or kws can be provided
(#{0 1} (count (filter identity [rest drest kws])))
(or (nil? rest)
(Type? rest))
(or (nil? drest)
(DottedPretype? drest))
(or (nil? kws)
(KwArgs? kws))])
(declare-AnyType Function)
(u/ann-record TopFunction [])
(u/defrecord TopFunction []
"Supertype to all functions"
(u/ann-record CountRange [lower :- Number,
upper :- (U nil Number)])
(u/defrecord CountRange [lower upper]
"A sequence of count between lower and upper.
If upper is nil, between lower and infinity."
[(u/nat? lower)
(or (nil? upper)
(and (u/nat? upper)
(<= lower upper)))])
(u/ann-record GTRange [n :- Number])
(u/defrecord GTRange [n]
"The type of all numbers greater than n"
[(number? n)])
(u/ann-record LTRange [n :- Number])
(u/defrecord LTRange [n]
"The type of all numbers less than n"
[(number? n)])
(declare-type CountRange)
(declare-type GTRange)
(declare-type LTRange)
(t/ann make-CountRange (Fn [Number -> CountRange]
[Number (U nil Number) -> CountRange]))
(defn make-CountRange
([lower] (make-CountRange lower nil))
([lower upper] (->CountRange lower upper)))
(t/ann make-ExactCountRange (Fn [Number -> CountRange]))
(defn make-ExactCountRange [c]
{:pre [(u/nat? c)]}
(make-CountRange c c))
(declare ->Result)
(t/ann ^:nocheck make-FnIntersection [Function * -> FnIntersection])
(defn make-FnIntersection [& fns]
{:pre [(every? Function? fns)]}
(->FnIntersection fns))
(u/ann-record NotType [type :- TCType])
(u/defrecord NotType [type]
"A type that does not include type"
[(Type? type)])
(declare-type NotType)
(u/ann-record ListDots [pre-type :- TCType,
bound :- (U F B)])
(u/defrecord ListDots [pre-type bound]
"A dotted list"
[(Type? pre-type)
((some-fn F? B?) bound)])
(declare-type ListDots)
(declare FlowSet?)
(u/ann-record Result [t :- TCType,
fl :- fr/IFilter
o :- or/IRObject])
(u/defrecord Result [t fl o flow]
"A result type with filter f and object o. NOT a type."
[(Type? t)
(@(FilterSet?-var) fl)
(@(RObject?-var) o)
(FlowSet? flow)])
(declare-AnyType Result)
(declare ret TCResult?)
(t/ann ^:nocheck Result->TCResult [Result -> TCResult])
(defn Result->TCResult [{:keys [t fl o] :as r}]
{:pre [(Result? r)]
:post [(TCResult? %)]}
(ret t fl o))
(t/ann Result-type* [Result -> TCType])
(defn Result-type* [r]
{:pre [(Result? r)]
:post [(Type? %)]}
(:t r))
(t/ann ^:nocheck Result-filter* [Result -> fr/IFilter])
(defn Result-filter* [r]
{:pre [(Result? r)]
:post [(@(Filter?-var) %)]}
(:fl r))
(t/ann ^:nocheck Result-object* [Result -> or/IRObject])
(defn Result-object* [r]
{:pre [(Result? r)]
:post [(@(RObject?-var) %)]}
(:o r))
(t/ann ^:nocheck Result-flow* [Result -> FlowSet])
(defn Result-flow* [r]
{:pre [(Result? r)]
:post [(FlowSet? %)]}
(:flow r))
(t/ann no-bounds Bounds)
(def no-bounds (->Bounds (->Top) (Un) nil))
(def ^:dynamic *mutated-bindings* #{})
(defn is-var-mutated? [id]
(contains? *mutated-bindings* id))
(u/ann-record FlowSet [normal :- fr/IFilter])
(u/defrecord FlowSet [normal]
"The filter that is true when an expression returns normally ie. not an exception."
[(@(Filter?-var) normal)])
(u/ann-record TCResult [t :- TCType
fl :- fr/IFilter
o :- or/IRObject
flow :- FlowSet])
(u/defrecord TCResult [t fl o flow]
"This record represents the result of typechecking an expression"
[(Type? t)
(@(FilterSet?-var) fl)
(@(RObject?-var) o)
(FlowSet? flow)])
(declare-AnyType TCResult)
(t/ann -flow [fr/IFilter -> FlowSet])
(defn -flow [normal]
(->FlowSet normal))
(t/ann ^:nocheck ret
(Fn [TCType -> TCResult]
[TCType TempFilterSet -> TCResult]
[TCType TempFilterSet or/IRObject -> TCResult]
[TCType TempFilterSet or/IRObject FlowSet -> TCResult]))
(defn ret
"Convenience function for returning the type of an expression"
([t] (let [-FS @(-FS-var)
-top @(-top-var)
-empty @(-empty-var)]
(ret t (-FS -top -top) -empty (-flow -top))))
([t f]
(let [-top @(-top-var)
-empty @(-empty-var)]
(ret t f -empty (-flow -top))))
([t f o]
(let [-top @(-top-var)]
(ret t f o (-flow -top))))
([t f o flow]
{:pre [(AnyType? t)
(@(FilterSet?-var) f)
(@(RObject?-var) o)
(FlowSet? flow)]
:post [(TCResult? %)]}
(->TCResult t f o flow)))
(t/ann ret-t [TCResult -> TCType])
(defn ret-t [r]
{:pre [(TCResult? r)]
:post [(AnyType? %)]}
(:t r))
(t/ann ^:nocheck ret-f [TCResult -> TempFilterSet])
(defn ret-f [r]
{:pre [(TCResult? r)]
:post [(@(FilterSet?-var) %)]}
(:fl r))
(t/ann ^:nocheck ret-o [TCResult -> or/IRObject])
(defn ret-o [r]
{:pre [(TCResult? r)]
:post [(@(RObject?-var) %)]}
(:o r))
(t/ann ret-flow [TCResult -> FlowSet])
(defn ret-flow [r]
{:pre [(TCResult? r)]
:post [(FlowSet? %)]}
(:flow r))
(t/ann ^:nocheck flow-normal [FlowSet -> fr/IFilter])
(defn flow-normal [f]
{:pre [(FlowSet? f)]
:post [(@(Filter?-var) %)]}
(:normal f))
;; Utils
;; It seems easier to put these here because of dependencies
(t/ann ^:nocheck visit-bounds [Bounds [TCType -> TCType] -> Bounds])
(defn visit-bounds
"Apply f to each element of bounds"
[ty f]
{:pre [(Bounds? ty)]
:post [(Bounds? ty)]}
(-> ty
(update-in [:upper-bound] #(when %
(f %)))
(update-in [:lower-bound] #(when %
(f %)))
(update-in [:higher-kind] #(when %
(f %)))))
(t/ann ^:nocheck make-Result
(Fn [TCType -> Result]
[TCType (U nil fr/IFilter) -> Result]
[TCType (U nil fr/IFilter) (U nil or/IRObject) -> Result]
[TCType (U nil fr/IFilter) (U nil or/IRObject) (U nil FlowSet) -> Result]))
(defn make-Result
"Make a result. ie. the range of a Function"
([t] (make-Result t nil nil nil))
([t f] (make-Result t f nil nil))
([t f o] (make-Result t f o nil))
([t f o flow]
(let [-FS @(-FS-var)
-top @(-top-var)
-empty @(-empty-var)]
(->Result t (or f (-FS -top -top)) (or o -empty) (or flow (-flow -top))))))
(t/ann ^:nocheck make-Function
(Fn [(U nil (Seqable TCType)) TCType -> Function]
[(U nil (Seqable TCType)) TCType (U nil TCType) -> Function]
[(U nil (Seqable TCType)) TCType (U nil TCType) (U nil TCType)
& {:filter (U nil TempFilterSet) :object (U nil or/IRObject)
:mandatory-kws (U nil (IPersistentMap TCType TCType))
:optional-kws (U nil (IPersistentMap TCType TCType))}
-> Function]))
(defn make-Function
"Make a function, wrap range type in a Result.
Accepts optional :filter and :object parameters that default to the most general filter
and EmptyObject"
([dom rng] (make-Function dom rng nil nil))
([dom rng rest] (make-Function dom rng rest nil))
([dom rng rest drest & {:keys [filter object mandatory-kws optional-kws flow]}]
(let [-FS @(-FS-var)
-top @(-top-var)
-empty @(-empty-var)]
(->Function dom (make-Result rng filter object flow)
rest drest (when (or mandatory-kws optional-kws)
(->KwArgs (or mandatory-kws {})
(or optional-kws {})))))))
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