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Gradual typing in Clojure, as a library.

Releases and Dependency Information

Latest stable release is 0.2.3.

Leiningen dependency information:

[org.clojure/core.typed "0.2.3"]

; for very recent releases
:repositories {"sonatype-oss-public" ""}

Maven dependency information:


[Talk] Clojure Conj 2012


Mailing List

Use the core.typed mailing list for core.typed discussion, or try #clojure on IRC (the main developer is ambrosebs).


See wiki.

API Reference

Ambrose's blog

Leiningen Plugin



(clojure.core.typed/ann v t) gives var v the static type t.

(clojure.core.typed/ann-form f t) ensures form f is of the static type t.

(clojure.core.typed/check-ns) type checks the current namespace.

(clojure.core.typed/cf t) type checks the form t.

Developer Information


  • Stephen Compall (S11001001)
  • Andrew Brehaut (brehaut)


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Copyright © Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant, Rich Hickey & contributors.

Licensed under the EPL (see the file epl.html).

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