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;; Copyright (c) Jonas Enlund. All rights reserved. The use and
;; distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
;; Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this
;; distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are
;; agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not
;; remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns ^{:author "Jonas Enlund"
:doc "Reading and writing comma separated values."}
(:require (clojure [string :as str]))
(:import ( PushbackReader Reader Writer StringReader EOFException)))
;(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
;; Reading
(def ^{:private true} lf (int \newline))
(def ^{:private true} cr (int \return))
(def ^{:private true} eof -1)
(defn- read-quoted-cell [^PushbackReader reader ^StringBuilder sb sep quote]
(loop [ch (.read reader)]
(condp == ch
quote (let [next-ch (.read reader)]
(condp == next-ch
quote (do (.append sb (char quote))
(recur (.read reader)))
sep :sep
lf :eol
cr (let [next-next-ch (.read reader)]
(when (not= next-next-ch lf)
(.unread reader next-next-ch))
eof :eof
(throw (Exception. ^String (format "CSV error (unexpected character: %c)" next-ch)))))
eof (throw (EOFException. "CSV error (unexpected end of file)"))
(do (.append sb (char ch))
(recur (.read reader))))))
(defn- read-cell [^PushbackReader reader ^StringBuilder sb sep quote]
(let [first-ch (.read reader)]
(if (== first-ch quote)
(read-quoted-cell reader sb sep quote)
(loop [ch first-ch]
(condp == ch
sep :sep
lf :eol
cr (let [next-ch (.read reader)]
(when (not= next-ch lf)
(.unread reader next-ch))
eof :eof
(do (.append sb (char ch))
(recur (.read reader))))))))
(defn- read-record [reader sep quote]
(loop [record (transient [])]
(let [cell (StringBuilder.)
sentinel (read-cell reader cell sep quote)]
(if (= sentinel :sep)
(recur (conj! record (str cell)))
[(persistent! (conj! record (str cell))) sentinel]))))
(defprotocol Read-CSV-From
(read-csv-from [input sep quote]))
(extend-protocol Read-CSV-From
(read-csv-from [s sep quote]
(read-csv-from (PushbackReader. (StringReader. s)) sep quote))
(read-csv-from [reader sep quote]
(read-csv-from (PushbackReader. reader) sep quote))
(read-csv-from [reader sep quote]
(let [[record sentinel] (read-record reader sep quote)]
(case sentinel
:eol (cons record (read-csv-from reader sep quote))
:eof (when-not (= record [""])
(cons record nil)))))))
(defn read-csv
"Reads CSV-data from input (String or into a lazy
sequence of vectors.
Valid options are
:separator (default \\,)
:quote (default \\\")"
[input & options]
(let [{:keys [separator quote] :or {separator \, quote \"}} options]
(read-csv-from input (int separator) (int quote))))
;; Writing
(defn- write-cell [^Writer writer obj sep quote quote?]
(let [string (str obj)
must-quote (quote? string)]
(when must-quote (.write writer (int quote)))
(.write writer (if must-quote
(str/escape string
{quote (str quote quote)})
(when must-quote (.write writer (int quote)))))
(defn- write-record [^Writer writer record sep quote quote?]
(loop [record record]
(when-first [cell record]
(write-cell writer cell sep quote quote?)
(when-let [more (next record)]
(.write writer (int sep))
(recur more)))))
(defn- write-csv*
[^Writer writer records sep quote quote? ^String newline]
(loop [records records]
(when-first [record records]
(write-record writer record sep quote quote?)
(.write writer newline)
(recur (next records)))))
(defn write-csv
"Writes data to writer in CSV-format.
Valid options are
:separator (Default \\,)
:quote (Default \\\")
:quote? (A predicate function which determines if a string should be quoted. Defaults to quoting only when necessary.)
:newline (:lf (default) or :cr+lf)"
[writer data & options]
(let [opts (apply hash-map options)
separator (or (:separator opts) \,)
quote (or (:quote opts) \")
quote? (or (:quote? opts) #(some #{separator quote \return \newline} %))
newline (or (:newline opts) :lf)]
(write-csv* writer
({:lf "\n" :cr+lf "\r\n"} newline))))
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