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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey, Stuart Halloway, and contributors.
; All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(ns ^{:author "Stuart Halloway"
:doc "Data generators for Clojure."}
(:refer-clojure :exclude [byte char long int short float double boolean string symbol keyword list vec set hash-map name rand-nth byte-array boolean-array short-array char-array int-array long-array float-array double-array shuffle bigint bigdec])
(:require [clojure.core :as core]))
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(def ^:dynamic ^java.util.Random
"Random instance for use in generators. By consistently using this
instance you can get a repeatable basis for tests."
(java.util.Random. 42))
(defn- call-through
"Recursively call x until it doesn't return a function."
(if (fn? x)
(recur (x))
(defn reps
"Returns sizer repetitions of f (or (f) if f is a fn)."
[sizer f]
(let [count (call-through sizer)]
(if (fn? f)
(repeatedly count f)
(repeat count f))))
(defn geometric
"Geometric distribution with mean 1/p."
^long [p]
(core/long (Math/ceil (/ (Math/log (.nextDouble *rnd*))
(Math/log (- 1.0 p))))))
(defn uniform
"Uniform distribution from lo (inclusive) to hi (exclusive).
Defaults to range of Java long."
(^long [] (.nextLong *rnd*))
(^long[lo hi] {:pre [(< lo hi)]}
(clojure.core/long (Math/floor (+ lo (* (.nextDouble *rnd*) (- hi lo)))))))
(defn float
"Generate a float between 0 and 1 based on *rnd*"
^double []
(.nextFloat *rnd*))
(defn double
"Generate a double between 0 and 1 based on *rnd*."
^double []
(.nextDouble *rnd*))
(defn rand-nth
"Replacement of core/rand-nth that allows control of the
randomization basis (through binding *rnd*)."
(nth coll (uniform 0 (count coll))))
(defn tuple
"Generate a tuple with one element from each generator."
[& generators]
(into [] (map #(%) generators)))
(defn weighted
"Given a map of generators and weights, return a value from one of
the generators, selecting generator based on weights."
(let [weights (reductions + (vals m))
total (last weights)
choices (map vector (keys m) weights)]
(let [choice (uniform 0 total)]
(loop [[[c w] & more] choices]
(when w
(if (< choice w)
(call-through c)
(recur more)))))))
(defn one-of
"Generates one of the specs passed in, with equal probability."
([& specs]
(weighted (zipmap specs (repeat 1)))))
(def long
"Returns a long based on *rnd*. Same as uniform."
(defn ratio
"Generate a ratio, with numerator and denominator uniform longs
or as specified"
([] (ratio long long))
([num-gen denom-gen] (/ (num-gen) (denom-gen))))
(defn int
"Returns a int based on *rnd* in the int range."
(uniform Integer/MIN_VALUE (inc Integer/MAX_VALUE)))
(defn short
"Returns a short based on *rnd* in the short range."
(uniform Short/MIN_VALUE (inc (core/long Short/MAX_VALUE))))
(defn byte
"Returns a long based on *rnd* in the byte range."
^long []
(uniform Byte/MIN_VALUE (inc (core/int Byte/MAX_VALUE))))
(defn boolean
"Returns a bool based on *rnd*."
(.nextBoolean *rnd*))
(defn printable-ascii-char
"Returns a char based on *rnd* in the printable ascii range."
(core/char (uniform 32 127)))
(defn char
"Returns a character based on *rnd* in the range 0-65536."
(core/char (uniform 0 65536)))
(defn default-sizer
"Default sizer used to run tests. If you want a specific distribution,
create your own and pass it to a fn that wants a sizer."
(dec (geometric 0.02)))
(defn list
"Create a list with elements from f and sized from sizer."
([f] (list f default-sizer))
([f sizer]
(reps sizer f)))
(defmacro primitive-array
(let [fn-name (core/symbol (str type "-array"))
factory-name (core/symbol (str "core/" fn-name))
cast-name (core/symbol (str "core/" type))]
`(defn ~fn-name
"Create an array with elements from f and sized from sizer."
(~fn-name ~'f default-sizer))
([~'f ~'sizer]
(let [~'arr (~factory-name (call-through ~'sizer))]
(dotimes [~'i (count ~'arr)]
(aset ~'arr ~'i (~cast-name (call-through ~'f))))
(defmacro primitive-arrays
`(do ~@(map (fn [type] `(primitive-array ~type)) types)))
(primitive-arrays ["byte" "short" "long" "char" "double" "float" "int" "boolean"])
#_(defn byte-array
(byte-array f default-sizer))
([f sizer]
(let [arr (core/byte-array (call-through default-sizer))]
(dotimes [i (count arr)]
(aset arr i (core/byte (call-through f))))
;; TODO: sensible default distributions for bigint, bigdec
(defn bigint
^clojure.lang.BigInt []
(loop []
(let [i (try
(BigInteger. ^bytes (byte-array byte))
(catch NumberFormatException e :retry))]
(if (= i :retry) (recur) (core/bigint i)))))
(defn bigdec
(BigDecimal. (.toBigInteger (bigint)) (geometric 0.01)))
(defn vec
"Create a vec with elements from f and sized from sizer."
([f] (vec f default-sizer))
([f sizer]
(into [] (reps sizer f))))
(defn set
"Create a set with elements from f and sized from sizer."
([f] (set f default-sizer))
([f sizer]
(into #{} (reps sizer f))))
(defn hash-map
"Create a hash-map with keys from fk, vals from fv, and
sized from sizer."
([fk fv] (hash-map fk fv default-sizer))
([fk fv sizer]
(into {}
(zipmap (reps sizer fk)
(reps sizer fv)))))
(defn string
"Create a string with chars from f and sized from sizer."
([] (string printable-ascii-char))
([f] (string f default-sizer))
([f sizer] (apply str (reps sizer f))))
(def ^:private ascii-alpha
(concat (range 65 (+ 65 26))
(range 97 (+ 97 26))))
(def ^:private symbol-start
(-> (concat ascii-alpha [\* \+ \! \- \_ \?])
(def ^:private symbol-char
(into symbol-start [\1 \2 \3 \4 \5 \6 \7 \8 \9 \0]))
;; cannot generate every legal prefix, but at least avoids
;; the illegal "-1"
(defn- name-prefix
(str (rand-nth [(core/char (rand-nth symbol-start)) ""])
(core/char (rand-nth ascii-alpha))))
(defn- name-body
(string #(core/char (rand-nth symbol-char)) sizer))
(defn- name
([] (name default-sizer))
(str (name-prefix)
(name-body sizer))))
(defn symbol
"Create a non-namespaced symbol sized from sizer."
([] (symbol default-sizer))
([sizer] (core/symbol (name sizer))))
(defn keyword
"Create a non-namespaced keyword sized from sizer."
([] (keyword default-sizer))
([sizer] (core/keyword (name sizer))))
(defn uuid
"Create a UUID based on uniform distribution of low and high parts."
(java.util.UUID. (long) (long)))
(defn date
"Create a date with geometric mean around base which defaults to
#inst \"2007-10-16T00:00:00.000-00:00\""
([] (date #inst "2007-10-16T00:00:00.000-00:00"))
([^java.util.Date base]
(java.util.Date. (geometric (/ 1 (.getTime base))))))
(def scalars
[(constantly nil)
(defn scalar
"Returns a scalar based on *rnd*."
(call-through (rand-nth scalars)))
(def collections
[[vec [scalars]]
[set [scalars]]
[hash-map [scalars scalars]]])
(defn collection
"Returns a collection of scalar elements based on *rnd*."
(let [[coll args] (rand-nth collections)]
(apply coll (map rand-nth args))))
(defn anything
"Returns a scalar or collection based on *rnd*."
(one-of scalar collection))
(defn ^:private fisher-yates
(let [as (object-array coll)]
(loop [i (dec (count as))]
(if (<= 1 i)
(let [j (uniform 0 (inc i))
t (aget as i)]
(aset as i (aget as j))
(aset as j t)
(recur (dec i)))
(into (empty coll) (seq as))))))
(defn shuffle
"Shuffle coll based on *rnd*"
;; using our own fischer-yates instead of core/shuffle so that
;; we'll get the same shuffle, given the same *rnd*.
(fisher-yates coll))
(defn reservoir-sample
"Reservoir sample ct items from coll, using *rnd*."
[ct coll]
(loop [result (transient (core/vec (take ct coll)))
n ct
coll (drop ct coll)]
(if (seq coll)
(let [pos (uniform 0 n)]
(recur (if (< pos ct)
(assoc! result pos (first coll))
(inc n)
(rest coll)))
(persistent! result))))