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Fix pprint to work with new calling options

* Except :value-fn which doesn't quite fit into pprint's
  calling model
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1 parent e01ae71 commit 93bfff103bf36ff2dac9fcb1338e6297f90ff4c3 @stuartsierra stuartsierra committed Sep 14, 2012
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  1. +23 −21 src/main/clojure/clojure/data/json_new.clj
@@ -418,9 +418,7 @@
*escape-slash* escape-slash
*key-fn* key-fn
*value-fn* value-fn]
- (let [out-value (value-fn x)]
- (when-not (= *value-fn* out-value)
- (-write-json out-value (PrintWriter. writer)))))))
+ (-write-json x (PrintWriter. writer)))))
(defn json-str
"Converts x to a JSON-formatted string. Options are the same as
@@ -434,34 +432,38 @@
;; Based on code by Tom Faulhaber
-(defn- pprint-json-array [s escape-unicode]
+(defn- pprint-json-array [s]
((pprint/formatter-out "~<[~;~@{~w~^, ~:_~}~;]~:>") s))
-(defn- pprint-json-object [m escape-unicode]
+(defn- pprint-json-object [m]
((pprint/formatter-out "~<{~;~@{~<~w:~_~w~:>~^, ~_~}~;}~:>")
- (for [[k v] m] [(as-str k) v])))
+ (for [[k v] m] [(*key-fn* k) v])))
-(defn- pprint-json-generic [x escape-unicode]
+(defn- pprint-json-generic [x]
(if (.isArray (class x))
- (pprint-json-array (seq x) escape-unicode)
- (print (json-str x :escape-unicode escape-unicode))))
+ (pprint-json-array (seq x))
+ ;; pprint proxies Writer, so we can't just wrap it
+ (print (with-out-str (-write-json x (PrintWriter. *out*))))))
-(defn- pprint-json-dispatch [x escape-unicode]
+(defn- pprint-json-dispatch [x]
(cond (nil? x) (print "null")
- (instance? java.util.Map x) (pprint-json-object x escape-unicode)
- (instance? java.util.Collection x) (pprint-json-array x escape-unicode)
- (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq x) (pprint-json-array x escape-unicode)
- :else (pprint-json-generic x escape-unicode)))
+ (instance? java.util.Map x) (pprint-json-object x)
+ (instance? java.util.Collection x) (pprint-json-array x)
+ (instance? clojure.lang.ISeq x) (pprint-json-array x)
+ :else (pprint-json-generic x)))
(defn pprint-json
- "Pretty-prints JSON representation of x to *out*.
- Valid options are:
- :escape-unicode false
- to turn off \\uXXXX escapes of Unicode characters."
+ "Pretty-prints JSON representation of x to *out*. Options are the
+ same as for write-json except :value-fn, which is not supported."
[x & options]
- (let [{:keys [escape-unicode] :or {escape-unicode true}} options]
- (pprint/write x :dispatch #(pprint-json-dispatch % escape-unicode))))
+ (let [{:keys [escape-unicode escape-slash key-fn]
+ :or {escape-unicode true
+ escape-slash true
+ key-fn default-write-key-fn}} options]
+ (binding [*escape-unicode* escape-unicode
+ *escape-slash* escape-slash
+ *key-fn* key-fn]
+ (pprint/write x :dispatch pprint-json-dispatch))))
;; Local Variables:
;; mode: clojure

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