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Remove tests for specific error messages

Even though that was the point of the previous commit, I don't want to
declare that any specific error message string is part of the public
API. Only the type of the exception is specified.
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1 parent c81595e commit a0a0e6569b50cefd21a66370ca43e43848bd93b1 @stuartsierra stuartsierra committed Jan 18, 2013
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/test/clojure/clojure/data/json_test.clj
@@ -238,11 +238,11 @@
(is (thrown? (json/read-str ""))))
(deftest throws-eof-in-unterminated-array
- (is (thrown-with-msg? #"end-of-file inside array"
+ (is (thrown?
(json/read-str "[1, "))))
(deftest throws-eof-in-unterminated-string
- (is (thrown-with-msg? #"end-of-file inside string"
+ (is (thrown?
(json/read-str "\"missing end quote"))))
(deftest accept-eof

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