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@@ -1301,8 +1301,21 @@"}
(defn find-by-keys
"Given a database connection, a table name, a map of column name/value
pairs, and an optional options map, return any matching rows.
An :order-by option may be supplied to sort the rows by a sequence of
columns, e.g,. {:order-by [:name {:age :desc]}"
An :order-by option may be supplied to sort the rows, e.g.,
{:order-by [{:name :asc} {:age :desc} {:income :asc}]}
;; equivalent to:
{:order-by [:name {:age :desc} :income]}
The :order-by value is a sequence of column names (to sort in ascending
order) and/or maps from column names to directions (:asc or :desc). The
directions may be strings or keywords and are not case-sensitive. They
are mapped to ASC or DESC in the generated SQL.
Note: if a ordering map has more than one key, the order of the columns
in the generated SQL ORDER BY clause is unspecified (so such maps should
only contain one key/value pair)."
([db table columns] (find-by-keys db table columns {}))
([db table columns opts]
(let [{:keys [entities order-by] :as opts}

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