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Common Event Keys

name type notes
tstamp long msec since epoch
thread long thread id
pid long process id
level keyword enum severiry level
type namespaced keyword drive extended interpretation
locals map local bindings
file string file path
ns symbol namespace
line long line number
bindings map dynamic bindings
thread/name string name of a thread
msec long a duration
nsec long a duration
count long a count
tag set of keyword
args list of any args to a fn
return any return value of a fun
exception exception an exception
name symbol a name
description string a non-name characterization of a thing
uuid uuid a unique name
message string a message

Comment Event Types

type notes
error runtime error

Test Event Keys

name type notes
test/count long number of tests
test/threads long number of threads
test/seed long numeric seed
text/expected any
test/actual any
test/library symbol name of test library

Test Events in c.t.g

name begin/end tags? count args test/threads msec context level
:test/group x x info
:test/iter x info
:test/test x x x info
:test/fail x warn
:test/pass info
:assert/pass debug
:assert/fail debug

Keys particular to c.t.

name type
c.t/vars list of symbol
c.t/contexts list of string

Test Events in c.t

name becomes other keys
:pass :assert/pass
:fail :assert/fail :expected, :actual, :message, testing-contexts
:error :error :expected, :actual, :message, testing-contexts
:summary (ignore, do own calc)
:begin/end-test-ns :test/group :begin/:end :ns -> name
:begin/end-test-var :test/test :begin/:end :var -> name
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