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Common Event Keys

tstamplongmsec since epoch
threadlongthread id
pidlongprocess id
levelkeyword enumseveriry level
typenamespaced keyworddrive extended interpretation
localsmaplocal bindings
filestringfile path
linelongline number
bindingsmapdynamic bindings
thread/namestringname of a thread
mseclonga duration
nseclonga duration
countlonga count
tagset of keyword
argslist of anyargs to a fn
returnanyreturn value of a fun
exceptionexceptionan exception
namesymbola name
descriptionstringa non-name characterization of a thing
uuiduuida unique name
messagestringa message

Comment Event Types

errorruntime error

Test Event Keys

test/countlongnumber of tests
test/threadslongnumber of threads
test/seedlongnumeric seed
test/librarysymbolname of test library

Test Events in c.t.g

namebegin/end tags?countargstest/threadsmseccontextlevel

Keys particular to c.t.

c.t/varslist of symbol
c.t/contextslist of string

Test Events in c.t

namebecomesother keys
:fail:assert/fail:expected, :actual, :message, testing-contexts
:error:error:expected, :actual, :message, testing-contexts
:summary(ignore, do own calc)
:begin/end-test-ns:test/group :begin/:end:ns -> name
:begin/end-test-var:test/test :begin/:end:var -> name
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