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;; Copyright (c) Nicola Mometto, Rich Hickey & contributors.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
"Analyzer for clojurescript code, extends tools.analyzer with JS specific passes/forms"
(:refer-clojure :exclude [macroexpand-1 var? *ns* ns-resolve])
(:require [
:as ana
:refer [analyze analyze-in-env]
:rename {analyze -analyze}]
[utils :refer [resolve-ns ctx -source-info dissoc-env const-val mmerge update-vals] :as u]
[ast :refer [prewalk postwalk]]
[env :as env :refer [*env*]]
[passes :refer [schedule]]]
[source-info :refer [source-info]]
[cleanup :refer [cleanup]]
[elide-meta :refer [elide-meta elides]]
[warn-earmuff :refer [warn-earmuff]]
[add-binding-atom :refer [add-binding-atom]]
[uniquify :refer [uniquify-locals]]]
[annotate-tag :refer [annotate-tag]]
[infer-tag :refer [infer-tag]]
[validate :refer [validate]]
[collect-keywords :refer [collect-keywords]]
[analyze-host-expr :refer [analyze-host-expr]]]
:refer [desugar-ns-specs validate-ns-specs ns-resource ns->relpath res-path]]
[env :as cljs.env]
[analyzer :as cljs.ana]
[tagged-literals :as tags]
[js-deps :as deps]]
[clojure.string :as s]
[ :as io]
[ :as reader]
[ :as readers])
(:import cljs.tagged_literals.JSValue))
(alias 'c.c 'clojure.core)
(def specials
"Set of the special forms for clojurescript"
(into ana/specials '#{ns deftype* defrecord* js* case*}))
(defmulti parse
"Extension to tools.analyzer/-parse for CLJS special forms"
(fn [[op & rest] env] op))
(defmethod parse :default
[form env]
(ana/-parse form env))
(def ^:dynamic *ns* 'cljs.user)
(defonce core-env (atom {}))
(defn global-env []
(atom (merge (and cljs.env/*compiler* @cljs.env/*compiler*)
{:namespaces (merge '{goog {:mappings {}, :js-namespace true, :ns goog}
Math {:mappings {}, :js-namespace true, :ns Math}}
:js-dependency-index (deps/js-dependency-index {})})))
(defn empty-env
"Returns an empty env map"
{:context :ctx/statement
:locals {}
:ns *ns*})
(defn fix-ns [ns]
(case ns
("clojure.core" "")
(defn fix-ns-macro [ns]
(let [ns (fix-ns ns)]
(if (= "cljs.core" ns)
(defn fix-symbol [sym]
(symbol (fix-ns (namespace sym)) (name sym)))
(defn ns-resolve [ns sym]
(let [ns (if (string? ns)
(symbol ns)
sym (if (string? sym)
(symbol sym)
(and (find-ns ns)
(c.c/ns-resolve ns sym))))
(defn maybe-macro [sym {:keys [ns]}]
(let [var (if-let [sym-ns (fix-ns-macro (namespace sym))]
(if-let [full-ns (get-in (env/deref-env)
[:namespaces ns :macro-aliases (symbol sym-ns)])]
(ns-resolve full-ns (name sym))
(ns-resolve sym-ns (name sym)))
(get-in (env/deref-env) [:namespaces ns :macro-mappings sym]))]
(when (:macro (meta var))
(defn resolve-sym [sym env]
(or (u/resolve-sym (fix-symbol sym) env)
(get-in env [:locals sym])))
(defn dotted-symbol? [form env]
(let [n (name form)
ns (namespace form)
idx (.indexOf n ".")
sym (and (pos? idx)
(symbol ns (.substring n 0 idx)))]
(and (not= idx -1)
(not (resolve-sym form env))
(not= sym form)
(resolve-sym sym env))))
(defn desugar-symbol [form env]
(let [ns (fix-ns (namespace form))
n (name form)
form (symbol ns n)]
(if (dotted-symbol? form env)
(let [idx (.indexOf n ".")
sym (symbol ns (.substring n 0 idx))]
(list '. sym (symbol (str "-" (.substring n (inc idx) (count n))))))
(defn desugar-host-expr [form env]
(if (symbol? (first form))
(let [[op & expr] form
opname (name op)
opns (namespace op)]
;; (.foo bar ..) -> (. bar foo ..)
(= (first opname) \.)
(let [[target & args] expr
args (list* (symbol (subs opname 1)) args)]
(list '. target (if (= 1 (count args))
(first args) args)))
;; (foo. ..) -> (new foo ..)
(= (last opname) \.)
(let [op-s (str op)]
(list* 'new (symbol (subs op-s 0 (dec (count op-s)))) expr))
;; ( ..) -> (. var foo ..)
(dotted-symbol? op env)
(let [idx (.indexOf opname ".")
sym (symbol opns (.substring opname 0 idx))]
(list '. sym (list* (symbol (.substring opname (inc idx) (count opname))) expr)))
:else (list* (fix-symbol op) expr)))
(defn macroexpand-1 [form env]
"If form represents a macro form returns its expansion, else returns form."
(env/ensure (global-env)
(if (seq? form)
(let [op (first form)]
(if (or (not (symbol? op))
(specials op))
(if-let [clj-macro (and (not (-> env :locals (get op)))
(maybe-macro op env))]
(with-bindings (merge {#'c.c/*ns* (create-ns *ns*)}
(when-not (thread-bound? #'*ns*)
{#'*ns* *ns*}))
(let [ret (apply clj-macro form env (rest form))] ; (m &form &env & args)
(if (and (seq? ret)
(= 'js* (first ret)))
(vary-meta ret merge
(when (-> clj-macro meta :cljs.analyzer/numeric)
{:tag 'number}))
(with-meta (desugar-host-expr form env) (meta form)))))
(with-meta (desugar-symbol form env) (meta form)))))
(defn create-var
"Creates a var map for sym and returns it."
[sym {:keys [ns]}]
(with-meta {:op :var
:name sym
:ns ns}
(meta sym)))
(defn var? [x]
(= :var (:op x)))
;; can it be :literal ?
(defn analyze-js-value
[form env]
(let [val (.val ^JSValue form)
items-env (ctx env :expr)]
(if (map? val)
;; keys should always be symbols/kewords, do we really need to analyze them?
{:op :js-object
:env env
:keys (mapv (analyze-in-env items-env) (keys val))
:vals (mapv (analyze-in-env items-env) (vals val))
:form form
:children [:keys :vals]}
{:op :js-array
:env env
:items (mapv (analyze-in-env items-env) val)
:form form
:children [:items]})))
(defn analyze-form
[form env]
(if (instance? JSValue form)
(analyze-js-value form env)
(ana/-analyze-form form env)))
(defn parse-type
[op [_ name fields pmasks body :as form] {:keys [ns] :as env}]
(let [fields-expr (mapv (fn [name]
{:env env
:form name
:name name
:mutable (:mutable (meta name))
:local :field
:op :binding})
protocols (-> name meta :protocols)
_ (swap! *env* assoc-in [:namespaces ns :mappings name]
{:op :var
:type true
:name name
:ns ns
:fields fields
:protocols protocols})
body-expr (-analyze body (assoc env
:locals (zipmap fields (map dissoc-env fields-expr))))]
{:op op
:env env
:form form
:name name
:fields fields-expr
:body body-expr
:pmasks pmasks
:protocols protocols
:children [:fields :body]}))
(defmethod parse 'deftype*
[form env]
(parse-type :deftype form env))
(defmethod parse 'defrecord*
[form env]
(parse-type :defrecord form env))
;; no ~{foo} support since cljs itself doesn't use it anywhere
(defmethod parse 'js*
[[_ jsform & args :as form] env]
(when-not (string? jsform)
(throw (ex-info "Invalid js* form"
(merge {:form form}
(-source-info form env)))))
(let [segs (loop [segs [] ^String s jsform]
(let [idx (.indexOf s "~{")]
(if (= -1 idx)
(conj segs s)
(recur (conj segs (subs s 0 idx))
(subs s (inc (.indexOf s "}" idx)))))))
exprs (mapv (analyze-in-env (ctx env :ctx/expr)) args)]
{:op :js
:env env
:form form
:segs segs}
(when args
{:args exprs
:children [:args]}))))
(defmethod parse 'case*
[[_ test tests thens default :as form] env]
(assert (symbol? test) "case* must switch on symbol")
(assert (every? vector? tests) "case* tests must be grouped in vectors")
(let [expr-env (ctx env :expr)
test-expr (-analyze test expr-env)
nodes (mapv (fn [tests then]
{:op :case-node
;; no :form, this is a synthetic grouping node
:env env
:tests (mapv (fn [test]
{:op :case-test
:form test
:env expr-env
:test (-analyze test expr-env)
:children [:test]})
:then {:op :case-then
:form test
:env env
:then (-analyze then env)
:children [:then]}
:children [:tests :then]})
tests thens)
default-expr (-analyze default env)]
(assert (every? (fn [t] (and (= :const (-> t :test :op))
((some-fn number? string?) (:form t))))
(mapcat :tests nodes))
"case* tests must be numbers or strings")
{:op :case
:form form
:env env
:test (assoc test-expr :case-test true)
:nodes nodes
:default default-expr
:children [:test :nodes :default]}))
(def ^:private ^:dynamic *deps-map* {:path [] :deps #{}})
(declare analyze-ns)
(defn ensure-loaded [ns {:keys [refer]}]
(assert (not (contains? (:deps *deps-map*) ns))
(str "Circular dependency detected :" (conj (:path *deps-map*) ns)))
(binding [*deps-map* (-> *deps-map*
(update-in [:path] conj ns)
(update-in [:deps] conj ns))]
(let [namespaces (-> (env/deref-env) :namespaces)]
(or (and (get namespaces ns)
(not (get-in namespaces [ns :js-namespace])))
(and (get-in (env/deref-env) [:js-dependency-index (name ns)])
(swap! env/*env* update-in [:namespaces ns] merge
{:ns ns
:js-namespace true})
(swap! env/*env* update-in [:namespaces ns :mappings] merge
(reduce (fn [m k] (assoc m k {:op :js-var
:name k
:ns ns}))
{} refer)))
(analyze-ns ns)))))
(defn core-macros []
(reduce-kv (fn [m k v]
(if (:macro (meta v))
(assoc m k v)
{} (ns-interns '
(defn populate-env
[{:keys [import require require-macros refer-clojure]} ns-name env]
(let [imports (reduce-kv (fn [m prefix suffixes]
(merge m (into {} (mapv (fn [s] [s {:op :js-var
:ns prefix
:name s}]) suffixes)))) {} import)
require-aliases (reduce (fn [m [ns {:keys [as]}]]
(if as
(assoc m as ns)
m)) {} require)
require-mappings (reduce (fn [m [ns {:keys [refer] :as spec}]]
(ensure-loaded ns spec)
(reduce #(assoc %1 %2 (get-in (env/deref-env)
[:namespaces ns :mappings %2])) m refer))
{} require)
core-mappings (apply dissoc (get-in (env/deref-env) [:namespaces 'cljs.core :mappings]) (:exclude refer-clojure))
macro-aliases (reduce (fn [m [ns {:keys [as]}]]
(if as
(assoc m as ns)
m)) {} require-macros)
core-macro-mappings (apply dissoc (core-macros) (:exclude refer-clojure))
macro-mappings (reduce (fn [m [ns {:keys [refer]}]]
(c.c/require ns)
(reduce #(let [m (ns-resolve ns (name %2))]
(if (:macro (meta m))
(assoc %1 %2 m)
%1)) m refer))
{} require-macros)]
(swap! *env* assoc-in [:namespaces ns-name]
{:ns ns-name
:mappings (merge core-mappings require-mappings imports)
:aliases require-aliases
:macro-mappings (merge core-macro-mappings macro-mappings)
:macro-aliases macro-aliases})))
(defmethod parse 'ns
[[_ name & args :as form] env]
(when-not (symbol? name)
(throw (ex-info (str "Namespaces must be named by a symbol, had: "
(.getName ^Class (class name)))
(merge {:form form}
(-source-info form env)))))
(let [[docstring & args] (if (string? (first args))
(cons nil args))
[metadata & args] (if (map? (first args))
(cons {} args))
name (vary-meta name merge metadata)
ns-opts (doto (desugar-ns-specs args form env)
(validate-ns-specs form env)
(populate-env name env))]
(set! *ns* name)
{:op :ns
:env env
:form form
:name name
:depends (set (keys (:require ns-opts)))}
(when docstring
{:doc docstring})
(when metadata
{:meta metadata}))))
(defmethod parse 'def
[[_ sym & rest :as form] env]
(let [ks #{:ns :name :doc :arglists :file :line :column}
meta (meta sym)
m (merge {}
(update-vals (select-keys meta ks) (fn [x] (list 'quote x)))
(when (:test meta)
{:test `(.-cljs$lang$test ~sym)}))]
(ana/-parse (with-meta `(def ~(with-meta sym m) ~@rest) (meta form)) env)))
(def default-passes
"Set of passes that will be run by default on the AST by #'run-passes"
(def scheduled-default-passes
(schedule default-passes))
(defn ^:dynamic run-passes
"Function that will be invoked on the AST tree immediately after it has been constructed,
by default set-ups and runs the default passes declared in #'default-passes"
(scheduled-default-passes ast))
(defn analyze
"Returns an AST for the form.
Binds tools.analyzer/{macroexpand-1,create-var,parse} to
tools.analyzer.js/{macroexpand-1,create-var,parse} and analyzes the form.
If provided, opts should be a map of options to analyze, currently the only valid
options are :bindings and :passes-opts.
If provided, :bindings should be a map of Var->value pairs that will be merged into the
default bindings for tools.analyzer, useful to provide custom extension points.
If provided, :passes-opts should be a map of pass-name-kw->pass-config-map pairs that
can be used to configure the behaviour of each pass.
(analyze form env {:bindings {#'ana/macroexpand-1 my-mexpand-1}})
Calls `run-passes` on the AST."
([form] (analyze form (empty-env) {}))
([form env] (analyze form env {}))
([form env opts]
(with-bindings (merge {#'ana/macroexpand-1 macroexpand-1
#'ana/create-var create-var
#'ana/parse parse
#'ana/var? var?
#'ana/analyze-form analyze-form
#'elides (-> elides
(update-in [:all] into #{:line :column :end-line :end-column :file :source})
(assoc-in [:fn] #{:cljs.analyzer/type :cljs.analyzer/protocol-impl :cljs.analyzer/protocol-inline}))}
(when-not (thread-bound? #'*ns*)
{#'*ns* *ns*})
(:bindings opts))
(env/ensure (global-env)
(swap! env/*env* mmerge {:passes-opts (:passes-opts opts)})
(run-passes (-analyze form env))))))
(defn analyze-ns
"Analyzes a whole namespace, returns a vector of the ASTs for all the
top-level ASTs of that namespace."
(env/ensure (global-env)
(let [res (ns-resource ns)]
(assert res (str "Can't find " ns " in classpath"))
(let [filename (ns->relpath ns)
path (res-path res)]
(when-not (get-in *env* [::analyzed-cljs path])
(binding [*ns* *ns*
*file* filename]
(with-open [rdr (io/reader res)]
(let [pbr (readers/indexing-push-back-reader
( rdr) 1 filename)
eof (Object.)
env (empty-env)]
(loop []
(let [form (binding [c.c/*ns* (create-ns *ns*)
reader/*data-readers* tags/*cljs-data-readers*
reader/*alias-map* (apply merge {}
(-> (env/deref-env) :namespaces (get *ns*)
(select-keys #{:aliases :macro-aliases})
(reader/read pbr nil eof))]
(when-not (identical? form eof)
(swap! *env* update-in [::analyzed-cljs path]
(fnil conj [])
(analyze form (assoc env :ns *ns*)))
(get-in @*env* [::analyzed-cljs path])))))
(defn backup-env
"Caches the current namespaces state in a resource file, can be restored with
(env/ensure (global-env)
(with-redefs [clojure.core/pr-on (fn [x w] (if (clojure.core/var? x)
(print-dup x w)
(print-method x w))
(binding [*print-level* nil
*print-length* nil
*print-meta* true]
(let [s (pr-str (:namespaces (env/deref-env)))]
(spit (io/resource "tools.analyzer.js/cached-env.res") s))))))
(defn restore-env
"Uses a cached env to populate the default namespace map"
(reset! core-env
(reader/read-string (slurp (io/resource "tools.analyzer.js/cached-env.res")))))
(defn setup-rt!
"Setups the basic runtime, loading cljs.core and initializing cljs.user"
(require '
(when-not (or (seq @core-env)
(seq (restore-env)))
(env/with-env (global-env)
(analyze-ns 'cljs.core)
(analyze '(ns cljs.user))
(reset! core-env (select-keys (:namespaces (env/deref-env)) '[cljs.core cljs.user])))))
(defn cljs-env->env
"Converts the namespace map of the current cljs environment in a tools.analyzer.js
namespace map and returns it."
(env/ensure (global-env)
(reduce (fn [m {:keys [name excludes uses requires use-macros require-macros imports defs]}]
(let [imports (reduce-kv (fn [m k v]
(assoc m k (let [s (s/split (c.c/name v) #"\.")]
{:op :js-var
:ns (symbol (s/join "." (butlast s)))
:name (symbol (last s))}))) {} imports)
parse-requires (fn [r] (reduce-kv (fn [m k v] (if (not= k v)
(assoc m k v)
m)) {} r))
core-mappings (apply dissoc (get-in (env/deref-env) [:namespaces 'cljs.core :mappings]) excludes)
core-macro-mappings (apply dissoc (core-macros) excludes)
js-namespaces (reduce (fn [m ns] (assoc m ns {:ns ns :js-namespace true})) {} (set (vals requires)))
mappings (reduce-kv (fn [m k v] (assoc m k {:op (if (js-namespaces v) :js-var :var)
:name k
:ns v})) {} uses)
macro-mappings (reduce-kv (fn [m k v]
(let [macro (ns-resolve v k)]
(if (:macro (meta macro))
(assoc m k macro)
m))) {} uses)
defs (reduce-kv (fn [m k v]
(assoc m k {:op :var
:name (vary-meta k merge (select-keys v #{:protocol-impl}))
:ns name})) {} defs)]
(merge m js-namespaces
{name {:ns name
:mappings (merge imports core-mappings mappings defs)
:macro-mappings (merge core-macro-mappings macro-mappings)
:aliases (parse-requires requires)
:macro-aliases (parse-requires require-macros)}})))
{} (vals @cljs.ana/namespaces))))