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;; Copyright (c) Nicola Mometto, Rich Hickey & contributors.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(:require [ :refer [dynamic?]]))
(defn warn-earmuff
"Prints a warning to *err* if the AST node is a :def node and the
var name contains earmuffs but the var is not marked dynamic"
(let [name (str (:name ast))]
(when (and (= :def (:op ast))
(> (count name) 2) ;; Allow * and ** as non-dynamic names
(.startsWith name "*")
(.endsWith name "*")
(not (dynamic? (:var ast))))
(binding [*out* *err*]
(println "Warning:" name "not declared dynamic and thus is not dynamically rebindable,"
"but its name suggests otherwise."
"Please either indicate ^:dynamic" name "or change the name"))))
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