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;; Copyright (c) Nicola Mometto, Rich Hickey & contributors.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
;; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
;; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
;; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
;; the terms of this license.
;; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(defmulti -emit-form (fn [{:keys [op]} _] op))
(def ^:dynamic -emit-form*
(fn [{:keys [form] :as ast} hygienic?]
(let [expr (-emit-form ast hygienic?)]
(if-let [m (and (instance? clojure.lang.IObj expr)
(meta form))]
(with-meta expr (merge (meta expr) m))
(defn emit-form
"Return the form represented by the given AST"
(-emit-form* ast false))
(defn emit-hygienic-form
"Return an hygienic form represented by the given AST"
(-emit-form* ast true))
(defmethod -emit-form :maybe-class
[{:keys [class]} hygienic?]
(defmethod -emit-form :maybe-host-form
[{:keys [class field]} hygienic?]
(symbol (name class) (name field)))
(defmethod -emit-form :host-call
[{:keys [target method args]} hygienic?]
(list '. (-emit-form* target hygienic?)
(list* method (mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) args))))
(defmethod -emit-form :host-field
[{:keys [target field]} hygienic?]
(list (symbol (str ".-" (name field)))
(-emit-form* target hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :host-interop
[{:keys [target m-or-f]} hygienic?]
(list '. (-emit-form* target hygienic?) m-or-f))
(defmethod -emit-form :local
[{:keys [name form]} hygienic?]
(if hygienic? (with-meta name (meta form)) form))
(defmethod -emit-form :binding
[{:keys [name form]} hygienic?]
(if hygienic? (with-meta name (meta form)) form))
(defmethod -emit-form :var
[{:keys [form]} hygienic?]
(defn emit-bindings [bindings hygienic?]
(mapcat (fn [{:keys [name form init]}]
[(if hygienic? name form) (-emit-form* init hygienic?)])
(defmethod -emit-form :letfn
[{:keys [bindings body]} hygienic?]
`(letfn* [~@(emit-bindings bindings hygienic?)]
~(-emit-form* body hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :let
[{:keys [bindings body]} hygienic?]
`(let* [~@(emit-bindings bindings hygienic?)]
~(-emit-form* body hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :loop
[{:keys [bindings body]} hygienic?]
`(loop* [~@(emit-bindings bindings hygienic?)]
~(-emit-form* body hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :const
[{:keys [form quoted?]} _]
(defmethod -emit-form :quote
[{:keys [expr]} hygienic?]
(list 'quote (-emit-form* expr hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :vector
[{:keys [items]} hygienic?]
(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) items))
(defmethod -emit-form :set
[{:keys [items]} hygienic?]
(set (mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) items)))
(defmethod -emit-form :map
[{:keys [keys vals]} hygienic?]
(apply hash-map (interleave (mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) keys)
(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) vals))))
(defmethod -emit-form :with-meta
[{:keys [expr meta]} hygienic?]
(with-meta (-emit-form* expr hygienic?)
(-emit-form* meta hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :do
[{:keys [ret statements body?]} hygienic?]
(if (and body? (empty? statements))
(-emit-form* ret hygienic?)
`(do ~@(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) statements)
~(-emit-form* ret hygienic?))))
(defmethod -emit-form :if
[{:keys [test then else]} hygienic?]
`(if ~(-emit-form* test hygienic?)
~(-emit-form* then hygienic?)
~@(when-not (nil? (:form else))
[(-emit-form* else hygienic?)])))
(defmethod -emit-form :new
[{:keys [class args]} hygienic?]
`(new ~class ~@(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) args)))
(defmethod -emit-form :set!
[{:keys [target val]} hygienic?]
`(set! ~(-emit-form* target hygienic?) ~(-emit-form* val hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :recur
[{:keys [exprs]} hygienic?]
`(recur ~@(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) exprs)))
(defmethod -emit-form :fn-method
[{:keys [variadic? params body form]} hygienic?]
(let [params-form (mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) params)]
(if variadic? (into (pop params-form)
(conj '[&] (peek params-form)))
(meta (first form)))
~(-emit-form* body hygienic?))))
(defmethod -emit-form :fn
[{:keys [local methods]} hygienic?]
`(fn* ~@(when local [(-emit-form* local hygienic?)])
~@(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) methods)))
(defmethod -emit-form :def
[{:keys [name doc init]} hygienic?]
(let [name (if-let [arglists (:arglists (meta name))]
(with-meta name (assoc (meta name) :arglists (list 'quote arglists)))
`(def ~name ~@(when doc [doc]) ~@(when init [(-emit-form* init hygienic?)]))))
(defmethod -emit-form :invoke
[{:keys [fn args meta]} hygienic?]
(let [expr `(~(-emit-form* fn hygienic?)
~@(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) args))]
(if meta
(with-meta expr meta)
(defmethod -emit-form :try
[{:keys [body catches finally]} hygienic?]
`(try ~(-emit-form* body hygienic?)
~@(mapv #(-emit-form* % hygienic?) catches)
~@(when finally
[`(finally ~(-emit-form* finally hygienic?))])))
(defmethod -emit-form :catch
[{:keys [class local body]} hygienic?]
`(catch ~class ~(-emit-form* local hygienic?)
~(-emit-form* body hygienic?)))
(defmethod -emit-form :throw
[{:keys [exception]} hygienic?]
`(throw ~(-emit-form* exception hygienic?)))
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