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(ns ^{:cljs '}
'(:require [ :as cli :refer [parse-opts summarize]]
[clojure.string :refer [join]]
(:use [ :as cli :only [parse-opts summarize]]
[clojure.string :only [join]]
[clojure.test :only [deftest is testing]])
#_(:cljs (:require-macros [cemerick.cljs.test :refer [deftest is testing]])))
;; Refer private vars
(def tokenize-args ^{:cljs cli/tokenize-args} #'cli/tokenize-args)
(def compile-option-specs ^{:cljs cli/compile-option-specs} #'cli/compile-option-specs)
(def parse-option-tokens ^{:cljs cli/parse-option-tokens} #'cli/parse-option-tokens)
(deftest test-tokenize-args
(testing "expands clumped short options"
(is (= (tokenize-args #{"-p"} ["-abcp80"])
[[[:short-opt "-a"] [:short-opt "-b"] [:short-opt "-c"] [:short-opt "-p" "80"]] []])))
(testing "detects arguments to long options"
(is (= (tokenize-args #{"--port" "--host"} ["--port=80" "--host" ""])
[[[:long-opt "--port" "80"] [:long-opt "--host" ""]] []]))
(is (= (tokenize-args #{} ["--foo=bar" "--noarg=" "--bad =opt"])
[[[:long-opt "--foo" "bar"] [:long-opt "--noarg" ""] [:long-opt "--bad =opt"]] []])))
(testing "stops option processing on double dash"
(is (= (tokenize-args #{} ["-a" "--" "-b"])
[[[:short-opt "-a"]] ["-b"]])))
(testing "finds trailing options unless :in-order is true"
(is (= (tokenize-args #{} ["-a" "foo" "-b"])
[[[:short-opt "-a"] [:short-opt "-b"]] ["foo"]]))
(is (= (tokenize-args #{} ["-a" "foo" "-b"] :in-order true)
[[[:short-opt "-a"]] ["foo" "-b"]])))
(testing "does not interpret single dash as an option"
(is (= (tokenize-args #{} ["-"]) [[] ["-"]]))))
(deftest test-compile-option-specs
(testing "does not set values for :default unless specified"
(is (= (map #(contains? % :default) (compile-option-specs
[["-f" "--foo"]
["-b" "--bar=ARG" :default 0]]))
[false true])))
(testing "interprets first three string arguments as short-opt, long-opt=required, and desc"
(is (= (map (juxt :short-opt :long-opt :required :desc)
(compile-option-specs [["-a" :id :alpha]
["-b" "--beta"]
[nil nil "DESC" :id :gamma]
["-f" "--foo=FOO" "desc"]]))
[["-a" nil nil nil]
["-b" "--beta" nil nil]
[nil nil nil "DESC"]
["-f" "--foo" "FOO" "desc"]])))
(testing "throws AssertionError on unset :id or duplicate :id, :short-opt, :long-opt"
(is (thrown? ^{:cljs js/Error} AssertionError
(compile-option-specs [["-a" :id nil]])))
(is (thrown? ^{:cljs js/Error} AssertionError
(compile-option-specs [["-a" "--alpha"] ["-b" :id :alpha]])))
(is (thrown? ^{:cljs js/Error} AssertionError
(compile-option-specs [{:id :a :short-opt "-a"} {:id :b :short-opt "-a"}])))
(is (thrown? ^{:cljs js/Error} AssertionError
(compile-option-specs [{:id :alpha :long-opt "--alpha"} {:id :beta :long-opt "--alpha"}]))))
(testing "desugars `--long-opt=value`"
(is (= (map (juxt :id :long-opt :required)
(compile-option-specs [[nil "--foo FOO"] [nil "--bar=BAR"]]))
[[:foo "--foo" "FOO"]
[:bar "--bar" "BAR"]])))
(testing "desugars :validate [fn msg]"
(is (= (map (juxt :validate-fn :validate-msg)
[[nil "--name NAME" :validate [seq "Must be present"]]]))
[[seq "Must be present"]])))
(testing "accepts maps as option specs without munging values"
(is (= (compile-option-specs [{:id ::foo :short-opt "-f" :long-opt "--foo" :bad-key nil}])
[{:id ::foo :short-opt "-f" :long-opt "--foo"}]))))
(defn has-error? [re coll]
(seq (filter (partial re-seq re) coll)))
(defn parse-int [x]
^{:cljs (do (assert (re-seq #"^\d" x))
(js/parseInt x))}
(Integer/parseInt x))
(deftest test-parse-option-tokens
(testing "parses and validates option arguments"
(let [specs (compile-option-specs
[["-p" "--port NUMBER"
:parse-fn parse-int
:validate [#(< 0 % 0x10000) "Must be between 0 and 65536"]]
["-f" "--file PATH"
:validate [#(not= \/ (first %)) "Must be a relative path"]]
["-q" "--quiet"
:id :verbose
:default true
:parse-fn not]])]
(is (= (parse-option-tokens specs [[:long-opt "--port" "80"] [:short-opt "-q"]])
[{:port (int 80) :verbose false} []]))
(is (has-error? #"Unknown option"
(peek (parse-option-tokens specs [[:long-opt "--unrecognized"]]))))
(is (has-error? #"Missing required"
(peek (parse-option-tokens specs [[:long-opt "--port"]]))))
(is (has-error? #"Must be between"
(peek (parse-option-tokens specs [[:long-opt "--port" "0"]]))))
(is (has-error? #"Error while parsing"
(peek (parse-option-tokens specs [[:long-opt "--port" "FOO"]]))))
(is (has-error? #"Must be a relative path"
(peek (parse-option-tokens specs [[:long-opt "--file" "/foo"]]))))))
(testing "merges values over default option map"
(let [specs (compile-option-specs
[["-a" "--alpha"]
["-b" "--beta" :default false]
["-g" "--gamma=ARG"]
["-d" "--delta=ARG" :default "DELTA"]])]
(is (= (parse-option-tokens specs [])
[{:beta false :delta "DELTA"} []]))
(is (= (parse-option-tokens specs [[:short-opt "-a"]
[:short-opt "-b"]
[:short-opt "-g" "GAMMA"]
[:short-opt "-d" "delta"]])
[{:alpha true :beta true :gamma "GAMMA" :delta "delta"} []]))))
(testing "associates :id and value with :assoc-fn"
(let [specs (compile-option-specs
[["-a" "--alpha"
:default true
:assoc-fn (fn [m k v] (assoc m k (not v)))]
["-v" "--verbose"
:default 0
:assoc-fn (fn [m k _] (assoc m k (inc (m k))))]])]
(is (= (parse-option-tokens specs [])
[{:alpha true :verbose 0} []]))
(is (= (parse-option-tokens specs [[:short-opt "-a"]])
[{:alpha false :verbose 0} []]))
(is (= (parse-option-tokens specs [[:short-opt "-v"]
[:short-opt "-v"]
[:long-opt "--verbose"]])
[{:alpha true :verbose 3} []])))))
(deftest test-summarize
(testing "summarizes options"
(is (= (summarize (compile-option-specs
[["-s" "--server HOST" "Upstream server"
:default :some-object-whose-string-representation-is-awful
:default-desc ""]
["-p" "--port=PORT" "Upstream port number"
:default 80]
["-o" nil "Output file"
:id :output
:required "PATH"]
["-v" nil "Verbosity level; may be specified more than once"
:id :verbose
:default 0]
[nil "--help"]]))
(join \newline
[" -s, --server HOST Upstream server"
" -p, --port PORT 80 Upstream port number"
" -o PATH Output file"
" -v Verbosity level; may be specified more than once"
" --help"]))))
(testing "does not print :default column when no defaults will be shown"
(is (= (summarize (compile-option-specs [["-b" "--boolean" "A boolean option with a hidden default"
:default true]
["-o" "--option ARG" "An option without a default"]]))
(join \newline [" -b, --boolean A boolean option with a hidden default"
" -o, --option ARG An option without a default"])))))
(deftest test-parse-opts
(testing "parses options to :options"
(is (= (:options (parse-opts ["-abp80"] [["-a" "--alpha"]
["-b" "--beta"]
["-p" "--port PORT"
:parse-fn parse-int]]))
{:alpha true :beta true :port (int 80)})))
(testing "collects error messages into :errors"
(let [specs [["-f" "--file PATH"
:validate [#(not= \/ (first %)) "Must be a relative path"]]
["-p" "--port PORT"
:parse-fn parse-int
:validate [#(< 0 % 0x10000) "Must be between 0 and 65536"]]]
errors (:errors (parse-opts ["-f" "/foo/bar" "-p0"] specs))]
(is (has-error? #"Must be a relative path" errors))
(is (has-error? #"Must be between 0 and 65536" errors))))
(testing "collects unprocessed arguments into :arguments"
(is (= (:arguments (parse-opts ["foo" "-a" "bar" "--" "-b" "baz"]
[["-a" "--alpha"] ["-b" "--beta"]]))
["foo" "bar" "-b" "baz"])))
(testing "provides an option summary at :summary"
(is (re-seq #"-a\W+--alpha" (:summary (parse-opts [] [["-a" "--alpha"]])))))
(testing "processes arguments in order if :in-order is true"
(is (= (:arguments (parse-opts ["-a" "foo" "-b"]
[["-a" "--alpha"] ["-b" "--beta"]]
:in-order true))
["foo" "-b"])))
(testing "accepts optional summary-fn for generating options summary"
(is (= (:summary (parse-opts [] [["-a" "--alpha"] ["-b" "--beta"]]
:summary-fn (fn [specs]
(str "Usage: myprog ["
(join \| (map :long-opt specs))
"] arg1 arg2"))))
"Usage: myprog [--alpha|--beta] arg1 arg2"))))
;; Chas Emerick's PhantomJS test runner
(spit "target/runner.js"
(slurp ( "cemerick/cljs/test/runner.js")))
;; CLJS test runner; same as `lein cljsbuild test`
(defn run-tests []
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