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(:use [clojure.test]
(testing "syntax"
(deftest should-handle-simple-strings
(is (= {:host "localhost"}
(cli '("--host" "localhost") (optional ["--host"])))))
(testing "booleans"
(deftest should-handle-trues
(is (= {:verbose true}
(cli '("--verbose") (optional ["--verbose"])))))
(deftest should-handle-falses
(is (= {:verbose false}
(cli '("--no-verbose") (optional ["--verbose"]))))))
(testing "default values"
(deftest should-default-when-no-value
(is (= {:server ""}
(cli '() (optional ["--server" :default ""])))))
(deftest should-override-when-supplied
(is (= {:server ""}
(cli '("--server" "") (optional ["--server" :default ""]))))))
(deftest should-apply-parse-fn
(is (= {:names ["john" "jeff" "steve"]}
(cli '("--names" "john,jeff,steve")
(optional ["--names"] #(vec (.split % ",")))))))
(testing "aliases"
(deftest should-support-multiple-aliases
(is (= {:server "localhost"}
(cli '("-s" "localhost")
(optional ["-s" "--server"])))))
(deftest should-use-last-alias-provided-as-name-in-map
(is (= {:sizzle "localhost"}
(cli '("-s" "localhost")
(optional ["-s" "--server" "--sizzle"]))))))
(testing "required"
(deftest should-succeed-when-provided
(cli '("--server" "localhost")
(required ["--server"]))))
(testing "grouped parameters"
(deftest should-support-groups
(is (= {:server {:name "localhost"
:port 9090}}
(cli '("--server--name" "localhost" "--server--port" "9090")
(group "--server"
(optional ["--name"])
(optional ["--port"] #(Integer. %)))))))
(deftest should-support-nested-groups
(is (= {:servers {:client {:host {:name "localhost" :port 1234}}}}
(cli '("--servers--client--host--name" "localhost")
(group "--servers"
(group "--client"
(group "--host"
(optional ["--name"])
(optional ["--port" :default 1234]))))))))))
(deftest all-together-now
(is (= {:port 8080
:host "localhost"
:verbose false
:log-directory "/tmp"
:server {:name "localhost"
:port 9090
:paths {:inbound "/dev/null"
:outbound "/tmp/outbound"}}}
(cli '("-p" "8080"
"--log-directory" "/tmp"
"--server--name" "localhost"
"--server--port" "9090"
"--server--paths--inbound" "/dev/null")
(required ["-p" "--port"] #(Integer. %))
(optional ["--host" :default "localhost"])
(optional ["--verbose" :default true])
(optional ["--log-directory" :default "/some/path"])
(group "--server"
(optional ["-n" "--name"])
(optional ["-p" "--port"] #(Integer. %))
(group "--paths"
(optional ["--inbound" :default "/tmp/inbound"])
(optional ["--outbound" :default "/tmp/outbound"])))))))
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