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* Better link to SNAPSHOT versions in Sonatype public repo
* Explain that this is not about Maven/Leiningen dependencies
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@@ -6,17 +6,21 @@ source files, extract their dependencies, build a graph of namespace
dependencies within a project, update that graph as files change, and
reload files in the correct order.
+This is only about namespace dependencies *within* a single project.
+It has nothing to do with Leiningen, Maven, JAR files, or
Releases and Dependency Information
-*Current master branch is unstable*
+* Git master branch is **0.2.0-SNAPSHOT**
* [Latest stable release is 0.1.3](
* [All Released Versions](
-* [Development Snapshot Versions](;gav~org.clojure~tools.namespace~~~)
+* [Development Snapshot Versions](
[Leiningen]( configuration for development snapshots:
@@ -252,6 +256,10 @@ convenience, not a work-around for code that is not reload-safe.
+Try to avoid loading any code before running `refresh` for the first
+time. (For example, by specifing an `:init-ns` for Leiningen.) This
+can cause errors when you do run `refresh` for the first time.
Be careful when reloading the namespace in which you run your REPL.
Because namespaces are removed when reloading, all your past
definitions are lost. It will be easier to keep your REPL in a
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