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@@ -210,20 +210,20 @@ start processes.
It might take a few tries to get it right, but once you have a working
start/stop you can have a workflow like this:
-1. Start up a REPL.
+Step 1. Start up a REPL.
-2. Load the app:
+Step 2. Load the app:
user=> (use '[ :only (refresh)])
user=> (refresh)
user=> (def my-app (create-application))
user=> (start my-app)
-3. Test it out.
+Step 3. Test it out.
-4. Modify some source files.
+Step 4. Modify some source files.
-5. Restart:
+Step 5. Restart:
user=> (stop my-app)
user=> (refresh)

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