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Minor refactoring of tracker

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1 parent d194d82 commit 89a3976acedc2787ee13b691eed59b3752bd8933 @stuartsierra stuartsierra committed Jul 6, 2012
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  1. +16 −15 src/main/clojure/clojure/tools/namespace/tracker.clj
@@ -3,25 +3,25 @@
[ :as tns]
[ :as dep]))
-(defn- remove-deps [deps new-decls]
- (reduce dep/remove-key deps (map second new-decls)))
+(defn- remove-deps [deps decls]
+ (reduce dep/remove-key deps (map second decls)))
-(defn- add-deps [deps new-decls]
+(defn- add-deps [deps decls]
(reduce (fn [ds decl]
(let [nn (second decl)]
- (reduce #(dep/depend %1 nn %2)
+ (reduce (fn [g dep] (dep/depend g nn dep))
ds (tns/deps-from-ns-decl decl))))
- deps new-decls))
+ deps decls))
-(defn- update-deps [deps new-decls]
+(defn- update-deps [deps decls]
(-> deps
- (remove-deps new-decls)
- (add-deps new-decls)))
+ (remove-deps decls)
+ (add-deps decls)))
-(defn- affected-namespaces [deps new-names]
+(defn- affected-namespaces [deps names]
(apply set/union
- (set new-names)
- (map #(dep/transitive-dependents deps %) new-names)))
+ (set names)
+ (map #(dep/transitive-dependents deps %) names)))
(defn tracker
"Returns a new namespace dependency tracker."
@@ -59,17 +59,18 @@
need to be reloaded after files were removed."
[state files]
(let [{:keys [load unload deps namespaces]} state
- removed (keep (comp second namespaces) files)
- new-deps (reduce dep/remove-key deps removed)
- changed (affected-namespaces deps removed)]
+ removed-decls (keep namespaces files)
+ removed-names (map second removed-decls)
+ new-deps (remove-deps deps removed-decls)
+ changed (affected-namespaces deps removed-names)]
(assoc state
:namespaces (apply dissoc namespaces files)
:deps new-deps
:unload (distinct
(concat (reverse (sort (dep/topo-comparator deps) changed))
:load (distinct
- (filter (complement (set removed))
+ (filter (complement (set removed-names))
(concat (sort (dep/topo-comparator new-deps) changed)

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