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(ns ^{:author "Chas Emerick"}
(:require [ :as eval])
(:use [ :as middleware :only (set-descriptor!)]))
; need to hold file contents "out of band" so as to avoid JVM method
; size limitations (cannot eval an expression larger than some size
; [64k?]), so the naive approach of just interpolating file contents
; into an expression to be evaluated doesn't work
; see
; and
(def ^{:private true
:doc "An atom that temporarily holds the contents of files to
be loaded."} file-contents (atom {}))
(defn ^{:dynamic true} load-file-code
"Given the contents of a file, its _source-path-relative_ path,
and its filename, returns a string of code (or seq of expressions)
that, when evaluated, will load those contents with appropriate
filename references and line numbers in metadata, etc."
[file file-path file-name]
(let [file-key [file-path (gensym)]]
(swap! file-contents assoc file-key file)
(pr-str `(try
( (@@(var file-contents) '~file-key))
(swap! @(var file-contents) dissoc '~file-key))))))
(defn wrap-load-file
"Middleware that evaluates a file's contents, as per load-file,
but with all data supplied in the sent message (i.e. safe for use
with remote REPL environments).
This middleware depends on the availability of an :op \"eval\"
middleware below it (such as interruptable-eval)."
(fn [{:keys [op file file-name file-path] :as msg}]
(if (not= op "load-file")
(h msg)
(h (assoc msg
:op "eval"
:code (load-file-code file file-path file-name))))))
(set-descriptor! #'wrap-load-file
{:requires #{}
:expects #{"eval"}
:handles {"load-file"
{:doc "Loads a body of code, using supplied path and filename info to set source file and line number metadata. Delegates to underlying \"eval\" middleware/handler."
:requires {"file" "Full contents of a file of code."}
:optional {"file-path" "Source-path-relative path of the source file, e.g. clojure/java/io.clj"
"file-name" "Name of source file, e.g. io.clj"}
:returns (-> (meta #'eval/interruptible-eval)
(get "eval")
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