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(ns ^{:author "Chas Emerick"}
(:require [ :as eval])
(:use [ :as middleware :only (set-descriptor!)]))
; need to hold file contents "out of band" so as to avoid JVM method
; size limitations (cannot eval an expression larger than some size
; [64k?]), so the naive approach of just interpolating file contents
; into an expression to be evaluated doesn't work
; see
; and
(defonce ^{:private true
:doc "An atom that temporarily holds the contents of files to
be loaded."} file-contents (atom {}))
(defn- load-large-file-code
"A variant of `load-file-code` that returns an
expression that will only work if evaluated within the same process
where it was called. Here to work around the JVM method size limit
so that (by default, for those tools using the load-file middleware)
loading files of any size will work when the nREPL server is running
remotely or locally."
[file file-path file-name]
; mini TTL impl so that any code orphaned by errors that occur
; between here and the evaluation of the Compiler/load expression
; below are cleaned up on subsequent loads
(let [t (System/currentTimeMillis)
file-key ^{:t t} [file-path (gensym)]]
(swap! file-contents
(fn [file-contents]
(let [expired-keys
(comp #(and %
(< 10000 (- (System/currentTimeMillis) %)))
:t meta)
(keys file-contents))]
(assoc (apply dissoc file-contents expired-keys)
file-key file))))
(pr-str `(try
( (@@(var file-contents) '~file-key))
(swap! @(var file-contents) dissoc '~file-key))))))
(defn ^{:dynamic true} load-file-code
"Given the contents of a file, its _source-path-relative_ path,
and its filename, returns a string of code containing a single
expression that, when evaluated, will load those contents with
appropriate filename references and line numbers in metadata, etc.
Note that because a single expression is produced, very large
file loads will fail due to the JVM method size limitation.
In such cases, see `load-file-code'`."
[file file-path file-name]
(apply format
"(clojure.lang.Compiler/load ( %s) %s %s)"
(map pr-str [file file-path file-name])))
(defn wrap-load-file
"Middleware that evaluates a file's contents, as per load-file,
but with all data supplied in the sent message (i.e. safe for use
with remote REPL environments).
This middleware depends on the availability of an :op \"eval\"
middleware below it (such as interruptable-eval)."
(fn [{:keys [op file file-name file-path] :as msg}]
(if (not= op "load-file")
(h msg)
(h (assoc msg
:op "eval"
:code ((if (thread-bound? #'load-file-code)
file file-path file-name))))))
(set-descriptor! #'wrap-load-file
{:requires #{}
:expects #{"eval"}
:handles {"load-file"
{:doc "Loads a body of code, using supplied path and filename info to set source file and line number metadata. Delegates to underlying \"eval\" middleware/handler."
:requires {"file" "Full contents of a file of code."}
:optional {"file-path" "Source-path-relative path of the source file, e.g. clojure/java/io.clj"
"file-name" "Name of source file, e.g. io.clj"}
:returns (-> (meta #'eval/interruptible-eval)
(get "eval")
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